Etsy Beginners Guide - Etsy Profit | How Much MONEY Do You Make After Fees & Expenses Nancy Badillo

Etsy Beginners Guide – Etsy Profit | How Much MONEY Do You Make After Fees & Expenses Nancy Badillo

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Are you an Etsy Seller who struggles with how much money you’re going to earn after shipping fees, ads, discounts, labor cost, material, Etsy listing fees, etc? If so, the thins video is for you. ⇣ Open for LINKS! ⇣

With this amazing tool your able to calculate and understand your profits!

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Etsy Beginners Guide – Etsy Profit | How Much MONEY Do You Make After Fees & Expenses | Nancy Badillo

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hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel in today's video I'm gonna be talking about a tool from Iran called profit calculator and this is an awesome tool that's gonna help you understand your profits so if you find yourself having like a hard time deciding what pricing you should do i'm–you're XE listings and how much you're gonna make this is the tool for you so make sure that you watch all the way to the end because I'm gonna be talking about it a little bit more in depth and if this is your first time visiting my youtube channel and you want to learn how to build an impactful XE business don't forget to subscribe today and give this video a thumbs up so if this is your first time hearing about Iran so I rank is a free tool offer to EXCI sellers you can actually pay for the pro version but they the free one offers you a lot of lot of great tools and you can sign up you you will need a nexus tour first in order to be able to use in because you have to plug in your information but once you're in you're able to use resources you're able to do like um comparison market you're able to see the tops your top competition you're able to see where your listings rank in the search results you're able to do SEO research and much more so just keep that in mind this is an awesome tool for anyone starting especially if you never heard of it before now in this section of the video I'm gonna be talking about their tool called profit calculator and it helps you estimate your EXCI fees and profit so by simply coming in this tool and putting in your listing price which just basically is the cost of the listing and as usually is before like shipping costs and before any additional charges so just entering your the price of your actual listing and then you will enter your shipping price if you have a shipping price as well and I will also include in the shipping price and taxes that you collect I will put it together in that section um if you offer any type of coupon or discount make sure that you apply it because at the end of the day you do want to see how much profit you're gonna make and if that might you know mess up your numbers a little bit if you never calculate them so enter your your any type of coupon or discount promotion that you gave you also want to enter your labor cost your material cost your shipping costs if you ran any xes and that's how the person found your listing making sure that you put that in here and also renewing fees and then the additional fees are basically the the regular listing fee which is the twenty cents the transaction fee wishing which is the five percent and the payment processing fee now by entering this information in here the great thing about it is that you could kind of play with this if you feel like you want to make a thirty dollar profit you kind of play with it if it says twenty-eight then maybe you could raise the price by $2 more so you can make the full thirty dollars that you want but you also want to make sure that whenever you're using this calculator you use it accordingly correctly because what you don't want to do is start an extra store and I've gotten a lot of people say my shipping cost me more than what I charge the customer so just keep that in mind it's really important that you start calculating your prices before you ship them before you price them in your store that way you know that you are gonna make a profit on every single sale because the point of opening the nexi store is to make money you do not want to have you know a product that you sold and by the time you shipped it in the fees and everything else that comes to to the actual listing by the time you add everything up you made a dollar when you thought you're gonna make $7 so just make sure that you start using tools like this or you could use your own you know you can use your own calculator if you need to but this will be a little bit easier you could just kind of play with it and change the information to kind of see how low it will go or how high we'll go so I kind of wanted to show this tool I think it's very needed for a lot of people especially if you're new on XE and learning how to calculate your pricing so you could get a nice profit at the end of the day so I hope you enjoyed this video and once again don't forget to give this video a thumbs up thank you guys for watching

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