Etsy SEO  How to rank for the new algorithm changes in 2018

Etsy SEO How to rank for the new algorithm changes in 2018

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Following on from ‘the ultimate guide to Etsy SEO’ I look at the how to rank in the etsy search now and in future algorithm changes for 2018, 2019 and beyond
If you understand how ranking works, how different things weight differently and how to tell etsy what you would like to rank for can all help you get a better idea to work WITH Etsy to get your items seen in the best place in the best search

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so ranking what does that mean especially since ete launched their new document the ultimate guide to the SEO more videos on that in the cards up above but let's find out what ranking actually means especially in 2018 and beyond so from each C's own words in the document on ranking they say we use the information about each listing and shop to rank the listing so people browsing eat see see the items they are most likely to buy earlier in the results so we've got query matching which is where a customer types in a search term into the search bar and eats he matches every single listing that has those words somewhere in the title tags attributes any whereabouts that's your query matching but ranking eat see you see some whiz-bang smart technology to Train figure out exactly what that customer wants and show them the best thing so how do we improve our place in the ranking what factors are included in the ranking eat see says some of the factors that go into ranking are relevancy your titles tags categories and attributes all work towards making your item rank higher and an exact match is more relevant the listing Quality Score how often when people see your item especially in search are they more likely to click on it to buy it to like it this gives eat see a really good signal that this item is what we're telling it it is so if someone searches for a baby beanie and sees your item and clicks on it then eats he goes yeah that must be the kind of thing the customers looking for recency how newly was this listing created or was it renewed apparently renewals still give you a little boost but not as much as a brand new item and also was it renewed after a sale and your customer and market experience score this is things like do you have cases open against your shop arrow your policies filled in how good is the shopper experience how many reviews have you got how many five-star reviews have you got and the shopper habits all search engines are more personalized nowadays what I see when I search for something isn't going to be exactly the same as what you see depends on our location and our habits in the past as well so it's a personalized tailored search result but even so if we get a good item that's likely to sell to some people then it's still like more likely to be seen than another item now eetzi only say these are some of the factors and they don't say how each factor is weighted but let's have an example of how this could affect listings so let's imagine we have three shops here we have Sally zero and Jack skeleton they're all needle felted and if a customer's types needle felted into the search bar all these all these guys want to show up they're all from different shops we're imagining sirs have a look to start with the customer types the query needle felted now this is a reasonably competitive term so it's not going to be the easiest to rank for there's almost 50,000 listings so this is considered a high competition term but each of these three listings somewhere in their titles tags attributes and categories they all have the words needle and felted somewhere so we're going to use these poker chips to show a little bit of ranking power now Etsy doesn't tell us how each thing is weighted so I'm just going to be giving a little guesstimate but it hopefully gives you an idea so they all have the word needle felted somewhere in all these important places so we're going to start off with giving each each shop for chips ranking power so let's first of all think of customer and market experience score so firstly zero is a brand new shop he has his policies filled in so we'll give him a chip for that but he has no sales already he has no reviews he has no experience that way for eetzi to take any ideas from so eetzi tellers that doesn't give him an egg a positive or a negative he just has a neutral score for that on the other hand Sally also has all of her policies filled in and she's got five-star review so we'll give her a couple more chips for that and she also brings in a lot of traffic from outside eat see she's got followers on Facebook so every time she launches a new listing people come over so we'll give her a couple of chips for that as well now Jack on the other hand he's not so great he's not got his policies filled in so we'll take away a chip from him there and also he's got a couple of bad reviews and a case opened up against him so we'll take away two more chips for that so already you can see although similar listings they already have different weights they have different ranking power and let's look at the shipping price now because Jack's brand-new he's trying to attract a lot of attention so he's offering free shipping the fridges now Sally has reasonably priced shipping so we'll just leave her as she is and Jack has very expensive shipping so he loses his last ship et is saying this item although it says needle felted it's got it's sending so many bad signals already that Jake's just out of the running there's no point ranking him he's a tum' the shipping price is too expensive he's got bad customer experience so they're just not going to rank him very highly so he's gonna be disappeared into page 226 or some some such thing so we've only got two horses in this race just now so now let's look at