Etsy Sale and Life Update (sale extended through June 24)

Etsy Sale and Life Update (sale extended through June 24)

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When life hands you lemons, make….fused vinyl stuff!! Uncertainty is starting to be the norm in the Green house but that’s okay, we’ll weather the storm by having a sale in the Etsy shop! Now through June 24 you can get 25% off every single item in the shop…no coupon code required!

Stock up now or send me an Etsy convo if you don’t find a Custom Keeper in the size you want. Don’t forget to share my shop link with your friends!

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Hey I just wanted to pop in real quick and let y'all know that there is a sale going on in my ed C shop right now I have a 20% off of everything sale happening which I don't do very often I'll do sales on custom keepers a lot but this is everything even little ATC's and scrap packs and right now I'm out on my patio and the heat because it's family what surface I can find it's not covered with duck and I'm serving scrap strips for scrap packs and there's a ton of them because Jason's family is in town and we have put them all to work making custom keepers and tool holders and accessories because I really want the shop to be fully stocked for the sale so you should be able to find everything that you need if there's something that you want you don't find it in the shop of course send me an Etsy combo and I will make it up for you as long as I have vinyl on hand I can do that and take advantage of the sale while it's happening and it is happening through June the 11th so you still have several days to take advantage to get what you want to stock up for the holidays which I know it seems crazy in this heat during the middle of the summer to think about the holidays but you know we're it's gonna take us by surprise because it does every year what does mean maybe it doesn't you but I'm always surprised when the holiday season comes around and I'm like all right even though I know exactly when it's gonna be here is it just me or pairing up maybe anyway you can stock up for that or this is just a good time to maybe try some sizes that you have not yet tried before or some of the products you've not yet experimented with good time to do it okay the reason we're having this big sale right now is because as fate would have it we find ourselves unemployed yet again Jason just got a new job a couple of months ago and was just let go out of the blue no reason you know no write-ups no complaints nothing at all happened to cause him to be let go it was just like they woke up one day and went okay done with you out you know we have no clue was that his age was it you know was he doing something wrong they said that it was because if they he's a supply chain manager and the warehouse was not progressing the way the owner wanted the owner was out there almost every day and never said a word never said hey let's do this different or let's do this different he was doing exactly what he was told and then got let go for it you know obviously I've got a little bit of attitude about it because this is really uncomfortably familiar territory for us yeah three and five years I know God has a plan for us he's not just messing with us he's got something that he wants us to be doing we just can't figure out what so you know if you're the prey in kind we would appreciate your prayers and if you're not you know just send us good thoughts or positive energy whatever it is that you do in times like this we would really really appreciate it and you know stuck it up from the Etsy shop it's also a good way to help out if you feel so inclined and and once just want to get a good deal on some cool here's the final step and I'll keep you posted we have some ideas about what we might be feeling led to do just making it happen is going to be a challenge and it's just a really really scary thought so just yeah keep us in your thoughts and prayers and I'll I'll keep you posted we will figure this out and eventually get on the right path and get our feet planted on solid ground cuz well it's been a while so it's about time that I believe is all I have just like I said send me a convo if you want something special even if it's something that I don't normally make or carry I really love a challenge sometimes Yolo will send me a message and say hey can you make me a custom keeper in this weird size and I'll say Dido no but I'm willing to try okay yeah that's it the end

43 thoughts on “Etsy Sale and Life Update (sale extended through June 24)

  1. I am so sorry about this. I know how that feels. I still remember how my husband and I felt over 25 years ago when we went through this experience when my kids were in middle school and how hard and scary it was then. No easy task. I am the praying kind so I'm on it. God bless and I am heading over to your shop….God Bless you and your family!!❤️

  2. Am the praying kind and good vibes and also send angels. Made a purchase at Etsy shop just now to have my caring land where the rubber meets the road. Things are tight here so I wish it could be more but sent as much as I could. Looking forward to the arrival of purchases. Love the sale, thank you. I am so enjoying you in your videos. I love the down to earth way you present things, and your lovely sense of humor. I wish you and Jayson all the best and hold you both and your kids in my prayers. Let this draw you both closer together as you have before and with God's help and the angels sent you will make it through. Give the angels permission, you know how free will is a big deal in the universe! I trust you will feel their love and guidance don't forget to laugh with them. My angel team is a fun bunch and sometimes quirky, I imagine their angel friends are too. <3 Much love. Any idea when you will be selling the poured resin covers, or simply the poured resin sheets that are flexible?

