ETSY FOR BEGINNERS CHECKLIST | What You Need To Sell Printables On Etsy!

ETSY FOR BEGINNERS CHECKLIST | What You Need To Sell Printables On Etsy!

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Hey guys.

So in todays video I want to really help anyone who has only THOUGHT about creating an art printable business…


In this video I want you to discover some of the most ESSENTIAL things you’ll need to bring your awesome idea to life!

This is just a simple short list of the most important programs, elements and outlets that you’ll need to get your art printable journey off the ground as soon as possible…

And hopefully it will also let you know that there is NOTHING too intense, too expensive or unattainable to stop you from starting your Art Printable Etsy shop as soon as you want!

I know when I decided I wanted to start my Etsy shop…

I had no clue where to even BEGIN or what I would need to turn my IDEA into a REALITY.

So I wanted to make this short concise list…

So you can easily gather together everything you need to get started and get to work creating an awesome Etsy shop of your own!See you in the video guys!


hi guys so back again in the same top because I am just recording videos back to back because I'm like inspired today to do court to record videos I'm not just wearing the same top every day but in this video as you can probably tell from the title I really want to talk to you about the things that you'll actually need if you are thinking about creating your own art printable business on Etsy so if you follow my videos if you know a little bit about me you'll know that I that's one of the first businesses that I've created online I absolutely adore it it's taught me so much my art printables business that I have on Etsy but it's also I have on Amazon now as well I just absolutely love it and it has taught me so much about you comments about sending online it's helped me get over the fear of selling online it's taught me how to create products and sell products I literally owe all of the other business start businesses I have gone on to create to the fact that I took that leap to create to my art printable business because without it I'd probably still be sat there twiddling my thumb's thinking one day I'm gonna start something online I'm gonna start creating online businesses so for me it's a huge near and dear passion it's why I created my art printables on Etsy course because I know so many of you as well are just afraid to get over that hurdle of just starting your own online business and I know that if you are thinking about starting out printables business I've been there I know that what it feels like I honestly know what it's like to to sell hundreds of art printables and and art prints and yeah I just like showing that my experience with that with you guys because hopefully if it can help you at all then that's what I want this is the whole point of this channel so we can share and talk about this experience of building income online from scratch so in this video I really want to kind of address the people who are brand new to the idea of our printables online and I've got it in the head that maybe it's a really good idea but you know they're thinking yep that's something I could definitely do I could try that I could grow that over time definitely interesting online business I don't want to create and now they're thinking what on earth do I actually need to be able to do this and I think when you create any online business that point always hits you you get an amazing idea of like yes this is the type of business I want to create and then about a day later or a couple of hours later some of I you sit there and go what do I actually need to make this happen I don't even know where to start so this is what this video is about hopefully I'm going to try to keep this one short I say every single video now but hopefully I'll keep this one short but yeah I'm just gonna be talking about some of the things that you might need and that you might need to prep for that you're going to need to create your art print or business so the first thing that you're going to need to create an art print or business is probably one of the most important elements you could possibly have and this is a really good graphic design program software whatever you want to call it so whether you decide that it's Photoshop whether you decide that it's PicMonkey or canva or Adobe Illustrator or whatever graphic design program that you decide that you want to use just make sure that it is something you feel comfortable working with it doesn't feel too complex you feel like I'm gonna be here for years trying to work out how to create these products start with something simple even I started with canva I tried Photoshop I tried quite Photoshop cuz everybody was telling me I had to use Photoshop that you know it wasn't gonna be professional enough I didn't you know I wasn't allowed to do all the things I want to do if I didn't and I tried Photoshop for a couple of weeks I think I created my first set of prints on Photoshop and I just struggled so much and as a consequence of that my products just didn't look good because I didn't know what I was doing I didn't and I gave up and I thought you know what forget this I'm not doing what everybody else tells me to do I'm gonna do what feels right for me so in the end I decided that canva feels right for me and I have been using for years now I'm a huge advocate come back not an affiliate but I just you know I don't care I just absolutely love can bet it's my go-to choice it's not perfect no graphic designs always perfect but I can pretty much do every single thing that I've ever wanted to do using canva and I've had so many people tell me you have to use this program you have to use that program and for me I'm just like nope if there's a way I can do it on canvas for me that's what feels comfortable and I will do it on canvas so I use canva to create all of my art principles all of my social media marketing marketing elements and marketing posts I use it to create my additional products like planners I've used it to help me quite my cause I use it literally for my email secret everything I use canva for almost everything use canvas for YouTube to help me collect my thumbnails I literally love cumber so for me I really think that's something that if you want to create an art printer business is a huge essential go out try different graphic design programs online pick one or maybe even two if you can see some free trials and things like that that you might that you know you might want to try that program that you might