Etsy SEO 2019 - How to use Marmalead - Etsy Success Tips - Video 2

Etsy SEO 2019 – How to use Marmalead – Etsy Success Tips – Video 2

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Today I am showing you how to use my number one tool, my secret weapon – Marmalead, to find the best keywords for your etsy shop SEO 🙂


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hey guys welcome back to my channel as promised here is my absolute favorite tool to help me find my keywords for my NCE listings so this is Marmont lead com and this right here is the pro plan it is $19 a month but they do also have a free plan for this video I'm going to show you the pro print proof excuse me pro plan I think it's definitely worth the money and if you only use it for one month it's totally worth it so right here we can search a keyword so I typed in moonstone ring up here I have this pre-loaded because it does take a little while to load the information and right here it shows you that it is not a long tail keyword which isn't terrible sometimes you can only find short keywords that's okay right here though it shows you how many searches per month that's over 7,000 so you have 7,000 chances to get found when a customer is searching for I'm right here the engagement that means of the people that are searching how many people are liking and buying the products over here is the competition you've got over 32,000 listings competing for this keyword right here okay engagement over time it just gives you an estimate of the future as well as the previous month so you can kind of gauge what to expect down here shows you shops competing the price range generally it's giving you some examples here down here shipping I mean we can't control how much we're shipping so down here just some other information oh there's my listings in there that's nice over here are some sample listings you know just some random things if you want to look into that information this yield will help you these are the most popular tags that people are using so you would definitely want to look into that on similar shoppers searches so these are other items we're related to the keyword that you might want to look into so you get all this information an incredible amount of information to use to help you get found on Etsy either here at long tail alternatives rainbow moonstone ring sterling silver so even though there's less searches look how much engagement that's getting that's definitely a keyword that you would want to be using that's all messed up right there okay so I'm going to go to the comparison this one is my favorite feature now you can type in four different keywords and you can compare them side-by-side to see which one would be the best and right here silver ring sterling silver ring silver moonstone and moonstone ring and you can kind of see which is gonna work best for you pretty much all the same information here here's a newer feature called storm so I'm going to just put in moonstone ring and this will give you other ideas for keywords now look at this if it's all green this is what I like to call a golden key word because it means people are searching for it people are buying it and there's not that much competition so if you make cat rings you definitely or you should sell cat rings in this case down here a fake nose ring you know maybe you should add a fake nose ring to your shop all these things down here and what you can do is if you find good ones you can save it here so you don't forget crown ring I'm just gonna save a bunch of the best keywords here now just because this is rad doesn't mean you shouldn't use it but it's just letting you know that the competition is a bit higher for that and it would be hard to rank in the beginning okay popular is a very good one to show you what's trending right now obviously it's gonna be wedding season here so if you're selling wedding items you'll probably start making a lot more sales last week Valentine's people were still shopping for Valentine's Day last-minute there we go so you want to look at this every now and then so you can start you know selling the items that are popular tracking I don't generally do this but you can if you want to you can just type in some keywords that you use a lot in your shop and you can track them over time to see how well they're doing yeah I mean that's pretty much it you you definitely want to stick with all green if you can if there's red like a lot of red you really don't want to use that right off the bat but if you can find all green you are good to go and you'll most definitely be found in se search so in the next video I'm going to be going over a listing and helping someone's SEO so stay tuned for that Thanks

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