Etsy chat--FREE SHIPPING as part of the algorithm!

Etsy chat–FREE SHIPPING as part of the algorithm!

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Let’s talk about the free shipping announcement! Free shipping and free shipping over $35 will now be part of the search placement algorithm for US sellers. How does this affect your shop? What about international sellers? Let’s discuss…

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it's I always get surprised when it says it's live okay let me check on my other browser to see if I am actually live how is everybody are you having a good day yeah it says I'm live now I wasn't gonna do alive today and wigs there we go I had to put my microphone in okay yeah I wasn't gonna do alive today and then hey everybody and then surprise Etsy sends us that little announcement this morning I figured everybody's gonna have a freakout so we might as well come here and calm ourselves down because it's yeah you know okay so what I'm thinking first let's go to I've got that I've got the whole document open all right and there's a lot I think and I put the links in the description of this video Oh first call-to-action give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment when I'm done I guess you actually become what I've done but it helps it helps the YouTube algorithm and that's something that you guys I've mentioned this before you should start a YouTube channel anyway it helps YouTube algorithm if you like the video and leave a comment in all this stuff so please do that it helps me out and yeah everybody just breathe breathe but you know I honestly was going to take a break today and not do a live because I've been working on the course and that kind of thing and then I saw the announcement of Etsy moving the free shipping into the algorithm permanently and really in a very very prominent way so yeah so it's you know I have I don't I don't think it's a bad thing but it's gonna be difficult and it's gonna be more difficult if you're an international seller who has a lot of US customers but I see that an N was here if I see an is here I did a video within about free shipping and she's located in Switzerland I think right let me know if I'm right about that and she offers free shipping for everybody not just people in her country so she offers free international shipping and it can be done you know it's the kind of thing where you're gonna have to test it out and I don't know what is this message is held for review I don't know why it said yeah I'm just looking at the comments and sometimes YouTube holds comments for some reason and I can never figure it out so whatever and is in the comments right now so if you want to ask an questions she's in Switzerland and she offers international shipping for free and if you want to go back and look at the video that she did with me she's got a few different ways that she has it set up and it does work for her shop so there you go she has two shots one for prints and one for glass beads okay so those are things that are the glass beads I would assume are relatively inexpensive to ship the prints might be larger and more expensive so there you go no.4 there's a question about Amazon this is purely at see I don't do Amazon anything so if you're here for Amazon advice I'm sorry I can't help because I don't do Amazon so okay so let's talk about Maris's let's talk about where they're low or high price items in our shots to be more effective on getting sales over 35 total I will talk about that what I want to do first is go to the actual article okay so if you guys want to go to the actual article that they said you know the the main one I think oh what a day I think I put the link in the description but you can go to your own shop dashboard and click on it it'll take you to this article top called get priority placement and us search with a free shipping guarantee now basically if you have not seen this and you're probably in the minority now because everybody's going crazy today but basically if you hit this is for us shops and us buyers so if you're a buyer in the United States you will be seeing as of July 30th you'll be seeing in your search results looks items that ship for free in a more prominent place so I'm assuming on the first page of search results those are going to be things that ship for free and they were testing this in Canada for a while I've heard I heard some people say in Canada they're seeing a lot of free shipping stuff so they've been looking at this for a while one interesting thing is that they did that free shipping experiment like in April was it March or April they mentioned it in here maybe in May let's see back in May okay they they ran that promotion where they were letting people they had just certain shops just random shops and Etsy was paying for the shipping to cover that so random customers would get a free shipping offer and Etsy was paying for it and the reason that they were doing that is to see if they could get people to buy up to a certain amount a little bit higher than usual if they offered free shipping and it turns out that by offering thirty-five dollar minimum order people actually did spend more than they usually do on Etsy with the free shipping so that's how they figured out the 35 dollar thing they might have offered different amounts I don't know but it says 25 or 35 or more okay so they settled on 35 dollars because that must have been the sweet spot where people actually like if they were gonna spend thirty dollars they would buy something else to get that free shipping so that that makes sense to me my my average sale on Etsy is around 20 dollars and it's higher on my website but I sell things that are very low priced price point wise so my average sale is about 20 dollars 20 five so that makes sense to me that $35 would be where they're kind of putting that is a slight stretch to get people to buy a little bit more to get that free shipping that makes total sense so if you're all going to offer free shipping or the $35 order with Free Shipping then you're gonna show up better on us buyers search results okay and you have to keep you know it's like it's it's only gonna be in the United States but I bet they're gonna roll this out to other countries who knows I froze which I come back okay in my back you guys I'm assuming I am because I'm moving here okay so you have to think about if you have a lot of if you have a lot of US customers in your international this is gonna be the biggest issue for you because International shipping is not cheap and they want you to roll the price of your items into or the price of your shipping into your items there's a whole section in this help guide that they've put together about international shipping and figuring out strategies for that but it might be that you're going to have to do like partial add the price into if you can't afford I mean because some people can't afford to do free shipping depending on what country you're in I don't know what your prices are like you might have to do like a partial increase of your prices and then lower your shipping and then offer the free shipping over $35 there's a lot of different ways that you can do it so go and read that in the Etsy Help section and we're just going to have to wait to see kind of how you can structure it and figure it out and I'll look at it and you know it's an had a few ways but there is a video on this channel just look up in lon Dez its ello n Dez I don't know if I put your last name I must have but just put an and shipping in the search bar in my channel in her video will come up where she explains the way that she does this and it works for her so it might work for you there's a lot of different strategies with free shipping now some people are asking about some people yeah some people are asking about promoted listings I don't know how this is gonna affect promoted listings they did not mention promoted listings at all and it could be that it's not going to affect promoted listings I don't know promoted listings is a different search algorithm than the original well then the organic search and this this is for organic search so I don't know how it's gonna affect promoted listings we're gonna have to wait to find out about that Karen says I'm in Canada but I have the announcement banner on my dashboard and they included me and their focus testing so I'm thinking it will apply also to me it they have not said that but I wouldn't be surprised if they roll it out to different countries at this point it's only the US and it only this is starting on July 30th and they've said that they're going to be releasing tools to help us with this in the next week and we'll see what happens after that so and I'll do some videos to post about the tools and that kind of thing loco trench shop says can we still offer free shipping if the customer buys two items yes what I still be visible in search for us or I'd need to list every single item with the free shipping now I would