Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee and priority search placement- SEO tips

Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee and priority search placement- SEO tips

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Everyone is freaking out, but what does “priority placement in search” even mean? And do you even need to worry about it if you’re not found in those spots anyway?

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hey guys this is probably gonna be one of the last times I talk about this because everybody's having a massive freak out about this priority placement in us search and it is a shift but I think that people are not seeming to understand and I was thinking about this this morning they haven't told us what priority placement means alright so this one sentence shoppers in the US will primarily see items that ship free and shop sit offer free shipping on orders of $35 in the top most visible rows of search ok first of all it says primarily so we're gonna primarily see that not exclusively so primarily see it but my guess is that if there's a real best selling item that has a shipping fee attached to it they're still going to show that in the most prominent place in search results the they're gonna see that in the top most visible rows of search ok what does that mean we don't know is it the first row is it the first two rows is it the first three rows on each page is it the first three rows on the first page is it on the first five pages is it on the first two pages is it just two rows we don't know so until we actually see this roll out we're not sure exactly what they're talking about the third part is that this starts on July 30th so you can switch things over in the meantime but until July 30th you're not gonna see any kind of effect on your search placement if you're even included in this because this is not the only thing that determines where you're placed in search there's a lot of things that Etsy uses to figure out what listings are gonna be shown primarily most prominently in search so if you have terrible SEO and everything ships free guess what you're not gonna be featured on the first page of search results if you don't get past that SEO part of it so it's not the only thing to think about it's not the only thing that's going to get your listing seen this is just a way that Etsy is trying to get us to actually do free shipping and they've been pushing this for over a year two years probably and we know that we knew it was coming it's not a surprise it's it's just the way it is so you have time to think about it if you're an international seller what I would say is to look at actually go and look at how many people are actually coming from the u.s. to your shop because it might be fewer than you think it might be more than you think you don't know but go and look at your Google Analytics if you have that hooked up to your shop you can also look at Google Analytics to see how many people will actually find you on the first page of search because if they're talking about most visible rows of search the top most visible rows of search on the first page on the second page we don't know but I went to look at my Google Analytics and people are finding me from anywhere from page one to page seven on the one listing that I saw so just because the first three or four rows of search on the first page of results are gonna be you know primarily free shipping doesn't mean that you're not going to be found so don't have too much of a panic attack about it just stop take the emotion out of it and look at it in a neutral way see if you really need to do this see if you can afford to do this if there's a way to set it up and you want to try it go right ahead if there isn't then just wait to see what happens because this is not gonna kill your shop it might be it might slow things down a little bit while things kind of settle into place but I really doubt that because if they're only doing the top most prominent lines of search that leaves the rest of search results for other listings so don't panic yet we'll see what happens and remember July 30th so you can switch everything over now but if you don't see a big improvement in your sales right away it's because it doesn't start until July 30th and this is not gonna be such a tremendous shift as people think if you really stop and think about it without the emotion attached it's really not that big a shift all right so leave me any questions give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel I will be back on Tuesday at 2 2 p.m. Eastern time with another live and we'll probably talk about this some more all right bye

6 thoughts on “Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee and priority search placement- SEO tips

  1. I hope more sellers share if they've had success with this or not because it may put a positive spin on this new shipping. Not to mention this coincides with Amazon's big day and I'm sure Etsy + sellers are hoping to capture some extra sales during those days. This could be perfect timing for some sellers.

  2. I don’t have the option to offer the shipping over $35 based on the instructions Etsy gives to set it up 🤷🏽‍♀️ Maybe I’m missing it, but I would like to set it up

  3. Well, I am on day two and my best selling items that are 50.00 plus dollars are not selling now that I added the cost of shipping and made it free shipping. I sell multiple of these a day on most days. Lol. I am going to wait one more day and then change it back. I think because it is a best seller and has a great conversion rate, and has the little etsy best selling badge… I think this item will be fine as it was and does not need free shipping.🙂 but once I do that, I will not be able to turn my shop on for free shipping over 35.00 on my other products. Etsy should allow us to pick what items will ship free on orders over 35.00.

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