Etsy SEO 2019. How to rank your Etsy shop

Etsy SEO 2019. How to rank your Etsy shop

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The very most important thing is to know ALL the factors that Etsy uses when deciding to rank an item in the search on Etsy.
Etsy has actually told us their best practises for SEO in 2019 and given us an idea of many of the factors in your listing and in your shop that all work together to decide how to rank your Etsy shop

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eetzi SEO search engine optimization in 2019 how can we rank this is the big one you've been waiting for hey I'm Tom Duffy and we are in the middle of a series deep-diving Etsy search engine optimization eats the SEO so if you hang around till the end you'll see cards to my previous videos and don't forget click subscribe and keep coming back for the rest of the videos in this series but today we want to talk about how to rank we know what the search engine is we know what it's there for but ranking in it is super important if you can't get seen you're not seen people can't find you you can't make sales so how on earth do we rank most successful shops the majority of their views and sales does actually come from the search engine it is much easier to rank on Etsy than it is to Train rank a standalone shop for your items on Google or that it is to go viral on social media to build up a following on social media so yeah rankings important and easy over the past year have been telling us loudly how to rank they've told us what these factors are firstly location and the history of the person shopping the person searching localization personalization is a thing they've discovered that shoppers prefer to buy from people that are closer to them this is not to say that you can't sell in the entire worldwide market but there's a slight boost if the person searching is in the same country as you you'll get a slight boost there and also the history of when they've searched for certain things what are they more likely to interact with if eetzi seen them looking at your shop three or four different times they might be thinking do you know this person is getting close to buying we're just gonna give you them that we nudge that we're gonna show you a lot more and then hopefully they'll buy in the near future so what one person sees in the eetzi search is not going to be the same as everybody else relevancy how relevant is you item to what the person has just taped in to search this is where exact match when keyword research comes in now remember we don't know how big a factor each of these different individual things are but if someone searches for gold ring and your title and your tags say the word gold ring in that order right there then that is relevant also from other search engines what can tend to be the case is your title is the most important thing in saying what your item is so the more focused your title is the less other words that are there apart from what the customer searched for the more relevant your item is for that and also the order it's taped in so if someone's searching for a gold ring and your item is a golden silver purple steampunk ring there is lots of words in between these two terms that the person was searching for so you're a little less relevant your listing quality the views the lake's how people interact with your item now don't worry vintage and one-of-a-kind sellers Etsy has told us that this isn't the most important factor by a long way and also they look into they take into account how similar items in your shop have done and how similar items in other people's shops have done with customers when deciding how to push your item forward so there's a handy hint there that if you have similar items in your shop then that can help each of them rank a bit more if those one-of-a-kind or vintage things do quite well then if you bring in another one of these items then it might do quite well as well recency how new that item is or how newly it was relisted now eetzi have told us renewing all the time is not a great strategy to get your item seen what happens is when you renew an item it gets a little bit of a boost in the search supposedly but remember all the other factors count as well so it gets this little bit of a boost however if you're eight doing terrible if you keep on tallien eat see boost this up in the rankings and it does what's going to happen is that item that listing gets a lot of impressions it's shown to a lot of people and they don't click on it so each time you're a kind of view velocity there the number of views you get for the number of times you're being shown drops down and drops down so your item it's Lord diminishing returns your item will get less of a boost each time so it's not a great strategy however when you create a brand new item this is going to get a better a boost of so that eetzi can learn what it is or if you've made a lot of changes on your listing and you want to say to eat see can you have a look at this again and see if it's better if you renew it eat see or look at all your new SEO put it in a different search and if it does better there then it will get shown better past customer experiences in your shop your reviews your policies your About section if there's any open cases against you all these things can factor into a customer experience score so make sure and give the customers the best customer service that you possibly can and make sure all the sections in your shop that eetzi gives us our About section your policies everything like that make sure they're all filled in shipping price yes it's here's mentioning this a lot they've said in their experience and in their tests customers prefer to see free shipping or at least cheap shipping and I have to agree when I'm shopping when I'm on eBay I will tend to look at items that have free shipping now I know nothing's free I know that it's put in the listing price but I'm sure we've all been on a website when you click to buy something you don't know how much shipping is until you're pretty much paying for it so it's much better if you if something says it's free shipping then you know the price is what you pay so that's what we want to see so eat see have told us if you have free shipping you'll get a we boost in the rankings and as said each of these factors are weighted differently and we don't know how much but is something to consider if you just need a little boost and even translations if you're shops in a different language and most of your buyers come from say in english-speaking buyers then it can help eat see does translate for us but computer random translations can be a bit wrong so it can help if you do your own translations for things as well so now in all these things what can we do to help our ranking our titles and tags need to be the most accurate they describe what our item is so our customers know what they're getting but they also meet your buyer expectation they're not misleading in any ways just to hope to rank and you also investigate you do good keyword research to find these best terms the ones that customers are searching for that don't have too much competition that you've got a chance of ranking for make sure you filled in all the sections in your shop that you can make sure you give your customers the best customer experience and always always always work on improving your photographs because customers can't pick up your item they can't fill your item so you have to show them in the best most eye-catching most appealing way possible so I hope this is will help check in the cards from my other videos in this playlist don't forget to subscribe and come back often thank you so much

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  1. Hi Pam, I have watched a lot of your videos lately, I am wondering if I put a few different keyword phrases in title, like "Amethyst Earrings, 14K Gold Earring, February Birthstone Earring, Purple Earring, Raw Crystal Earring" (1) how can I know which keyword phrase do I rank for ? (2) will my item be ranked in all these keyword phrase? however, due to different competition of different keywords, I might be on page 2 for keyword "Amethyst earring" and page 8 for "gold earring", is my understanding correct? thank you so much for your help

  2. Hej lovely Pam! Gosh just had major video on NOT TO BUY NEW MACBOOK 15 haha heavy stuff. Anyways, your video is always such a breath of fresh air.. thank you Pam x ps take care

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