wait until they roll out the tools because it looks like they have a bulk editor that you're going to be able to use and I don't I don't know if you're not in the US what tools are going to be available actually we will see but god my arm hurts what was I thinking oh yeah if you go through that if you go through the I'm trying to think what section it I put a few links in the description of this video and there are a lot of articles about this so you need to go through and read everything just to see that you know what's going on you know cuz there's a lot of rumors and everybody's all freaking out having you know speculation this kind of stuff but just go and read what they say and it says that if you just want to promote one listing and nothing else in your shop that listing will get priority in search results when people search for that if you want to do your whole shop then everything in your shop will get priority so you don't have to offer free shipping on everything the things that you do offer free shipping on will get priority in search results and then is not the only thing that is going to get you really good search placement you have to remember that this is part of the algorithm but it's a part so you can't ignore it you can't rely on putting free shipping on your whole shop to get to the top of search that's not how it's going to work but it is probably a good thing to do free shipping anyway just as a as a consumer I like free shipping I look for free shipping there's times when I have left us a website because the shipping is too high and I'm sure you guys have all done the same thing so it's not the kind of thing that is it really bizarre that it's he's doing this it makes sense and they have been talking about this for over a year and we know they've been talking about this and we knew it was coming and now the time is here so there you go all right let me see if I miss the questions I up the prices on my bestsellers that are heavy and added free shipping then on the rest I set it to free shipping on orders over 35 done perfect that's all you have to do if you just increase the prices on your best sellers and sometimes one of the suggestions in the guide that they gave was to look at how far it costs to and I've done this with my own stuff just look like the farthest it would ship in the United States I'm on the East Coast so I looked at Hawaii or something like that Hawaii or Alaska anything on the west coast is going to cost more so I use that as the guideline and then I increase the prices that much or maybe just a little bit assuming that things are going to even out you just have to look at all of the different options that you have and try to figure out if this is going to work for your shop and one thing I will say is if you have a category where everything is really big or really heavy or really awkward to ship or super fragile and you know it's going to have to go in boxes and nobody does free shipping then you might not have to worry about this because you really only have to look at your own category to see what your competition is doing because if no one in your niche is doing free shipping then you probably don't need to either however if you do then you're gonna get a leg up on the competition so it's worth doing it I think you know now okay simple as it says how important is offering shipping outside the US to the algorithm it doesn't that doesn't affect it I I have cut out a lot of countries in this past six months just for different reasons and it hasn't affected me you don't it doesn't it that doesn't factor into the algorithm they're saying the price is gonna factor into it but not where you're shipping you know Ricardo says I think for all sellers here in Portugal we're going to have this soon items that are eligible to ship free to you as shoppers will get priority placement of us search so anymore yeah no that's okay see this is the one this is the one time if you're not in the US and you have a lot of customers in the US that's the that's the people who are gonna have most of the problem with this because you're gonna have to figure out how to like optimize the possibility that people are even going to see you cuz if I'm a US buyer and I'm typing something into the search bar and they're showing me things that ship free and yours don't ship free because you're not in the US then you're not going to be visible to those buyers so that's those are the people who are gonna have the most problems with this but if you're in the US it's not going to be that difficult so now I don't know if you guys are in my Facebook group or not if you're not in my facebook group go join the Facebook group and the link is in the description and you can probably talk amongst yourselves and exchange strategies and stuff like that because I know that there are people like Ann who have done this and it works for her and I know that there are people who have tried different things and it's worked for them so if you're an international seller you and it's good to talk to other international sellers to see strategies that have worked because I'm not going to be aware of everything that you can do and it's just it's better to talk to people who are in the same position as you I don't know you know it's just good to share information in a calm way without having a big fit you know all you all you need to do the thing is if if everybody is encouraged to offer free shipping then everybody is going to be raising their prices or they're gonna not raise their prices and they're gonna stop making money and then they'll get disgusted and leave Etsy and good cuz that's less competition quite frankly you know and whenever I see everybody's you know any anything that happens you're gonna get hundreds of people I'm leaving Etsy I'm never coming back it's like bye see ya good less competition for the rest of us do you think this will affect digital download sellers in any way no it shouldn't because you know the the playing field for digital is free ship free shipment anyway you know I think didn't they have for a while they had free shipping badges on digital stuff which is kind of silly but that's kind of labeled free shipping and if you're in a whole pool of digital sellers that are all doing downloads and it doesn't really it's not going to have any effect on you guys so alright I adjusted the price of my items in my shop and added free shipping to all items I'll wait to see what the new system still struggling to figure out with free shipping over 35 free shipping over 35 just means that if someone buys $35 worth of anything then the shipping is suddenly free and I do this on my website but at $50 I think because the the purchase price on average on my website is around 35 to 40 so I want whenever you do that you want to set it a little bit higher than what the average selling price is so that people will buy more to get to that fifty dollar limit and they'll get the free shipping there but Etsy has found that's what they said in this test they found that the $35 is where people start to buy more to get the free shipping so let's say you're buying three things that are $10 each and you see Oh fine you know it's like the same on Amazon five dollars more and you can get free shipping people will go back and find something for $5 to get the free shipping because it works out to be you know five dollars to ship it anyway so they're like hey I can I get free shipping but when you look at the cost of but you know you're paying five dollars to the post office it comes out as more of a profit for you because when you sell something for five dollars it doesn't cost you that much to make and when you're buying five dollars worth of posters from the post office that's five dollars down the drain so it it offsets it and that encourages people to buy more so as long as you have your stuff set for free shipping over thirty five dollars you will get the same priority in search results as the people who are have things set at free shipping so if you can't afford to do 100% free shipping look to see if there's a way that you can incorporate some of the shipping price into your items and then do the free shipping at 35 because that's one way to kind of set it off Linda says what happens with your average price is 60 that's a problem see that I've got some things in my shop that costs a lot to ship and I already have the shipping price rolled into it because of that and there are some things that cost a lot to ship and I don't have the shipping price rolled into those and it's pretty close to a $35 item and some of them are over 35 so I don't want to take that hit and that's the kind of thing that you're going to have to think about do I offer free shipping do I not how do you do it and that's when you might want to increase your prices a little bit and then offer the free shipping over 35 but if your average sale price is 60 you might just want to see how much it costs you to mail something and add that to your price