Etsy SEO tips- How to do Titles and Tags and Repetition

Etsy SEO tips- How to do Titles and Tags and Repetition

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I had some Etsy SEO questions about why I repeated some words in my titles and tags when I also say that repetition isn’t good. It’s not that it’s BAD, it just takes up space that could be used for other things. But if you want to send Etsy a signal that a specific keyword is important, or you want to make sure you’re included in searches when the categories or attributes might not be picked up by Etsy search, it’s fine to repeat things.

You also need to decide for yourself what level of repetition you need, since every shop will be different based on competition, category, your shop history, etc. There’s no SEO formula that fits everyone, you need to understand your own market and decide for yourself!

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hi guys today I'm doing a video to clarify a few things about repetition I had some questions about how I repeated some words through the title the tags and people said I thought that you said never to repeat anything well that's not what I said you have to repeat some things between the title and tags to match them so that Etsy gets a signal that that's a good keyword for your item so let's say you're well I'll show you in a minute but if you have several target keywords that you really want to send Etsy a signal that these are good keywords for my item and they happen to have the same word in them go ahead and repeat that word that's okay I'm going to show you how I did one listing that was suggested by someone in my group okay so this is the listing now anytime you're going to do a new title or tags you have to decide what what approach do you want to take so in this case I decided to go for a description of what the item actually is which is you know the best thing to do for Etsy in general and then I also decided to go for the gift aspect of it and the reason for that is that it's a birthstone bracelet but it has three birthstones or four verse turns or however many and you can you can select an option to have that number and it represents the kids in the family or the mom and the kids or whoever it represents so it's kind of something that somebody would get for someone else more than something that someone would buy for themselves going for the gift the gift angle takes a certain approach so what I did first I looked at her title that she has and she does have the grandma gift she has birthstone bracelet for mom so she is looking at it as a gift alright so that makes sense and after I did all my research I'm not going to go through the whole research and everything but what I came up with was this for the title its birthstone bracelet reversible personalized initials sterling silver beads custom grandma gift or mother-in-law gift from grandkids all right now mother-in-law gift was a surprisingly good keyword and I didn't think of that but it makes sense because when I was buying gifts for my mother-in-law she liked jewelry and she loved her grandkids and it's just a nice thing to get for your mother-in-law when you're like okay what do I get my mother and so mother-in-law gift was a good keyword so I decided to put that in now Etsy does not care anymore what order you have your keywords in so the front of the title doesn't count any stronger than the end of the title so you can put grandma gift and mother-in-law gift in if they're the keywords that you really want to be found for you can put them in anywhere it doesn't matter so in the tags I matched mother-in-law gift I matched birthstone bracelet which in Etsy is better than personalized bracelet I was gonna do personalized bracelet because in Google that is a little bit better however I'm doing Etsy SEO and I'm just gonna focus on that so burst over a slit was a little better and that's he according to marmalade so I decided to go with that and then I also matched grandma gift because that was a good keyword so those are those are the three key words that I'm matching between the title and tags to send Etsy a signal that those are good keywords for this item now I do have the word gift in grandma gift and in mother-in-law gift that's okay because I want to have XE find me especially for those keywords and since both have the word gift in them that's okay so matching is okay I could match every single word in here and if that's he is finding me the way I want to be found then that's okay alright so there's no formula there's no hard and fast rule about how much you should match how much you shouldn't match you just want to give it si enough material that the search engine can pick words out and put them together to match you up for long term longtail keyword searches so I've definitely done that and I still have the three keywords here that I've matched in the title and tags right so now I will say that I did three because in jewelry it's a really competitive category obviously in less competitive categories I might only match one or two or four you know it's it's up to me however many I want to go for to send Etsy that signal but I just did three because I want to put in all these other terms and I want to be able to be found for a lot of gift possibilities so I'll show you what I did with that so first the first part it's the first part of this birth stone bracelet reversible personalized initials sterling silver beads the reason that I put all of that at the front this whole section here about the reversible personalized initials is that when someone searches for this and this listing comes up in search results this first part is what they're going to see under the photo so I want them to see it's a birthstone bracelet that it's reversible and personalized with initials so if those are the only words that they see under the thumbnail that's exactly what I want them to know about this right off the bat it's custom I want to put the word custom in there because she is making these custom for people grandma's gift a mother-in-law give to the good keywords and then I put the word from because when you're doing gift keywords as kind of your strategy you need to have the word from because Etsy does not ignore the word from this is very important and you also have to say who it's from because you can put the word from in and say gift but you're going to be left out of a lot of searches if people are searching for from who so I put in grandkids so mother-in-law you from grandkids grandma gift from grandkids now the keywords that I put in to fill in it's handmade it's dainty I always put handmade in just because of the way that Etsy treats the word handmade you can put that in the title if you want Google to know that I am NOT concerned about Google finding the specific listing just because there's so many jewelry listings and I'm more concerned about Etsy finding it so handmade dainty blended family this is this is what I started thinking who would buy this why would they buy it what event would it be bought for this could be a gift for a second wedding to a stepmother so I have the stepmother present down here and I use the word present because everybody uses gift but some people also use present I use present stepmom and stepmother I've got let's see it could be for a birthday or anniversary it could be for Christmas or a wedding that's the the blended family wedding it could be for Mother's Day and another thing in an see that people were searching for with best friend or to bestfriend gift for two for three for four so I put that in but the most important part is to put who it's for what it's for if it's a gift kind of situation and that's the angle that I'm going for from here so now I have the words mom wife husband so if someone is looking for gift for wife from husband anniversary gift for wife from husband I'm gonna be found for that search so I have the word anniversary is here and I have the word gift I have wife from husband the word from is in here so that'll work Christmas gift wedding gift now you might say well the attributes allow you to put that in well it's you know I don't trust the attributes quite frankly and just recently there was a situation where the attributes we're not being picked up and sometimes they don't pick things up so if there's something that's really relevant to your listing I've always said put it in your listing Tyler tags somewhere that just is kind of insurance I always put the word ideas if it's a gift thing because people come on Etsy to get ideas and they type that into the search so gift ideas for anniversary stepmom gift ideas that that kind of thing so ideas is good so it's okay to repeat the the idea that you don't repeat isn't a hundred percent across the board if the repetition is to reinforce the key word from the title and the tags you know it's the kind of thing where you have to decide for yourself how much do I want to repeat how much do I need to repeat depending on the competition for that category and just go from there there's no formula if someone says this is how to do it step a step B step C and you're done it doesn't work for everybody you have to think of your own competition and figure out how much do you need to repeat I have some listings where there's only like it's a real specialty item for cake decorating and they're only maybe you know 80 80 items on Etsy for that and I can't think of words to describe it other than what it actually is so that's all I have in the title and it doesn't matter because there's so few listings that when people search for it using that specific name for the thing it comes up so for that the thing you don't need to repeat that much for it's something like jewelry where you have a lot of competition you might need to repeat more but that's something that you need to decide for yourself you know your own market I can't tell you that kind of stuff that's the kind of thing you need to decide for yourself using your own information the competition for the keywords and the whole thing so I hope that was helpful let me know if you have questions like this video if you thought it was helpful because that does help me out and subscribe if you want to get more Etsy videos I'm gonna start doing some cake decorating videos too so I haven't done those for a while but I've got a few a few in my mind it's easier to do it in my mind than actually on a cake so alright so I'll talk to you guys later but leaving questions if you have any and I'll be glad to answer them gonna get a chance

