Etsy promoted listings part 3-- What to promote

Etsy promoted listings part 3– What to promote

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After you set your budget and spending limits, you need to decide which listings to promote. The important things are to make sure that you’re choosing listings that are “solid” already, with good SEO and photos, and that you watch the stats after you start promoting them to make sure you’re getting clicks from the search terms that make sense for that listing.

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hey guys I am back and this is the third part of the promoted listing series in which we discuss what to promote alright so first of all it has to be something that you make a good profit margin on because if you're gonna add the cost of the advertising in you don't want to have it be something that you're only making 50 cents every time you sell it it has to be something that you can make a decent profit so you can absorb the cost of the advertising easily and you can afford that it has to be something that pretty Mino sells okay already if not one of your best sellers some people say just advertise your best sellers and that's okay because you know that it's already selling on its own but the question then becomes would it sell it its own without me advertising it and to me that's always the question because I you know I have a lot of things that Etsy is taking credit for selling because of ads that I know I would have sold anyway and so you have to kind of roll that up and say well you know how how much of this am i selling because of the ads and how much isn't selling on its own I don't know you might have three or four good listings that sell a lot and don't you might not want to advertise those maybe put your money into something that sells okay if it isn't like the best seller it's up to you because you you know that the best sellers probably have good pictures they have good SEO the the okay sellers are probably being found but there's something about that listing that's not making the conversion into a sale so it could be worth trying to promote the things that don't sell a lot but do sell and see if running ads on them is going to help make those better sellers if you want to stay safe just promote your best sellers and see if the rates of conversion go up see if your sales for that go up but you know I it kind of chaps me when I see Etsy taking credit for some of my best sellers selling because I know that they would have sold anyway probably see that's the thing you don't know so it's kind of six of one half dozen of another you have to make that decision for yourself but the one thing I would not do is sell something that has terrible SEO terrible pictures we advertise those don't advertise those because think of think of the way that ads are shown auntie's going to choose based on the listing quality – they base it on your listing quality as well as on the bid system well okay first let's let's back up when NC decides what ads to show first it's a bid system so if you've been ten cents for your ad to be shown and someone else has been 11 cents their ad is going to be shown before yours everything else being equal if someone else has been $0.04 and you've been 10 and your ad will be shown before there there's everything else being equal but everything else isn't equal because etsy looks at your listing quality and your shop quality and what else was I going to say oh the budget your daily budget so if I only have a dollar budget and somebody else has $50 then their ads can be shown more than mine if people are clicking on them it the same at the same rate and again it's not going to be equal so here I can I can do this I'll go back so NCT will show your ads based on the bids and a listing quality and all that but if your budget runs out then they're not going to show your ads anymore so you have to adjust that as well because if you if you see that you're spending your entire daily budget in the first two hours of midnight you know after midnight when everything resets I don't even know when everything resets because midnight comes at a different time everywhere but if if you see that you're spending your budget really soon in the day some people have a strategy of turning your ads off until the evening and then turning it back on because I figure everybody else has spent their budget at that point and then you'll be fresh and you can use your budget later I find that I don't really spend my whole budget as he doesn't necessarily spend everything that you've told it you can spend so even though I have five dollars set a day I might only spend two dollars and 50 cents at that it just depends on how often they show my ads and how often people click on them you're only paying for the clicks you're not paying for the impressions so they can show my ads all day but if nobody clicks on them then I don't pay and that's fine and the listing quality part is a major component of this so if I've got a listing that's got a really good sales history and got good reviews and my shop history is better and my budget and my bids are exactly the same as another listing that has a terrible listing history they're going to show mine first so the part the thing about promoted listings is yes you're bidding against other sellers but you're also kind of betting your shop history against theirs so when it comes time to decide what to promote you should promote things that have a good sales history a good listing history good reviews don't promote things that have terrible reviews and don't promote things that have really dark pictures and don't get clicked on it's just a waste of your time and your money all right let's go back to this let me get my mouse up here but when I was talking about making sure that your SEO is good for these listings this this does sell kind of on a consistent basis and what you get from Etsy with these stats is the top performing search terms it tells you the high click rate and it tells you a high conversion rate like if somebody buys it high I think it's as high order rate and this is this is just percentages it's like more than average