because / if your average sale price is more than $35 then you're gonna be eating the whole cost of shipping and you don't want to do that let me see you realize after trying once the shipping costs aren't out line oh that's an talking to someone okay see Anne is giving advice which is good as an international seller I think for orders for values under $35 we don't need to do anything well see now as an international seller if you don't if you do charge shipping that's going to hurt you in us search results so if you have over 30 if you just put you know over $35 and I think that's an aggregate it's not just one item at $35 its if your total order amount is over $35 you'll get free shipping and there they're gonna roll out this tool in the next week they said so we'll see what it says but I believe that that's what that means because when you're talking about order value of $35 it's $35 total not just one item at $35 so if you're an international seller and you don't do anything you are gonna be hurt in visibility in the US market based on what they're saying so far and they might change that and everybody you know has a problem with it but I don't I don't think they're going to I think this is one of those things that we have no control over and in my course there's a whole section about things we don't have control over and it's not worth the time to sit and try to argue with that see about it and to complain about it you just have to work with it you know there's some things that you just have to roll with and this is one of them so let's see my shot prices are set in sterling UK even if I work with $35 isn't sterling the exchange rate could change from day to day that's a really good point too I'm not sure how that works so go to the help section in etsy about international shipping and that's the kind of thing oh there also if you go to the Etsy forums just go to the homepage of the forums and there's a Q&A that they're doing where you can post questions and vote for question I'm not sure if you can vote but you can post questions and the admins are going to come in and answer questions in the next few days so that's an excellent question if you're said if your prices are said in a different currency how does the exchange rate affect that so I would go and ask that there because that's the kind of thing that they probably have thought about but it looks like they're focusing on the US right now and it could be that we're just there test market and then they're gonna roll it out worldwide but I don't know so I would go and post that in the forums in the Q&A section and see if they give you an answer for that because that's a really good question all right let's see for orders under 35 no problem only four orders of superior value for orders under 35 your well the thing is that it's it's each individual listing is going to be given priority if it's free shipping or if your shop has orders over 35 marked as free shipping so I think if you do in your shop a free shipping guarantee is what they're calling it if you turn that on and say all orders over $35 will be free shipping then every single one of your listings is given priority if you go individually listing by listing you can turn them on and off and so then not every single one of your listings is but the ones that are free shipping will be given priority so you can do it like in bulk at the higher $35 price or you can go and do listings that cost less than that individually free shipping or just leave them alone but then they won't get priority so it's very it's it's not that complicated if you sit and look at it but go through and read read their manual they put everything out in this so let me see what about the issue of forced returns and non collections and normal returns from USA Canada all of which have increased over last year we won't be able to deduct the shipping from any refunds they suggest putting in a a restocking fee and that's that was one of the questions in the guide and it says put like a 15% restocking fee or 20% or whatever and then you can take that out of whatever refunds that you offer as long as it's in your shop policies you can do that I don't know how that works with the European Union rules about refunds that you have to get people refunds you would have to go through and look at that legally I know I'm not sure how that works how a restocking fee works but that's the kind of thing that could cause you trouble if it you know you just have to say how many returns are you getting and if it's the kind of thing where you're getting a lot of returns from a specific country then maybe you shouldn't be shipping there and that's one of the reasons that I stopped shipping to a few countries recently I was getting a lot of returns I was getting a lot of packages that weren't claimed because of the high VAT taxes or whatever they happen to be over there and I just said it's not worth the time that I'm spending trying to track this stuff down when people aren't getting them and then they're complaining to me and I'm having to pay for the shipping on the void and the whole thing and I just stopped shipping there because that's that's kind of a business decision that you have to make for your own shop in your own business it has nothing to do with Etsy that's just the postal situation in whatever country and however much they're you know charging for fees and stuff but if they're if there's a specific country that you're getting a lot of returns that's eating into your bottom line look into a restocking fee if you can do that and if you can't you're just going to have to decide whether it's worth it to you to keep shipping to that country or whether you're gonna stop and usually if you just didn't look at the numbers and take the emotion out of it like that the rage and having to do free shipping I understand that but if you take the emotion out of it just look at your numbers it might not be as bad as you think because you know you tend to ship everything out and nobody pays attention to the packages that get there safely but we all remember the ones that don't and sometimes that takes on a bigger importance in our heads and then if you really look at it it's not that many but if it is something that's taking a huge bite out of your profits and you want to look at that just on a you know what not even in a free shipping context you want to just see whether it's worth it to ship to that country or not okay do they mean $35 or full price or $35 which appears after sale for example when a full price is 70 we listed for 50% off it will be 35 that's another question I do not know so I would go and post that in the forums questions and my guess is that it would be I'm trying to think how they do this I think my guess would be that it would be $35 of the final sale price so if you're offering $70 at 50% off and they would still get that you know they would still get the free shipping but if it's like $60 at 50% off and it falls to 30 they may not because it I think that's you well I would say that's usually how it works but it just depends on the platform so I would post that in the forums Q&A because I don't know there you go if you have items that are say $32 you don't have small enough items in your shop that would get the customer over the $32 marks going too far over you know what if you have things that are $32 and you don't have anything cheaper than that you can still say $35 and over it gets free shipping you know it might people might buy two regardless if you have that in your shop it's still gonna give you a priority in search regardless of the prices in your shop so if everything in your shop is $32 you can still do the $35 and over because that's the limit that Etsy has set so you're totally within Etsy's rules for that you don't have to do anything special you don't have to add lower priced items as long as you put that $35 an up guarantee your listings will get priority in search and you'll be fine so don't worry about the prices of your items and that's you know just go along with that C's rules they say 35 so you know I would think buyers would move on to another seller to get a better perceived deal that that's up to you I see the simple license that says you would think buyers would move over to another seller to get a better perceived deal so maybe all items that are close to 35 should be increased to 35 I would say that if you want to try that it might work and increasing the price will offset the price of the free shipping a little bit so you know it could work either way but regardless as long as you have that turned on in your shop the $35 or more free shipping guarantee then it won't affect your listings in search but it might make people move to another shop you never know I mean because it who knows people are weird if you know what if people want something they'll pay for the shipping for it but saying the word free is a very powerful incentive to get people to come to your shop to begin with and to get them