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Looking for a gift for someone who loves Reptiles? Well I’ve got you covered. This is your holiday/Christmas Guide to Reptile Gifts on Etsy!

Teespring –
Necklace & Keychains –

ETSY GIFT GUIDE (in order of appearance):
Gecko Cookie Cutter –

Basilisk Lizard Note Pad –

Chameleon Skeleton Earrings –
Green Chameleon Earrings –
Gecko Earrings –

Silver Sterling Chameleon Earrings –

Magnetic Bubble Loft –
Calcium Dishes –
Water Dish –

Prints (I recommend visiting the store) –
Bearded Dragon Card –
Blue Tongue Skink Card –

Personalised Mini Signs –
Beware Mini Sign –
Leopard Gecko Xmas Sign –
Large Sign –
Mug 1 –
Mug 2 –
Leopard Gecko Tree Ornament 1 –
Leopard Gecko Tree Ornament 2 –
Crested Gecko Tree Ornament –


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hi guys and welcome to today's video where I'll be showing you a bit of a gift guide for reptile lovers now I've decided to go with items I found on Etsy this site usually consists of small independent sellers so I wanted to give them another platform to share their items on as well as showing you what items are out there and how they look or perform in real life I will leave links for all of these products below because fam would come in various sizes or prints themes and colors and some can even be personalized to make sure you do check out the links below as you can see though we have a lot to get through so let's jump straight into it first up we have this deco cookie cutter now by the way the prices for all of these will come up as pounds on here but if you follow the links you should be able to see how much they are in your currency if you're outside the UK so this cookie cutter I did actually want to use it and it worked really well if you're not into baking then you could probably use the stove like play-doh or some of those soft like clays you can get this is how they came out once they're baked I haven't made biscuits and so long so they're not perfect but the cutter did work really well and it was dishwasher safe which helps so much next we have the a5 basilisk lizard notepad as you can see it came nicely packed in this tissue paper it has a lovely basilisk lizard print on it with some facts on the inside of the front page and a larger drawing on the inside of the back page you can actually choose if you want this lined or plain but as I always say is really handy to note down things like weights or when you feed your geckos so if you're looking for something to do that in and you love reptiles this is a great option now we have a few different earrings these free all come from the same shop they all come in these little organza bags and eco-friendly recyclable boxes I really loved the designs that all made on word probably my favorite is a little chameleon skeleton you can actually get this design in sterling silver it is a little more expensive but I know some people can only wear like either proper silver or proper gold so this is another option out there and once again this came and a little bag and eco-friendly box I do believe the two shops are linked or at least run by the same person potentially but check them out cuz there's so many other earrings there as well but these are some really lovely reptile ones next we have something for your geckos now this is from a store called strew D's I think that's how you say it we have a few different items that come in a range of colors and can actually even come and glow in the dark they all came nicely packed in this very fancy jiffy bag now first we have the magnetic bubble loft I got this Lyra as I said you can get these in a range of colors but I did go for brown just so it kind of blends into her natural tank it is nice and robust and it supports her weight the thing with Lyra is it does take time for her to get used to a hide she has free main hiding spots where she will sleep she's a bit like a cat she'll find somewhere she likes to sleep sleep there for a few weeks and then moved to another place where she'll every time she's sleeping she slips that anyway so this is a new hide for her but she's getting used to it but the great thing about this is because it's magnetic you can take it off you could put it high or low I know some people when I was doing reacting to set up so we're asking how can I put a hide up high for my crested gecko something and I think this is a fantastic option then we have some calcium dishes now I like to look at these and also because they're meant to be really tricky to tip over if not impossible when you use them on a flat surface if you use dishes like I use they can get knocked over all the time I just think they're just an unfortunate design when you use like a milk lid or like a dish like this so I tried this one out with gizmo for some reason I felt the need to bury it I don't know why and gizmo came out and investigated it and then I left her and a few hours later I found this look what gizmos done she's also dug dirt in her water bowl so very naughty gizmo gizmo have you been naughty so what I've done is I put it up here so I think with you have to watch out because they are liable to like take things but hopefully this stays put here yes you gonna be good would you like to come I'll okay yeah but since I have moved this I haven't actually had any more problems I have to see how the others get all of it especially Diego whenever I give him Cal to him he just loves to kick it over so that will be interesting if you were wondering I put up the prices for one of these but you can buy them in packs are free and I think it is a little bit cheaper then we have this interesting contraption at first I thought it was one of those things you get for cats and dogs where you put their food in it so they kind of have to work for their food but it's actually a water dish for your gecko or your feeder insects I think this is pretty genius actually because when I first got gizmo I was looking after crickets I was trying to get them water and I know you can use bug gel but anytime I'd even put like a little shallow thing of water in with them they'd end up like accidentally drowning so this could be pretty good I think if you have Micro crickets they'd probably drown in this but I have standard size crickets so I think they will be fine so I'm gonna put it in with them and see how they do but it looks pretty cool I'm finally from strew D's we have these two little dishes now I'm not a hundred potential which listing they're from but if you have like a baby crusty or once again for you to insects then these can actually be quite handy all of these items have been freely printed and as I said they come in a range of colors so make sure you check out the store next we have items from paw print illustration so maybe you're looking for some artwork or even a card to give someone who loves reptiles these actually all came packed like this with a lovely note on the back so I've laid out various designs various prints I have these range from six by four to a four but you can actually get larger ones I absolutely adore these designs and even better which kind of blew me away is how all the work is actually done by Claire at paw print illustrations like if geckos aren't your thing this still loads where you can choose from so many animals the there's so many prints I would really recommend and checking out her store I hope to one day get erect our room and these prints would look amazing on there they even have these lovely little like quotes on here it's so so cute and as well as the prints you can also get cards now a little story earlier this year I actually took the plunge I saw some cards I liked on Etsy I ordered them I think I had about four of them it wasn't from this store it's from a different store and honestly they turned up awful it looked like I just printed them out myself they didn't feel like proper cards if that makes sense and every time I'd hand them out to someone for their birthday they'll be like did you print this out which is really awkward when you spend out a lot of money on cards so after that as I'm never buying cards off Etsy because someone can photograph them and make them look good but they might not be however genuinely these are really really good quality cards which I think you can actually just frame once a person once you give it to the person they could actually frame the card it's that high quality and you can actually customize some of these so yeah as I said there is such a range to make sure you check out the links below and finally we have something for both you and your reptile so these items come from the Laughing tarantula so let's start off with personalized signs now all of these were individually packed if I like christmas came early i try to film it but i was like opening it with one hand and filming it with the other so it was kind of awkward yeah we got a sign for each gecko including Drogo – who has aren't that common so to have his little species on there and his name was so sweet and they all came with a chain and a charm and you'd hang them up or you could pay a little extra for suction-cup so you can just like hook them onto the suction cup and hang them and you can put them on glass or plastic tanks as well as these little signs we also got a mini beware of the gecko sign and two little Christmas ones for a crested gecko and a leopard gecko which once again you can hang up in or outside the tank they are just so cute and I'll definitely be putting them up ready for Christmas we also have this larger size you can pop that in your room service I'd say it's human size that's but I still I hang-up this same leopard gecko illustration you can also find on a mug and it's also a Christmas mug which I believe you can actually personalize so if you'd like to put your name on it or someone else's name or the geckos name then you can to pop these mugs on we have a crested gecko coaster which is a photographic prints it's very nice and we also have three Christmas ornaments for the tree they're super cute they have these little snowflake pieces inside of them they're kind of like a plastic material with a print inside as you can see and we have a leopard gecko in a Christmas hat and all you need is love and a leopard gecko and all you need is love and a crested gecko so very nice touch to any reptile owners a Christmas tree and before we go shameless plug but if you're looking for some leopard gecko talk but it's available on mighty spring but remember to order it sooner rather than later so you definitely get it in time but yeah I hope you've enjoyed this gift guide it's really fun to make and thank you to the Etsy stores who participated in this it means so much to make sure you check out their links below let me know in the comments section as well what was your favorite item and if you think someone can benefit from this gift guide be sure to share this video but yes thank you so much for watching if you haven't already please subscribe but thank you and goodbye you