recency so Sally's item has been around a wee bit but zeros item is brand new so he gets a couple of little extra chips for recency because it's he wants to give him a little boost because there's not so much factors there's not so much history of factors here from what his items like so they give it a wee boost so it gets a better chance to rank and so in that case that means that they get to see they get to see if shoppers like that so he's got a little boost for a newness right now however on this listing Sally has made a few sales and renewed to this so she gets a couple of extra chips because she's renewed her list because she renewed her listing due to sales this listings been really good it gets a lot of sales and they both have needle felted in their tags so they get a little boost for that so all things considered Zera has a nice little stack of chips but it's nowhere near as big as Sally's so how an earth can a small new shop rank against some of these big days this is where exact match in titles can help now there's a reason I've picked poker chips here because we're wanting to bet on our listings bear with me bear with me while they explain what I mean there if you imagine your title as what you're gambling on what you're telling each see as this is the very thing that I want you to rank me for just now now if a listing is fantastic eetzi might rank it for many different things but when we start when we first put up a listing we're saying could you have a look at this very thing and see how I compare to the other items for this very thing so the signal that you're giving to eat see is the thing that's in your title especially if that matches with your tags this is the most important thing this is the thing you want them to look at just now so this is where I say that keyword stuffing is definitely not a good thing the more words you have in your title the more keywords you have in your title the more things you were wanting to eat eat see to consider you for so 0 only has his title is entirely needle felted dog so the term the query that people are searching for needle felted that's totally in his title there's only a little bit else into dog so he's saying I'm going almost all in I'm putting all my chips on needle felted and just one on dog Sally on the other hand has a slightly keyword stuffed term she has needle felted doll she has miniature sculpture she has four or five different terms that she wants to rank for so she's taking her chips and she's spreading them out over a few different terms so her ranking spread out now what could happen is if a shop is very come now what could happen is if a shop is very competitive if this shop has such good signals it gets so many sales it's such a good bet that when people see this item they're gonna click on it and they're likely to buy it then eetzi gives it such a great ranking factor that when it splits them up when it splits them over all the different stuffed keywords then that's still enough for it to rank it still has as biggest pile of chips on each one of these important keywords but for a little shop without the same ranking power if he puts all his chips in on the one term then he's able to rank with the big guys he's got the same size pile of chips and he's got a chance to get into the starts and we're actually seeing this more and more in the past couple of weeks when I've been looking at listings especially needle felted listings the items on the front page have changed and quite a lot of them these are not big shops with massive amounts of sales there's a few listings that the shops haven't got any sales however their titles are so short that they've put all their chips in on needle felted it's so consider if your shop is working with keyword stuffed tags this might be because he considers you have a great amount of ranking power but if you're really struggling to rank for terms that you think would be very relevant for your shop consider shrinking down your keywords consider shrinking down your title to that one most important thing to tell eat see this is the very exact thing not only that this ranking power this is the algorithm changes that eat see can do overtime it can change the weight of how many chips you get for each thing in the past it used to just be simply things likes were really important and got your massive amount of ranking power but people gained that people played games where you were like for a like so items could get hundreds of likes and get boosted up the ranking whereas that's not really good customer signals so eat see put less weight gave you less chips for the number of Hearts you had especially from teams so they tweak things to make sure that the items with the most chips are the ones that are the most important to be seen in front of customers so algorithm changes just really mean the weight of how much you get how many chips you get for each and every individual term each and every individual thing that they rank you for the weight of that can be tweaked so something that might have worked when if your listings were working before and they're not now it could just be that something that you used to wait for something that was helping you rank highly is less weighted so maybe try and consolidate your keywords a little bit cut down your title and tell eat see this is the thing I want to rank for so I hope that helped if you have any questions don't forget stick them in the comments below and don't forget come back on Friday when I'll be showing you a step by step how to create a new listing for these new changes on eat see thank you so much see you on Friday

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  1. Hi lovely Pam… theres alot of videos on algorithm and you have explained it well … as always, thank you for doing this Pam… Look forward to more from you! Take care too…x

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