to finish the sale without having to feel like they've had something tacked on to the end so you know it's a strategy that you could try with two different items try raising the price on one and leaving the price the same on the other and see what happens you know that's the kind of thing you could test if order items are heavy enough to require priority shipping will the customer be charged for priority shipping or will we pay for priority the way that it works now is that you can turn on shipping upgrades and the free shipping is for first-class so let me think I'm trying to think of an example in my shop how that works I think that you would for those items see anything over one panel goes priority which is more expensive I would think for those items you would not do free shipping and just put them under the $35 umbrella and my I'm not sure now that's a good question that it just came up in my own head I don't know if you can do both the free shipping guarantee and have individual listings listed at free shipping you might be able to if you go into the Etsy coupon section and set it up that way but my guess is that they're gonna have some kind of big badge that says that see free shipping guarantee or something like that so you might have to take like a two-step approach if you have things that are heavier like I have that situation I have some things that are heavier and some things that aren't and I'm not going to put my heavy things on free shipping because I would have to increase the price of them like $11 which doesn't make sense for something that cost 22 that's like a 50% price increase that makes no sense so I would if if you have to put the entire shop on and we'll find out when they roll this tool out if you have to put the entire shop on free shipping over $35 then that might be the best way to go about it but you're gonna have to look at the price of your merchandise and then you can go and just put certain things on free shipping and those listings won't be penalized and searched but the other ones won't show up is highly you know it's going to be it's going to be tricky until we see the actual tool and how it works does it have to be 35 can it be 45 which worked better for my shop no they've set it at 35 and you can go in you can go in to the sales and coupon section and set something like that up but then it would be a sale it's a promotion it ends and you're not gonna get that etsy boost in surge so they've set $35 I don't know what the average sale price is on Etsy that would be interesting I should I could look that up but my guess is that they saw when they offered free shipping over $35 that people actually increase the amount that they were spending more than anything else yeah Linda says yeah Linda says I have everything shipping priority so I guess reduce it to first class instead now and offer the upgrade to her priority yeah I mean I I do that I have everything said at first class for free for the things that I offer for free shipping and then I've enabled the priority upgrade if people want that so they can do that and it still gets the free shipping badge so you know let me see I know that I've know that I've missed questions because I was talking and I wasn't watching I charged three dollars two domestic orders that are returned or cancelled I only offer free shipping to those who keep their orders I don't refund three dollars back to those who returned because mine is really free yeah so you can that's that's the same thing as a restocking fee more or less so you can offer the restocking fee they talk about that in the articles they have they have all kinds of information in there and they say they're gonna be rolling out tools so August starting in July 30th this one this is going to start August is when they're going to have all kinds of information and give us time to set everything up and they're going to have all kinds of help articles coming out and that kind of thing there's a lot up there already if you go into the link that they set today there's tons of information about this but it's just the kind of thing we're gonna have to wait to see exactly how this plays out and who knows they might go in there and change something you know once everybody is using it it's one thing to have a group beta testing something but once everybody is using it they're gonna run into things that didn't come up and they might have to kind of tweak things so all right I don't more questions coming up and I'm sure that YouTube is going to like throw them all at me all at once because that's how it works but you can go in now they said that in the next like over the next week they're going to be rolling out a specific tool to do this and I did see ah I did see that Oh what was I gonna say Oh in my second shop what was what happened they they sent me a message it was something about and I might have been one of the test people for this I don't know what they were doing but it was something about you know buyers buy more with free shipping and blah blah blah and here's a tool and we can help you upgrade your listings without any any price at all or any any trouble on your part so I said why not it's my second shop I use that for experiments right so I looked on the link and it took me to this thing that said turn all the free shipping on for all this stuff in this stuff in my second shop the things that are there that have a shipping price attached I don't sell very much they're just there for placeholders and I can mess around with the listings and that kind of stuff I was like why not so I I did it and basically they just add the price of the shipping on to the price of the item so it wasn't anything really super tricky and it wasn't a super sophisticated tool but it lets you do it all at once so there you go be his worlds if you see this give me a thumbs up PS I love you oh that's very nice I'll give you a thumbs up thumbs up is there a way to do the free shipping $35 right now that's not related to the free shipping coupon I don't think so I think that they're they say they're gonna be rolling this tool out in the next week so we're just gonna have to watch for it and see how that works and I assume that if you do the Etsy shipping free shipping guarantee that you can't go in and turn certain things off but we'll have to wait and watch how that works okay what was the glitch yesterday oh that was a mess I'll talk about that in a minute okay Sheila says if I put my shop on sale it will also discount the shipping that I have rolled into the price so I should put it back – should put weight so should I pad it to plan for sales oh I see yeah you know you always should have extra padded into your you have to build like when I when I do this you know they give like the Etsy sales calculators where it's calculating your your profit and that kind of stuff and it tells you how much the fees are and all that stuff I always in Crete always include the discounts because I want to make sure that I'm accounting for a discount and it's not going to hurt my sales so when I mean it's not gonna hurt my profit so when I'm pricing things I always add something in for the discount that I offer my mailing list or if I want to do a sale it's not gonna eat into my profits too much because you can be really you can be like way too generous with coupons and get a lot of people to your shop but then you're not making any money so what's the point you know all right let's see if the tool adds on the shipping price would you Kane us customers see different total prices it adds on the shipping price on your end probably domestically I think they use like the domestic shipping as the judgement for that or is like is the range that they do because when they when they're talking about free shipping they're talking about free shipping within your country but this is different because I say u.s. US customers are gonna see things that have free shipping first and then they say oh and if you're international this is what you should do so usually when they're talking about free shipping they're talking about domestic only but this is like you know we're gonna show people free shipping items regardless of where the shop is let me look that up okay is this is the kind of thing it really this the international sellers are really the ones that are gonna have to think about this really hard there's a whole section if you're a seller outside of the US okay there won't be any changes to how free shipping affects search placement when buyers outside the US search on Etsy so if you have customers that are not and not in the US that's not going to affect them it's only us us customers then it says you may want to consider how much of your business comes from the US when deciding if a free shipping guaranteed for US shoppers is right for you so basically this is a time when if you don't have free shipping for us shoppers this is going to affect your search placement for us buyers so then they have a developing international shipping