Etsy Seller Questions. Business License? Selling plants? eRank and Doing Keywords Wrong

Etsy Seller Questions. Business License? Selling plants? eRank and Doing Keywords Wrong

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In the first of our ‘ Etsy Seller Question ‘ series I answer some of your questions about selling on Etsy
Do you need a Business License to sell on etsy? Can you sell plants on Etsy? Why cant I see spotted on etsy on eRank and am I doing keywords wrong on etsy?

easy sellers you have questions I Cana have answers so let's give these all together hey I'm Pam Jesse I have been a seller on eetzi for over a decade I have hopefully learnt a little bit in all of that time and in the comments to many of my videos you guys have been asking me some awesome questions so I thought I would start a new series of Etsy sellers ask me anything go through some of your questions and see if I can answer them so rather than me just answering in the comments we can share it with the whole class so if you have any questions for me just leave them in the comments to this video or in any video if you're watching and an atheist brings to your mind you want to know the answer to a question ask away and today I have four questions for you guys so let's get started so question one is can you sell plants on eat see this was specifically in relation to cactuses but let's talk about all plants and the answer is kind of yes but with exceptions firstly no poisons no toxic plants no deadly nightshade and also no drugs and that includes some kind of horrible drugs check with the restrictions on that but otherwise plants and seeds that are illegal to be sold in your area is okay to be sold you want to check with the different restrictions in different countries for example I know that New Zealand is pretty strict about what they look they allow in different countries there's going to be restrictions in all sorts of places I'll leave a link in the description below to the links that Etsy has for certain countries I think that's mainly America Canada and Australia but check out before you set your listings for shipping worldwide check if it's okay for these things to be sold worldwide question number two is do you need a business license to sell on Etsy and this is way too massive a question for it better cover I'll say first of all in the UK no you do not need a business license to be selling on Etsy and you don't need a business license to be selling anywhere if you're going to be making less than a thousand pounds a year then you don't have to tell anyone anything about it if you're making over a thousand pounds a year then you have to tell the tax office you have to be tax registered for your business but for the rest of the world this is really going to vary and even in America different states it can vary so I can't give a full answer for this question without knowing where everybody's from what we can do though if in the comments down below you want to say where you live in the world and whether or not you need a business license when you're selling on eetzi and I'm sure that'll help bring together some some ideas there and I'm starting with UK no you don't I believe most countries have some kind of small business center that were built to help you in your area in Scotland for sure there's the business gateway which has been a wealth of information for me I'd signed up when I was starting out as an actual travel instructor and they sent me on courses and they really helped me setting up so there should be something out there to help you as a small business owner so check in your local area again let us know in the comments below what help there is in your area it's the business gateway I'll link to the website in the comments down below question number three is on I rank the tool for helping you out on selling on eetzi and specifically on the spotted on etsy tool so some people who also have a rank Pro are commenting that they don't see the spotted on Etsy on their homepage on ear ank so the reason for this is you have to set up this tool monitoring keywords before it starts showing up for you so you want to go to tools monitor keywords edit keywords and then put in a few keywords that you want to track things that are specific for your shop once you've got that set up it will start gathering data and that will start popping up on your homepage also last week there was some kind of glitch in the system this happens sometimes whether it's a glitch with eetzi or a glitch with e rank where the spotty don't eat see wasn't working for a little while but as far as I know it's all working fine that certainly looks fine on my end but you need with most of the tools on this you need to set up before it can start gathering data so make sure you go into the relevant sections and set yourself up and fourth question it's more of a kind of a comment but it was really awesome and I wanted to share it with you guys it was basically I've been doing stuff wrong I've been looking at the competition from my items looking at similar items and then going into their bestsellers and just copying their titles and tags and keywords and everything so I thought this was a great comment to share with you guys cuz it says it's an example of something that you think you're doing the right thing you're finding keywords that are driving someone a whole lot of sales but it might not be the best thing for our shop the thing is going into the competition looking at competition is great looking at a competition to get ideas for different keywords and titles and everything fantastic but just wholesale coffee in them the problem with that is if you're picking their bestsellers these people have much bigger ranking power than you they're selling a lot therefore they're akane a big shop they're listing is liked more by e.t.c e.t.c say in this this thing here is a good listing so we're going to show it to a lot of people so the keywords that they're getting found for might actually be really hard to rank for keywords so if you try and copy what their title and tags are you might just be setting yourself up to fail their SEO might not actually be that good they're just doing well because they're doing well and also they might be bringing in traffic from completely different places one of my top sellers is my splat cat half bookmark and that ranks for a very little to be honest I think it ranks for a cat bookmark but it doesn't rank for any of the big terms really but it drives in a lot of traffic from a few pins on Pinterest so if you tried to copy me you would be trained to rank for terms that I can't even rank for my SEO is terrible for that however the item is doing really well so I'm not going to touch it I'm not going to change it so it's not gonna be in your best interest to copy it because my items doing well because it's doing well it's not doing well because I've done well I've done good SEO so get inspired to find different keywords look at it and go that's a really relevant keyword I'm gonna maybe try that or I'm gonna check it on I'm gonna see how competitive it is I'm gonna see if I've got a chance to rank for that keyword pick one keyword don't just wholesale try and copy at all now I'm gonna try and do this little questions and answers at least once a month so if this is something you're interested in let us know come back every month and get your questions in below thank you so much

9 thoughts on “Etsy Seller Questions. Business License? Selling plants? eRank and Doing Keywords Wrong

  1. I really love your videos they're extremely helpful. I am American seller in Florida selling vintage 70s 80s and 90s Goods. I've been on Etsy since 2014. And I feel like I've hit a glass ceiling. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I could really use some advice.

  2. Hey!
    I have a question,
    I want to sell slime online do you think I need a buisness license to start oh and I live in India !!
    Thank you so much 😄
    Thanks 😄

  3. Hi Pam I had to run out of your Sunday chat again the other day and I was going to ask you something. Is adding/updating inventory numbers as good as adding new listings? Once you "publish" something does it help you rank. I have been finding my "celtic art work" on the 1st pages and I thought it was a bit strange since I have only started. I am NOT complaining but was under the impression it was super hard to get on the front page. I have been adding numbers to inventory and was wondering if that mades a difference….it is so much easier then adding listings. I am going to watch your sunday chat vid if its still up…they are really good.

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