48 thoughts on “ETSY Gift Guide For REPTILE LOVERS!

  1. Okay I really loved and enjoyed this video,it was so amazing and helpful. I don't think I will get any christmas gifts but these are good to buy for myself and I can suprise myself😂 thank you so much for this video!

  2. im getting a leopard gecko on my birthday you've helped me sooo much i know everything to get it thanks soo much ! people reading this seriously she is amazing!

  3. hey i just got a leo a few days ago and it's already shedding – the problem is i don't think it's using it's humid hide and it's shed has stuck on the toes. it's also extremely flighty so i can't really soak it or try to get it off with a q-tip without it freaking out – any idea what i can do?

    sorry this isn't really a relevant video to comment this on but i wanted to get as much help as i could, since this was a recent upload <:/

  4. My African fat tailed gecko, Bearded Dragon, 11 hamsters and rabbit are all in their play pens and I can FINALLY sit down and watch this. Finally. Loved this! Will check out the shops. I’m getting a leopard gecko sometime in February to adopt one that someone impulse bought as a Christmas present.

  5. Love your Scaley Claws T-shirt :0)
    Those anti-tip over dishes remind me of sherbet saucers we used buy as kids, hated the papery shell but loved the sherbet filling… but the dishes do look very functional might have to get some.
    The Prints from Paw Print are fantastic!

  6. I actually sell small animal food on Etsy. I started last month so I only have three products it’s fun so far! I love your videos and I’ve had geckos for a few months and you’ve been helpful!

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