strategy link and you can you can look at that what they what they're trying to do though you have to understand Etsy's Etsy's goal is to increase revenue overall okay and to do that they're very customer focused they're looking at making customers happier and customers are happier when they get their orders faster and it costs less to ship so they they're kind of yeah they're they're kind of I'm reading this thing while I'm talking what they're doing is that they're focusing on they're focusing on getting domestic transactions which means transactions within a specific country to increase so they're they're trying to connect UK shops with UK buyers they're trying to connect German shops with German buyers they're trying to connect you know Chinese shots with Chinese buyers whatever it doesn't matter they're trying to connect people within their own country because then they don't have to worry about the extra shipping cost they don't have to worry about things taking a long time because it goes through customs the customers are happier because they get their stuff faster and the prices are cheaper so if you think about it that way they're focusing on increasing the spend within a country and the customer spend outside of a country is going to be kind of a casualty of this to a certain extent but they're they're just trying to get customers happier and they really don't care if people leave at sea because there is more than enough people coming on to every day you know yeah okay and and Christie's Newberry antique says he should let us sell be the landlord and keep moving along that's exactly what they're not doing because they are not a neutral platform they are a business and sees a business and see this is but our motivations as sellers is to maximize our business right NC's motivation as a business is to maximize NZ's business it's not to maximize our business it's to maximize Etsy's overall business and if they know that offering free shipping and faster shipping within countries is going to maximize Etsy's business and that's what they're gonna do so there you go because a lot of us think of Etsy as a platform that is just it should just be there to be neutral and leave us alone but that's called your own website if you want to get your own website you can do whatever you want but then you get to find the traffic and basically what we pay at sea for is to take advantage of the traffic that they build in they advertise for us they're running TV ads they're run ads on Facebook Pinterest Instagram you know Google where they're they're doing all of that with the fees that we pay them and they're there to increase profits overall and their goals are not the same as our goals so you have to think of it that way and then what they do kind of make sense because they're looking really closely at customer behavior in order to increase Etsy overall revenue so it's just that's their a business what can you do how can we understand our stats as the shipping is rolled up into our stances profit this makes it look like I have better stats and I have in actuality where as it rolled up this profit I don't know the Etsy stats are just a hot mess quite frankly I don't even honestly i don't look at Etsy stats if I want to find anything about any bookkeeping stuff I go to my bookkeeping software which I use GoDaddy bookkeeping it integrates with that see it integrates with eBay if you sell on there I don't know if it integrates with Amazon but you can link your bank account and your credit card and all that stuff so it just imports everything and then whenever I want to see actual numbers I go there I don't go to Etsy and try to figure it out it's a mess so if you want to do some kind of bookkeeping software and I think is it QuickBooks integrates with Etsy also that's probably a more accurate way anything to integrate that like imports all the information then sorts it out for you that's a better way to figure that kind of stuff out so are they also going to push down promoted listings in Google shopping I don't think so this has nothing to do with that but I don't know we pay for that would this make it pointless you even pay cannot offer free on many heavy vintage items yeah it's the the heavy stuff if you can't offer free than don't you know just there's nothing you can do about that but vintage there's also you can you can get traffic from Google for vintage there's different ways to do that but they have not said it they didn't say anything they didn't mention promoted listings at all in this announcement today and they didn't mention anything about Google shopping ads being curtailed because they're they're advertising more for that so I wouldn't worry about promoted listings quite yet but it's it's a separate algorithm so you're not going to be found the same way and promoted listings okay am i right in thinking that US customers have local switched on already they can see us sellers up front anyway so a UK seller with free us shipping would still fall lower down the search my guess is yes honestly my guess I don't know for sure and they they have not said that they've done localization in the US but I'm seeing for about the last year I've seen a lot more localized buying patterns and people in my groups have seen a lot more localized buying patterns I still get orders from all over the US and all over the world but I get a lot more from the East Coast than I used to so you know but I still do see you know shop international shops it's it's just that but I get a lot of orders from people in my part of the US so when I'm searching I'm seeing shops from all over but you know it's it's hard to see unless they make an announcement about it I you can see you can kind of anecdotally say well it looks like it but that doesn't mean anything really okay let's see it sees advertising is all us-centric I think they're gonna start running ads they said something about running ads in the UK I think in all of this stuff today I saw something about that so I can't buy certain things here in the UK I can only get them in the u.s. surely it's gonna kill diversity they don't care about diversity they just are trying to find relevant listings that will get to the customer fast and that sell well so I mean the shop diversity as a thing has been gone for a couple of years but that that's like two two algorithms ago or one algorithm ago or something but they're Etsy's goal is not to be like to show things from a lot of different places it's just to show things that people want to buy so there you go I've always offered free shipping that makes me so happy it's gonna give my shop a boost I did a happy dance when I got this email you know what I've never done a happy dance in my life because that's just not my personality but if it made you happy then good because that's you know I think I honestly free shipping is a good thing if you can figure out how to make it work in your shop so just take this time until July 30th we have you know three more weeks try to figure it out spend some time don't spend time in the forums talking about I was gonna say spend some time in the forum go to the Facebook group and ask others sellers there because I'm sure everybody's gonna be talking about it but don't go into it with the attitude of I can't believe they're doing this to me cuz honestly they do a lot of market research that we benefit from because Etsy's the ones doing experiments and they're seeing how people buy and when you know very well that people like free shipping and I will talk about that in just a sec but they're they're doing the research so when NC comes along and says this is a change that we're making they're not doing it because they feel like it that's how they used to work but now they're very data-driven and they're very customer driven and they're very customer behavior driven so they do the experiments they see what works they see what increases revenue and then they tell us and if they've been talking about free shipping for over a year and they you know they've talked about the carrot and the stick and they've used the carrot and now here comes the stick it's like you know put it in your listings because it helps so you know well if they did start advertising in the UK but it's the US ad pushing us shops with the UK voiceover well it gets people to Etsy though that's the thing and then when they get to Etsy in the UK they're seeing UK shops because you the UK is a localized shopping environment so if they're going to if they're in London and they're shopping they're gonna be seeing shops from the UK so don't worry about that it is funny that they just do a voiceover though like you can't understand it you know my favorite is when they have subtitles and someone's speaking English because they're like oh no one can understand that accent I was like he just has a southern accent or an English accent or whatever people can understand it you don't need subtitles anyway the local thing is interesting you're getting more