Etsy plus subscription plan- Maybe worth it, maybe you don't need it.

Etsy plus subscription plan- Maybe worth it, maybe you don't need it.

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Etsy has started offering their subscription plans for additional seller services. It might be worth it if you want to upgrade your business cards, or if you like the ability to plan your stock.

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hey guys I'm waiting for some stuff to print out so while I'm doing that I am looking at this new thing now I was gonna go in and look at the new you know the whatever the chopped-up great thing that they did cuz I signed up for it I want to see what it is I've seen some other videos already it's not anything tremendously different and the one thing that you need to remember this does not affect your placement in search all right now I know there's a lot of conspiracy theories and people like to believe that it's he's promoting some people are worried but they cannot do that they can't pay for search placement for people that just it doesn't you can't do it they're gonna get you know they're gonna get sued if they start doing that stuff so don't worry about that if you don't want to upgrade and you don't have the budget for it then don't worry about it but if you do and you're curious about it then let's look at this now this is actually from the marketing tab on my shop dashboard I logged in and it was it said new on the settings so I went in and signed up for the new paid plan but then this this showed up when I came back so I clicked on that and it says custom web address all right so when you click on that it takes you to this page now I guess if you don't want to sign up for the paid plan which they give you the address you know individually or they it comes with the pay plan I believe then and then we're gonna look at that in a minute but you can get a custom web address yourself if you want to direct a domain name to your Etsy shop now they're doing a free one-year dot store domain or 50% off I would always do most people are used to you could it says you know the store is free but how many people are going to type your shop name in with dot store after it they're gonna do com so if you want to do this I would go with the dot-com now you can get a domain name registered anywhere there's you know GoDaddy I have online part two GoDaddy I have like twelve of them but they all direct to my website not my Etsy shop so it's up to you if you want to do this the thing about having a domain name it you know it might it's it's not really like it's going to help you unless you go promote it so it does make it look like you were a little more professional because you have a separate URL but unless you go out and promote it and drop the link everywhere people aren't going to know that it's there to begin with so if they're finding you on Etsy they're still going to find you through Etsy they're not going to find you through the domain name the domain name is for you to promote your shop so if you're not someone who drops a lot of stuff you know links and that kind of stuff on social media it might not be worth even worrying about so that's up to you alright let's go into the settings your subscription okay so I sign up for the Etsy Plus it's $10 a month until January and with all the things that come with it it's pretty much $2 a month until January because they give you $5 credit if you use prodded listings they give you 15 credits or listings per month so that's three dollars so it's eight dollars in credit on $10 that you're paying so basically you're paying $2 until January to have these options now it is not a huge difference it's it it's mostly marketing stuff there's some packaging things which I'm probably not going to use because it looks like it's more shipping box type things but it could be good for some people this is the one thing that I'm interested in is the restock request but we'll look at that in a sec and it has this little thing we've all seen this little video it's been circulating they sent it to us an email and let's look at their little get started thing okay access to these special offers move business cards move business cards are beautiful business cards but they are expensive so if you the reason I use a business card I put business cards in my packaging that has my email signup on it I'm not gonna pay extra for that because it's just not something that I'm handing out to send people to my store it's something that I put in my my boxes with my orders so people have already bought from me on I'm personally I'm not going to use this but the move business cards are very nice they're high-quality the pictures are beautiful if you're not sure go and look at their website but it is going to be expensive unless you use business cards a lot at the time and you want them to look really good then it might not be something that you need this box up stuff if you go to their website you'll see what they do they do it's more packaging like for shipping kind of boxes it's not like individual packing boxes that you would use for like if you sell sweaters or something like that but if you want to have you know like Amazon will send you something it has Amazon in the outside of the box I buy cat food from chewy calm they have all their logos on the outside so if you want to have your logo on the outside of your shipping boxes that might be something you're in and they will give you some discounts for that alright so there's those discounts access perks what else let's see it's all the same here if you don't want to pay for it you still have everything that you've had and it seemed okay so more ways to stand out from the crowd it is to customize your