and Etsy figures that out so I don't even know that there's a threshold that this counts you know you I don't know what those numbers are but people are clicking on this listing when they search for polymer clay mold at a higher rate than the other search terms maybe but what you want to look at in this is are these things that people searching for actually do they did it make sense for this listing and if they do then keep promoting it but if they don't then you might want to decide whether you want to take that off and not pay for that ad and let me show you one I was getting some really weird search terms and I was saying what is going on and I realized that it's because Nancy is showing it was this these are paper butterflies and you use them to decorate table they call it tables scatter or you could put them in resin art in jewelry in scrapbooking you can do collage with them so I have all those words in the tags and I started seeing the words resin table as something that Etsy was showing this for and people were actually clicking through in a resin table is an actual table that's had resin poured on it in different patterns so it has nothing to do with this listing so I don't know why people were clicking through with it but the fact is that Etsy is showing this to people at a very high rate and that they're actually clicking through even if they click through once twice three times I'm paying for that and it has nothing to do with this listing so I don't want to continue to do that and I just turned the ad off you have to look at your stats on the regular side and on this to kind of compare to see what's being promoted and that kind of thing because you don't want to be paying for something that is not going to bring the correct traffic to your shop if that makes sense there's something else about promoted listings that because the competition is lower Etsy really can get in there and form longtail keyword searches bring back results that really don't follow the Etsy formula of matching the title and tags as much you can be a lot looser with it just because it's not as competitive because as soon as you buy an ad you're eliminating all the people who are competing with you for those search terms who have not bought an ad so that's good and you can see in here that all of these longtail keywords are being found just by that's you looking at terms of the tags so it will it does kind of work the same way but because it's less competitive for this I mean this is probably not a very competitive term anyway it might be but I don't know how many other people have bought and ad who've paid for promoted listings who are using these terms so this could be you know one of few listings that have all those terms in it that are being shown for that ad so people are clicking through now if that means that the random things that you're putting in here are showing your listing for keywords that are not really good search matches then you need to evaluate that so just be aware that you're going to have to go in there and look but the cop addition is lower and you're gonna be found for different types of longtail keywords if that makes sense because it could be a longtail keyword that you're found for before but because you're eliminating all of your competition who did not buy an ad your placement is going to be better in search because you you might be on the first page of search where you were in the fourth before so it doesn't matter you know in terms of SEO that you repeat things in the title and tags as much with promoted listings as far as I can see they do want you to continue you know you should follow it's these best practices for SEO just so you can be found in regular search results but by buying ads you're immediately giving yourself an advantage because you're reducing your competition and it's it's getting you a better chance of getting a good placement on the first or second page of search results so I would definitely try it you just have to go in and make sure that the SEO is correct for what you're doing and that you're not being found for weird search results and that you're paying for clicks through to that when you're choosing what to promote promote something that's selling well promote something you have a good profit margin on and promote something that you like making I have a lot of things that I have a good profit margin on and that sell really well but I just get so tired of making them I'm not going to promote them more okay they sell fine on their own now I don't need to give that any help but you should find things like I promote things that are pretty quick to make they don't cost me a whole lot that kind of thing and see if that works for you if it doesn't and you're not getting the traffic from it you might need to re-evaluate but you have to give it a week or so before you can see what kind of searches are coming through because since this is such a targeted thing Etsy doesn't give you the search results right away because they don't want you to be able to match up a search query with an actual customer but it's a very valuable tool I mean to be able to go and see what the actual search terms are and why ed Z is choosing to show it for that that can give you a lot of insight into the of the Etsy search brain alright so that's it for today and tomorrow I will go in and show you some actual listings in my first shop because I have to go in there and kind of you know weed out things that aren't being clicked on and see if I can consolidate by spending onto things that are being clicked on to promote those more and there's a process to that too so that's that's an interesting thing so we will look at that tomorrow

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  1. Thanks so much for these videos. It wasn't as straightforward as I would have thought. I had a bit of trouble finding where I could lower the bids. Etsy seems to think go 20 cents or go home. Because of your video I was able to figure it out. I don't like the fact they don't have something like Save Changes button. I can see now how you can easily overlook having ads on.

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