orders from people around you 60% of my orders come from California Washington Oregon and Texas and also much from New York City and you're insured well you're in Chicago so that you know you could get Chicago's kind of central US for people who aren't aware of that but yeah I still get a lot of orders from California in Washington but California is a big State so there's a lot of people in it so you know but it is interesting I I started about a year and a half ago getting a lot more orders from North Carolina which is the next state over from me in Kentucky and New England and just like the whole eastern seaboard I suddenly started seeing more orders than I had been and I was thinking they're doing something with it but they've never said definitively we're doing localization but that they have mentioned you know that the customer location plays a part in the search algorithm so I'm sure it's part of it you know they've kind of said they do that but not a hundred percent okay let me talk about the one more thing which I thought was interesting with all this because we were talking about how Etsy's goals are different than seller goals and I I subscribe to yes it's a door key it's a research journal about retail marketing it's super interesting for most most people would say no but I find it interesting but there's an article that came through today and it was about how like when you put out things like free shipping or you know sale prices and that kind of stuff or any kind of manipulative tactics to persuade people to buy that there are two kinds of people one kind of person is oh they had terms for it I don't remember but it's like basically like one one people one set of people is like us who we're we're have experience like if you have experience in retailer and selling yourself you'll see those things go I know what they're doing and that's exactly what I do and then you kind of analyze it and so you approach transactions a different way then there's a whole group of people who have never had retail experience and they just go and go oh free shipping okay and they don't think about it but when see we're looking at this as the people with experience about pricing and selling and we have a whole different skill set than the majority of our customers our customers do not have any experience with this they don't know the you know influence kind of stuffs the stuff that people do to get them to buy things they don't understand it they don't care and when they approach something as a sale price or as like when they're considering whether to buy something they look at it in a completely different way than we do and it's it's the same thing like if you're an expert in jewelry making you're gonna use a different language about a piece of jewelry than someone who's never had any experience with that right so we have to remember that when these things are being put into place by Etsy it it doesn't people don't know that it's not free shipping and they don't think about it that way they know it but there they don't care and all they see is the word free and they get all excited or they they say oh boy free ship I don't have to worry about getting hit with shipping costs and even though they know deep down in their souls that the shipping cost is is loaded into that sale price they're not thinking of it that way because that's not their experience so it's it's you have to remember that people aren't looking at this stuff the same way that we do because we have the experience as being the sellers and they don't and it just is a different way of approaching things I also found a very interesting article about how the the font of the numbers that you put up for a sale will affect people's price price perception for future purchases that's the kind of stuff but anyway yeah you have to you have to remember that our customers are not us and our customers don't approach things the same way that we do and they don't react to sale tactics the same way that we do because we understand them and they don't and that's just how it is so there you go you wonder if crazy Etsy will try fulfillment centers next they have said they are not going to do that and that would be way more than they want to deal with so I think that's not going to happen there you go okay you put a flash sale yesterday and had tremendous success hoping those items will rank higher and then I can get them out of the sale and they will sell at the regular price that happens a lot if you do a flash sale sometimes that will get some movement in your shop and then it just carries over so that's good okay and then let's talk about the glitch yesterday I don't even know what the heck that was I think somebody was working on the test or something and they went home without flipping a button that's all and so people started noticing and somebody sent me a message said uh what is this and I went on and they say oh that's quite interesting you can see all the tests I took so many screenshots I screenshot at everything just to for fun but it basically opened up the Etsy administrator window where you could see and you could actually toggle switches on and off in everybody's shop and not just your shop anybody shop you could go and toggle switches on and off to turn on tests turn off tests and I don't know if it was anything permanent there is probably the kind of thing where you couldn't go in but there was information in there that you know if somebody really had the desire who knows it's it was probably totally harmless overall but it was just somebody was asleep at the switch before they went home and they're going to be in trouble today so it's not a big deal they somebody from the forums they were talking about it and they contacted Etsy and they they fixed it it wasn't anything it wasn't anything like personal information or anything like that so but it's just the kind of thing where you go in and you see what it looked like and even if you don't know what it was you're like I probably shouldn't be touching any of that I don't want to flip that switch so yeah but they fixed it pretty quickly you know but it did inspire some panic I put my shop on vacation mode because I'm like I don't want anybody going in my shop and touching those buttons I don't know what I don't know what they do okay Benton's number five so I have a question if I put a half shop on free shipping just to see how things are working how will it appear on combined shipping that's something you need to be careful of if you put something on free shipping and I did a couple of videos on free shipping in this chat in this channel there's I found one link today go go to the my home page and type in shipping I think is calculated shipping will bring these articles up if you've got I have to think how this works if you have something on free shipping okay and then something else is on the shipping that you've manually set where you can put the price in and then say in additional items would be 25 cents each so it just adds that on to the shipping cost if you've got something free shipping and something set up like that it will take the free shipping as your first item and just add 25 cents on for the cost of the second so even if you don't have free shipping on the second when you're basically paying just 25 cents to send it and that could be bad if it if it's heavy or whatever so way to get around that is to have if you have free shipping on certain items in your shop you need to have calculated shipping on the other ones because calculated shipping will take that price first and then add everything else to that but then with calculated shipping you have to be careful that you're not charging too much and there are ways to get around that and that's all in the video that I've already put up so go look for those videos but if you do have free shipping on certain items in your shop you should have calculated shipping on the other ones and I I don't is calculated shipping available everywhere I don't know because it might just be the one the countries were Etsy where you can buy shipping labels so you need to be aware of that if you have free shipping it takes that is the first price and then everything else is added on to it so watch out okay Jura says I'm in Canada I offer free shipping on a portion of my shot for the last two months and has made no difference in sales okay play as the first sign of free shipping that adds another product with shipping yeah that's that's the second part of the calculated shipping thing yeah and you have to be careful with calculated shipping because it will add the size of the box together and keep it with the box in and I'd go through that in these videos too so Chris it's not available in countries where you don't have the is that what you mean by it's not because I think it's only probably available where you can buy postal labels through Etsy and I don't think you can do that everywhere right so just you have to be careful and one way to do it is to just log out