Etsy search analytics beta

Etsy search analytics beta

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Etsy’s working on its search analytics beta. It looks like it will have some good information when they’re done with it, but for now don’t make any Etsy SEO changes based on the information in it because it’s still not 100% there!

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hey guys I just got the Etsy search analytics back in my shop dashboard now they had taken this out because it was really buggy and I had sent them a couple questions about it no one ever got back to me and they just yanked it and said we need to work on it some more well apparently they still do so I just want to warn you guys that if you get all excited that you see this is in your shop don't jump in there and start making changes based on the statistics that you're seeing there now this is a beta version they're still working on it if you see anything that's weird then please report it to Etsy so that they can look at it and this is one of those things alright so this is the first thing first of all this is supposedly for the last 30 days in my shop okay I don't know about any of this you know this is the this is what I'm looking at the average order value there is no way that my average order value is 103 dollars because that would mean that you know there are higher orders and lower orders but my average order value on Etsy is about twenty to twenty-five dollars there is no way that this is correct alright so I started poking around in there and this came up which made no sense okay this is position in search and this column is for conversion rate or something I don't remember but the point is I don't have anything in my shop that has tardy fairy in it I have some fairy listings I don't have anything with TARDIS or anything that's close to this alright so I did a search for Etsy I did a search for tardy fairy on it in 40 I think like 43 listings came up that had TARDIS's like things about Doctor Who stuff in it but none of my listings were included in that so my assumption since this was like no position in searches that it came up in one of those you might also like you know you might also like this so it's not something that was found directly through search but fourteen one sale for fourteen hundred dollars I can guarantee you in the last thirty days I have not had one sale for $1,400 so I looked at it again now the good thing about this is that it looks like everything is going to be clickable it's all hot links so you can go in and kind of really get into what listings were found and that kind of thing so that's good but this is the listing that it said came up it said that I had one visit a 100 percent conversion rate and I made $1400 on this little silicone mold I think that I sell this for somewhere between nine and twelve dollars I did not sell $1,400 worth of this and in one to one person at all ever so or now go in and start looking around and see how it's gonna work but don't take the data seriously yet until they definitely roll it out and say all the bugs are gone this is accurate information and even then I would be careful with it you you could put Google Analytics on your shop you know associate that so that you can go in and kind of double-check things but right now this is not a good way to figure out any kind of stats I would go in and kind of click around and see how it's going to work once everything is accurate but do not make changes to your SEO titles or tags or anything based on this because it's not right so just beware beware it's a beta version they're still working on it I just want to warn you guys because last time they put this up everybody jumped right in and got all excited and then they realized wait a minute this isn't really right and they pulled it because they needed to work on it still well apparently they still do so that's all this is a quick warning and I will talk to you guys later

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