  3. I just learned about your situation from Tammy Brackett. Oh my gosh, I can't believe your string of bad luck. You're such nice people and you don't deserve this. It's like me and my health. You must be wondering what you're doing wrong. I'm sure you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing. Maybe it's just Texas! (lol) My thoughts and positive vibes are with you both. I'll shop in your Etsy shop as much as I can, but I feel that won't amount to much help for you. Hang in there as best you can. Lots of love. Diane

  4. Oh goodness, so sorry to hear this! It's so unfair when THEY expect a 2 week notice, but the other way around and they don't care, UGH! I was checking out my videos of people I like to watch AND listen to, and I thought…where is Shannon. So I backtracked all my subbies until I found you. I thought something was wrong and unfortunately it is. Not sure what he does, but Huntsville Alabama is expanding in so many great ways, even in art, craft beer, bbq, and of course technology, we are known as the Rocket City after all. There really are alot of opportunities, numerous…around here. It's a great place and you already sound like us, sooo come on to Alabama. Good luck though. 🤞🤞

  5. Shannon my positive thoughts and prayers are with you both!! Go ing to take a peek and see if there is anything in my budget…going through tough times too..but truly feel when you give it comes back in some way! Follow your thoughts and dreams, I believe you are being sent down a path as I myself am…not liking not knowing, but!! You are talented beyond belief!! Make it happen!!😀

  6. I understand what it's like and I'm sending good vibes your way. My DH had the same issues, age, being low man and just didn't want to pay him for the job they wanted him to do. We finally gave up sold the house in California and moved to a cheaper area in Oregon. Just couldn't afford to live in the Bay Area anymore.

  7. Oh, so sorry to hear this, girl! We've experienced very similar issues the last few years & it's sooo stressful. Prayers for clear direction & sending you lots of love & hugs, Shannon. ❤❤❤😘🙏

  8. Prayers and positive energy flowing your way. Please take some time to relax, to listen, so you can hear the answer to your prayers. (You never know when or where the answer will be sent.

  9. that's just not fair. Prayers for you all . Before my husband passed away he lost his job and so unecpectedly he passed away. That was 5 yrs ago and still a nightmare to me. he had a massive heart attack.. My heart goes out to you all

  10. You are such a blessing to so many, can't help but feel that you will find the way/path for you and your family. Sorry for the upset you are experiencing at this time, may peace be with you. Prayers for blessings & prosperity being sent your way!

  11. I only have 350 subbies but will shout out for them to go watch your video and shop your store. And will keep your family in my prayers. Maybe the lord is leading you two into a shop of your own in real time. A business of sorts that allows you to sell your crafts. Do you do craft shows? We make a very good income off of those.Keep your head up and dont stress because this to shall pass and the other side is always better.

  12. Hi Shannon!
    Are we related?
    'Cause in our home we call it "The Martin Curse!"
    I understand the "uncomfortably familiar territory" feeling and it really sucks. I will definitely be praying for your family as I am praying for my own family right now as well. Sigh!

  13. From my experience, the owner has a relative or child of a good friend who wants that job. Here in Tennessee employers don't have to give you a reason. My daughter was fired from a job she had been on for 2 months. She was told she was doing a great job but on Friday she was called into her boss's office and was let go. She asked what she did wrong and was told nothing. Later she found out that the owner's wife did not like the fact my daughter was single and pretty. The woman she had replaced was 88 yrs old and she was 36. So wifey made him fire my daughter. Will be in prayer for your financial situation and hope your husband finds the job that is just right for him.

  14. Owners not being clear in their expectations and not being clear about their disappointments and then firing me out of the blue with no rhyme or reason why, is exactly why I started my own business many years ago. I doubt if Jason did anything "wrong" at all. Seriously. Too often, the boss of a small company just hasn't learned how to really deal well with employees and is lousy at effectively conveying expectations including a timeline for improvements. This is their issue, not yours.

    Maybe either look for a bigger company so there's more effective procedures for all the various whatzits which go on during the running of a business, or maybe… consider starting his own? Even a taco truck might be a better option than doing this again.

    What was that with the waving of vinyl ? Gonna make some? 🙂 [edit] oh. Forgot to wish you good luck, obv. 🙂

  15. Including you in my prayers…. I will buy whatever I can, and please feel free to charge me full price because I want to help, I love what you do… and you deserve to do well out of what you share of yourself. Thank you for being You.

  16. I have tears in my eyes watching you tell us your situation. I personally know that God supplies all our needs. I was given the verse in Isaiah 43, 18 -19. It was what I leaned on and it has come true. God be with you and your husband as you endeavor to serve Him. Hugs1

  17. Sending you good ju-ju, Shannon! Hang in there….there IS A REASON. But, with all these good thoughts and prayers coming your way, something good will happen for your family soon. Big loving hug, cat

  18. Sorry to hear this Shannon. Prayers have been said for you and Jason. I know a few people this has happened to recently two hard-working men in that age bracket and with no explanation. And yes God does have a plan but it can be stressful waiting, after all your only human. Right now going over to your Etsy shop. I hope there's something left! 💗

  19. Shannon, I am praying for you and Jayson that God will direct your steps in the path He has for you, that all your needs will be met and prayers for sales in your store to increase. God bless my friend.

  20. So sorry, Shannon! My husband and I went through this a lot, too, and every time he was jobless (through an injury he received or the plant closing down, or whatever!), I felt like, "Not again!!" But, as you said, God had a plan and pulled us through every time. I really enjoy your videos and your creativity, and I hope that that will be a lifeline for you, both financially and emotionally. Keep doing what you love and looking to God for your guidance! God bless you!

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