shop you're going to be able to do the new banner they have banner options that you can design a carousel I actually like a carousel banner but I don't use a banner in my shop so I'm probably not going to take advantage of that the layout you know they give you different tools if you want to create a banner and I know that some people like to have a different banner just to make your shop look a little different so there's that okay the restock requests I like this because a lot of times there are there are certain things that I want to keep in stock so that I can send them out when the orders come in and I don't have to make them and it just helps me with my time management so sometimes something will sell out and I'm like well you know I don't need to restock that right away but if I know that people are asking for it then maybe I'll restock it sooner than I would so that could be interesting okay and let's see custom web address we talked about that exuses cuts on custom package we talked about that this is what I'm waiting for okay the I don't really care about the customer support that much because I don't harass Etsy with questions too much but the advanced management tools i they've said that this is going to be things for business owners with employees so I'm assuming it's going to be things like being able to have an employee log into your account with a separate login I don't know I mean that's just speculation on my part so you know basically at this point I am going to be paying two dollars a month for access to the restock request because that's really the only thing that I'm going to be taking advantage of now I know that in this okay there's the banner thing and in the customizing your shop you're gonna be able to do a new layout over the featured listings also so you can do for shop sections in this space you're gonna be able to feature sections that's good I actually like that so there are things that it's going to give you a little bit of maybe I'm not sure if I would call it a competitive advantage but if you if your shop looks different from every other shop then that's always good because it makes you kind of stand out it does make you stand out from the crowd and stand out from the crowd that's true so if you if you use a big shot ban or if you want to experiment with the layout that's fine and you know people say oh you know people don't find you from your shop they find you through search well you know what I've been messing around in Google Analytics and a lot of people come straight to my shop and they come straight to my shop homepage they're not finding me in search so I found that interesting but there is a good percentage of my customers who actually come to my homepage so having that be a little fancy or might help so at this point this isn't you know that this plan isn't anything that you desperately need unless you're really looking to redesign your shop and to get the packaging stuff and that kind of thing so if you're on the fence about it and you're not interested in any of this stuff just wait because there's no reason that you need to sign up for this unless you're interested in the restock requests you know and the custom web address is something you could have had all along that's not anything new so you know it's it's not really a super impressive array of options but I do like this because anything that reminds a customer that you're there is okay and if I'm not having to pay for it like I like they have to you have to pay for the ones that they sent out for people to and shopping hurt neck anything if I'm not paying for it that's good because the abandoned shopping hard thing didn't work well for me I tried it for a short time and it's like yeah it didn't it didn't convert to the right amount for my liking so I just don't do that but this is good alright so and this is C which sold out listings are most popular that's good because that's I do plan my inventory so that that's gonna be helpful all right so that's my thoughts on this it's not anything earth-shattering but it could be helpful and it could be useful for certain things and if you do like to have business cards the MU business cards are very nice business cards and if you buy them already and this is gonna give you a discount you might want to do the math and figure out if the amount that you buy is worth the trade-off for the paying for the plan but like I said until January this is only going to be $2 a month once you factor in all the credits if you use the promoted listings if you don't use promoted listings it'll be $7 a month so take that into account but it might actually be a money saver and for some businesses like you know jewelry or whatever I'm not sure what kind of boxes you send in but if you want to have your logo on a box that's great because it does bring you to mind and it makes people think you know it makes people look at you like you're more of a professional and you know just and I'm doing air quotes just a home-based business because a lot of people don't give us the respect we deserve you know what I mean you know what I mean I don't have to explain that to anyone but the more branded you can be the sometimes that's it makes a better impression with customers alright so leave me any questions but that's pretty much it and I will talk to you guys later

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  1. Thank you for the video. Just wanted to share. Careful not to get a .store as its a trick to give you the first year free and the next year will be around $50 for a year to renew it. You will be stuck with name cards and product packaging that has a .store and you are forced to pay that high renewal fee.

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