of Etsy and go into your shop and see how much it costs when you put things in your shopping cart and if it's really weird and it costs like a lot more or a lot less than you think it should then you need to go in and adjust your shipping settings okay so it's not available in the UK yeah it see that's that's the problem if you start setting things to free shipping you need to do what I said log out log out of your you know and go in like you're just shopping at Etsy and see put your own things in your shopping cart and see how much it's telling you the shipping is gonna be because sometimes you think you have it all set up and then you go in and it says oh your shipping is free you're like wait a minute I that is not how I meant it to be so just make sure that you're checking that out but you know in the meantime don't don't worry so much about this because they've people like free shipping blah blah blah Marian says I think sellers need to understand their audience to understand who free shipping appeals to yeah that's true and it's interesting there what let me let me find there's one thing on my desktop I have an experiment that I found where is it free shipping versus dollars off okay I'm gonna open this up because this was an interesting thing okay free shipping versus dollars off free shipping offer works better than a dollar off discount for lower priced goods but there is no difference between the two for higher priced goods okay did you get that it's this this is this is like a it's a meta-analysis which is basically it's not an experiment but it's if somebody has gone back and taken a lot of experiments and put all the results together to look at kind of get an overall view of something right it says free shipping offer works better than $1 off discount for lower priced goods but there's no difference between the two for higher priced goods because they're looking at like dollars off versus free shipping and which one do people like better and it is basically that if you have things that are lower price people like the free shipping better if you have something that's higher price they want the dollars off so if you're selling things that are really super high-end the free shipping isn't going to really matter too much to your customers but it now it's going to matter to Etsy because they're going to put that in to prioritize the search results so you know okay so I like free shipping and then I'm AG Don when free shipping is available for a minimum order yeah I do too I end up something just to get free shipping I do that all the time I do that all the time okay what is low and what are high prices that's that it was it was as the price goes up and they were talking a lot luxury goods versus consumable like is it a commodity or is it something that you're buying nice for yourself you know that kind of thing and I don't know if there let me see if there was a specific price break I don't know I would have to look through it I'll look through and I'll let you know what the low and high prices but you know in your industry basically in your category there are low and high prices so as as the prices of things go up people prefer a dollar off or percentage off as opposed to free shipping so just you know it it doesn't work for everything it doesn't work for everyone because some people are coming at it like we are a seller and not a buyer but free shipping is basically something that people like and I times like I said I've walked away from transactions and I'm in a dispute right now with my veterinarian because they they're like we offer free shipping on this special food that your cat needs it's super expensive and then I get to the end of the checkout and I'm trying to support the vet because it's a small vet you know it's a small business I want to give him my business and I'm assuming he gets a percentage of the of every sale for this website that they promote but I get to the end and it says Oh your order needs to ship by ground so we're charging you $15 for shipping and I'm like no you're not because I'm not buying it from you so I called them and they're like oh it's not supposed to do that and I said well it does and then I go to chewy calm and I get it for free you know anyway so free shipping means my prices have to be higher in Europe where I lived in the US I think the same for us tell us you're selling in Europe yeah it is I mean because it's not cheap to ship internationally and they know that and that's the problem with this and that's the one thing that's why at the very beginning is that is the international you're gonna have the most problem with this because it's it's just expensive to ship internationally and you just have to figure it out here's the thing for high price is no matter free shipping the small price is okay with eligible orders how about medium price yeah well you know also it depends on what does a person think is medium price I might think something is super super cheap and somebody else is like oh that's so expensive so I'm sure there's more to it than just that but it's it's interesting you know I would have to read the whole thing to see if there was actually a price break but it probably depends on your category and what it is and what's expensive for jewelry isn't going to be expensive for food you know if you're buying a can of beans that's a different pricing pricing thing okay so I don't know if there's any other questions okay can't International still stay paid and domestic be free to qualify I not in DC it looks like what they're saying is that for us shoppers if your listing isn't marked as free shipping to the US then it's not going to be prioritized in search so people will still see it it's just not going to be right up on the first page at like the top of the first page and prioritized in search they haven't specified where that ends so it could just be the first page of search results and if someone goes the second page everything is back to normal you know I don't know what an EAN code is someone is asking there's a minimum eligible order price $35 you can do either free shipping on individual listings or for an overall order for 35 standard shipping and secludes tracking in the US standard shipping includes tracking I'm not sure about other countries right now you're only free to the US yeah you know if right now I have some things that are ship free to the US but they should not free internationally you and I think you can still set it up like that I don't I don't know if you can set free shipping for international orders though and then also charge for in your own country that would be something to go to look at they'll figure it out Oh European article numbering I don't know anything about that if anybody else can answer that question I'm not sure what that even is cuz I'm not in Europe so I can't answer that question sorry but if anyone else can answer that question then feel free and I'm gonna wrap this up because I've been talking for over an hour and if you guys want to join the Facebook group if you're not in it the link is down in the description of this video you can continue the conversation over there tracking is not included for standard shipping by Canada Post uh say that stinks I would honestly I would pay for tracking I don't know how much it costs I think it's super expensive some places though but when I first started selling on Etsy I was shipping everything priority but then they started adding tracking to first-class so I was like okay that's not as expensive and it still has the tracking then that's fine but I would be really nervous sending something untracked depending on how much it costs because then you get people who are like oh I didn't get the package and you know they did because they have a picture of it on their Facebook page you know that that used to happen we would get people complain let me have a drink you would deliver a cake to someone this is what I was doing cakes yeah tracking on international triples the cost the u.s. from the UK though that's not good that's that's too bad cuz that's very high still I don't know see that would make me not ship internationally an extra six to seven dollar I I'm so nervous about that just because I had so much experience with people claiming I'll tell this story and then I'll wrap it up so if you guys are done listening and you don't want to hear the cake story you can go and just go join the Facebook group and you know discuss this amongst yourselves because it is complicated with the international stuff but I'll tell the cake story now we would have people who basically it's a way to get refunds in a way to adjust your budget was to say that your you know we got the birthday cake and it was bad and nobody ate it and so you would first go to their Facebook page or their Instagram to see the pictures of all their guests eating the cake and enjoying it and so they need to write back and say alright see you enjoyed it on Facebook and there they would stop and you know