want to try it and have a play around and see how easy it feels for you to use how quickly you get it and if you find one that just really works for you feel free to stick with it you can always work your way around to create the product or you know the type of content that you want to create so definitely first thing graphic design software secondly the following onto that is if you are thinking about creating art printables and if you are not and illustrator yourself or you're not an artist yourself so it's different if you want to draw and paint your own art printable designs for example the elements on your art principles or the illustrations on your art principles then that obviously are going to need slightly different stuff before I don't do that I don't hand draw my art printables and then have to kind of upload that onto my computer and then do that that's a slightly different one I see if I can find a video to help you guys if that is something that you're that you are interested in and I'll leave a link below just to give you an idea of what you I need or I don't know if I'd be able to find one I'll tell you what you might need but even if it just kind of gives you an idea of how you could do that then that might be perfect for you but for me I actually use places like creative market and Etsy itself to find illustrators and artists and graphic artists that are happy to actually let me use their products for commercial use so I have quite a few videos about this so I'm not going to go into really in-depth about this I'll either link the videos below or I might link them up here or something like that whoa talk more in depth about the graphic design elements that I purchased and using my art printables but yeah you do definitely that's something you'll need to be prepped for if you don't create your artwork yourself and you want to create art printables and you're gonna need to be able to source graphic elements so we have X's clipart whatever you want to call it font all of those things in between so you can actually create your product using your graphic design software so that is definitely something that you will need you'll need to go purchase some of those that you can start creating your product oh and your social media posts and your branding and everything like that obviously the next one is pretty obvious you're going to actually need to set up your Etsy shop so you're going to need to create an Etsy account you're going to need to go through the process of setting up your shop it's not actually too too hard in my art printables on Etsy cause I actually literally have a step-by-step guide for you I even have templates to help you kind of get everything prepped just because I like to set it up slightly differently then Etsy house you set it up so just because it gives you a bit more leeway the way that I like to do it so that's why I teach on my course but yep just go ahead set up your Etsy shop get it prepped and ready so that you can start adding your products and creating your products and promoting those to people so yeah pretty simple that one you definitely need your Etsy shop you will also need to factor in you know this is we're literally talking at the very beginning of your SEO journey setting up your shop we're talking about what you need to sell art printables I know definitely when I was starting out my mind was much more focused on the visual side of things I'm going to need to create the products I'm going to need do you know use graphic design software to crack the banner that icon all that kind of stuff and it wasn't until I actually had my shop that I was like okay um I actually need to do written content I actually need to write stuff here and that's something you need to factor in as well it's actually quite a big part I think of having an online shop or selling online products that you do actually need to write about these products you need to write you know the About section everything in between and and it's something I didn't really think about until I was actually in my shop and I was like oh I've got to write a ton of stuff so I just think that's important to keep in mind if you are thinking about creating a printable business that you're going to need to write your About section in your Etsy shop to tell people about you your brand what you sell what you can do for them you've also got your shop announcement which you might want to fill out you've also got obviously your each listing has a listing description that you need to write and you know introduce people to that product and what it can do for them and why it's been created everything in between you know there's quite a bit of written content and that's not even including obviously promoting your product and the written content you might need to do for that so I just think that's something to keep in mind that yes when you think of an art printable business you might think just a lot of visuals and you know you're creating it's very creative and it's super creative there's always going to be that written element in your shop that content you need to create around each product you create you know your shop area your external outlets that you have your your external traffic funnels that you have you're going to need to create contents and that's something you need to keep in mind as well so I mean in terms of in it's not I don't think it's really hard as long as you have a computer that tends to you know let you use let you type and you have something like word or something like that because I do tend to find I like to write for example a product description out in Word or pranchi copy and paste it on to match or listen just to make sure I like it I'm taking spelling errors you know I'm making sure it looks okay he's if it's quite everything I've won I can save a copy of it and template it it just lots of those different elements see you you know just make sure you have something like word or inequivalent and for you to be able to write all that win content and finally know this is obviously just a very beginner's guide of some of the things I think that you just need to be able to basically start up your art printer business just to give you an idea but I do think that one of the things that I do recommend that you also do to think a lot of people don't think about is I also do think that it's important to start considering at least one social media outlet or social media platform that you want to start building alongside your business so you don't have to jump onto it right away at day one of creating let's you shop you have to be on there you know on Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest whenever is I don't think that at all but I think it is important to consider okay where does my target audience hang out are they particular are they more on Instagram what about to reach them better visually on Pinterest can I build a Facebook tribe you know how am I going to reach my target audience externally and the reason why I think that it's important to pick at least one to maybe start focusing on even if it's a couple of weeks after starting your business or even a couple of months if you you know you're taking it really slow to build your Etsy shop it's just because you need to start thinking about the social media content that you're going to be creating you know you need to be think about how you're going to promote your business on social media if you are creating for example like I have with my Etsy shop you know very feminine very girly pink you know pink and gold design art printables and the whole theme of it is very boutique II feel what outlet what social media really works with that what where will I find my target audience and what content am I going to have to create that makes it you know when I'm ready to launch my shop easy for me to say right I've got all this content ready to go on that social media so I can start building that now that I've launched my shop I just think that have that thinking about what is the first platform you're really gonna focus on building of your audience it's really important to you know focus on X Y s yo and building up your heads yes yo but I also think as soon as you can getting started on building just one take your time with it don't start you don't have to do every social media platform out there just pick one social media platform that you think right I'm gonna set that social media platform up I'm going to whilst I'm creating the banner and the icon not for my shop I might also look at doing something similar for that social media platforms that everything looks cohesive and it's ready to go and I think that's just a really important element that is important to consider when you are thinking about building an art printable Etsy shop so I hope that this video helps I tried to keep this video as low as quick as possible but I don't think it's going to be look at the time but yeah I just wanted to really create a video that I know if you are literally just thinking it's just a concept about the idea of creating an art print or business or you've been thinking about it for a while and you're just thinking I don't even know what I need it's gonna be really expensive am I gonna need a lot of stuff am I gonna need lots of things that I don't have and hopefully just this little short list of certain things that you'll need to really think about just to start your shop might set you off or hopefully get you going in the right direction so that you can have all these things in place and you just feel that not that lot more confident to start your journey so yeah if you are still panicking about the audio start your art printable business on Etsy but you really do want to do it then I it might help you to join the waiting list for my art printables on Etsy course because it's coming back out again it's just I absolutely love my course I love the people who are on my course I have a private Facebook group that goes with it where we just talk I answer any questions you have we create exclusive content for there as well so we go a lot more in depth about all of these things and I and I love how so many of you start your Etsy journey and purchase the course just not knowing where to begin and then you are able to reach points where you I can just see you and you just get it and you just start rolling with it and building and growing and sometimes it's a lot slower and sometimes it's really fast and it's just you know I think it just takes that bit of time to get your head round doing something that you maybe have never done before and that is completely fine that you know we all hit that in fact every online business I even create in fact I think most people every online business that they create there's always that that period of time where you think oh this is a great idea and they're like where do I even start to turn this idea into reality so this is what I wanted to create this video for so hopefully if you are worried about that this video will help so please feel free to join the weightiness I said for the art printables at Etsy cause it's coming out on the 1st of September until the 5th of September and then the doors will be closed again and I will see you in the next video and please don't forget to subscribe because I'm trying to build a little tribe here just meet as many of you I love to like go on the subscribe and scroll down and see all the different people that we have on there and just know that you guys are working or interested in doing a similar thing to me I think is absolutely great because I didn't know though that many of us out there but now on my youtube channel I see that there are already thousands so I will see you in the next video guys bye

8 thoughts on “ETSY FOR BEGINNERS CHECKLIST | What You Need To Sell Printables On Etsy!

  1. Great video covering the basics! Although if anyone feels comfortable with social media, I'd really encourage them to start social WHILE you're in that period of getting everything ready, making designs, etc. It's the very BEST time to start social media! People like seeing the journey of getting everything set-up and they start to root for you – which really makes them want to encourage you. I wanted to start a clipart shop so I created an instagram profile where I posted 1 clipart a day that I drew. I got to know a lot of people in the community – much more than now because I now realize it's so much easier to approach people when you're not launched yet. They don't fear you have ulterior motives because you literally have nothing to sell yet. I documented my whole journey of making my inventory and preparing my Etsy shop on Instagram and when I finally launched after 4 months of this, I made 102 sales on the first day! It really helped to get that initial boost to place me higher in Etsy search. I did this with only one platform, Instagram. So if anyone is not feeling too overwhelmed and is inclined to try it, it is really the best time!

  2. Thank you Eva ! Great information once again : ) Liked # 27 I'm looking forward to uploading some of my Art up, as a Digital download images soon : ) Enjoy your Week Eva, Many Blessings, Marc Jones : )

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