questioning you I had one customer I had one customer who they didn't know that I spoke Spanish okay and they had they had ordered a cake for a quinceanera and I did it exactly like they wanted and they said don't put any flowers on it they were very specific about certain things I said okay and then the her sister the woman's sister was getting married so I was going to do her wedding cake also so I had I think I had contracts with both of them so I delivered the kids in yatta cake and everything was set up and this was it was I mean it just let's just say that it was very pink and it's what they ordered exactly but it fit into their decor so I didn't think anything about it okay so I went to I went I delivered it I went home and I get this phone call this cake is totally wrong it's horrible it's terrible and I was like it's what you ordered but I'll come back so I went back to the restaurant and at this point their guests were starting to arrive I think that it was right before their guests started to arrive so I was in there and they're showing me it's like this is wrong this is wrong and they had taken roses they told me don't put any flowers on the cake we don't want flowers they've taken roses and shove them into the cake and they're pointing like under the roses where the icing was all smashed saying this is totally wrong and I said I can't see it because you've put the roses on there and they're like are you saying this is our fault and I was like no kind of you know there's like no I just I can't see what you're talking about because you have you know so so basically they're their guests started to arrive so I said let's move away from the cake and we can talk about this out the hallway and I had a feeling and when I when I said to my husband the phone call that I got from this woman must have been psychotic enough that I said to my husband she's gonna want a refund and I'm just gonna write out a check right now and I'm walking out with that cake and cake decorators say that all the time it's like I would walk out with that cake you know like you're not gonna do that at a wedding because it's somebody's wedding cake and you're not gonna walk out with it anyway so so so I'm standing there and we're out kind of in the in the entry hall of this restaurant and it's the woman and the sister whose wedding cake I'm gonna do and her brother who had been the sponsor of this cake because they spawned they get people to sponsor parts of the you know like he paid for the cake and somebody else paid for something else and it quinceanera is a big deal right so people were dressed really nicely and they're coming into this restaurant which was not a it was not appropriate to their dress like their clothes were a lot nicer than the restaurant but they didn't know that I spoke Spanish so they started talking to each other in front of me saying okay well how much do you think we can get out of her how much you think we can get back and I'm just listening you know not I'm just I say what they say you know so I'm standing there waiting and they're saying well let's tell her this is wrong with it okay so then in English they had another complaint about it and I said here's the contract and this is what you ordered and so then back in Spanish again they're talking to each other well that didn't work okay well look what else can we tell her okay so they just kept coming up with all these complaints and they were all in the contract you know I would they would have a complaint I would say nope here it is and then their blood lived about I'm listening to him the whole time they're basically discussing how much money can we get back out of her so that we can save some money and this was a really common thing for a while that people would do that all the time and there were articles about weddings like how can you save money on your wedding Oh complain to vendors afterwards and they'll give you refunds okay so this was a common thing it happened all the time and everybody knew about it all that old event knew about it I don't think the customers knew that the vendors knew but whenever we had a complaint like this were like okay they're they're having budget regret and they're trying to get discounts so I'm listening to them complain and I'm listening to them talk amongst themselves about how can we rip her off basically and finally the sister who's standing there piped up and said that cake looks like a 12 year old made it and I said okay I'm done I'm finished with you people here's your cheque for your refund I'm not going to be doing your wedding cake and I'm taking that cake with me now and leaving and I made the I made two waiters go into that room in front of all of their guests and pick the cake up and walk it out to my car and I drove it to the Ronald McDonald House where they have it's like a temporary home for people whose children are in the hospital for cancer treatments and I gave it to them to enjoy so that's the only time I've ever walked out with a cake but it was such a fine feeling and people asked me didn't you say like adios on the way out and I said no I didn't I did I never told them that I spoke Spanish and I was listening to them talk about how they're ripping me off the whole time so here's the thing people will try to rip you off most of the time it's it's an honest mistake if they don't have the package they say oh I don't have the package you know I didn't get it it says it was delivered sometimes somebody else brought it into the house or they took it to the wrong house I've had things delivered to the wrong house because Amazon has these you know has these delivery trucks that don't know where they're going I've had things up the street left but people have realized that Amazon will just replace things because I I called Amazon and said I it says I got you know it says it was here and it's not and I was thinking that I was going to have to get something else ordered there's like I will send you another one absolutely absolutely no problem no question they didn't say let us see where it was delivered there's like we'll send you another one so people have been trained to think like this that they can just complain and we will we'll give them whatever they want so I I think someone mentioned that there are claims of non-delivery have increased in the UK they've increased in the u.s. too so I've got a whole thing that I go through when someone says I didn't get my package and that usually stops them when you say federal crime for mail tampering you know suddenly they find the package so there's you know whatever so there you go so you take the package at the front now they take pictures of the package at the front door yeah they and they have GPS I don't know how it works in other countries but the US Postal Service if you're ever shipping to the United States and you don't have tracking this is something good for you guys to know that they have they have tracking that they actually scan when they deliver something and they have signatures you can ask for a signature I've had packages delivered from like Italy and France and they usually get a signature I'm not sure if you have to offer that but they will they will be able to tell you where the package was so it's the kind of thing where you have to maybe I don't know I don't know how that works though if there's no tracking but it could just be different it could be different countries have to try I don't know if you have tracking then they scan it and they will let you know where it was delivered because they have GPS on their scanners so it takes six to eight weeks for research if you complain you have to wait for two months yeah I've had things some countries are the worst and not even gonna say which ones they are cuz you guys all know but there are there are things that there are countries where you just are never gonna get your package it's like throwing it into the ditch you know anyway the bow down effect yeah where's the package stop stop lying info that right yeah there's a lot of there's a lot of where's the package that stuff is in the course I think there's a whole section in the course about shipping and if there's not I'll be putting it in I think I think there's a template in there now there is a template there's a whole thing about what to say to someone who says I didn't get my package so you know whatever that's all we will I'll be back next week for I don't even know what topic maybe we'll talk about this some more because we'll have the actual tool by then because they say they're going to they're going to release the tools to do this in the next week we'll see okay but in the meantime go over and join the Facebook group because you guys can talk over there about it and I am gonna go take some product photos because I've got other stuff to do besides worrying about their free shipping and it'll it'll figure itself out we'll figure it out okay I'll talk to you guys later

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