21 thoughts on “Etsy SEO tips- How to do Titles and Tags and Repetition

  1. Thank you so much for this. I am learning so much from you and I love your calm voice, which helps me to take on board what you're saying so much better. I've just reopened my shop after a very long closure and I'm revamping everything thinking about what you've been saying. So thank you so much and fingers crossed I get the hang before too long so I can start making sales again before Christmas!

  2. Heh Kara. Great video. You mentioned making sure to include handmade in your tags because of the way etsy treats the word 'handmade'. Can you please say more about this word. Etsy is the avenue for handmade items so why would you need to emphasise the word handmade in your listings? Cheers Prue

  3. this is just great. I just discovered your channel today and you're amazing. I was doing everything WRONG. You mention titles and tags: do the words in the description matter for SEO purposes?

  4. Great video Kara,
    Do you have any suggestions for Art Prints / Posters?
    Also, roughly how long does it take for any SEO changes to ping over to Etsy and to show up in searches?

    Thank you so much 😊

  5. You say Etsy doesn't ignore the word "from" does that also apply to the word "for" such as "for daughter, grand daughter" and sports like "for soccer, softball, running" ? Thanks so much.

  6. Great video but I would really like to see more on items that are not really gifts or jewellery. I sell notebook covers and I find it really hard to stand out.

  7. To make sure I understand. When people add a tag with just the word "Crystal" instead of filling it up with something like "Natural Crystal", especially since they have "Crystal" in another tag, it is basically wasting a tag, right?

  8. I'm so glad I found your videos. I've had a shop open for a a while but got a little busy with daytime job stuff that I let it slide. Now time to edit SEO for about 60 listings lol

  9. Kara, thank so much you are helping big time.
    So I have a question I would like to get your opinion on. My current shop name is BaWStampedDesigns if I change the name how would that affect my shop?
    I'm selling on Etys since 2009 with over 5,000 sales but with all the changes my shop crashed. I also have to change direction since the jewelry making is getting a little hard on my hands. Thank you so much 🙂
    I watched your video on promoted listings and couldn't believe the results. I didn't get a sale but I got a ton of clicks for $1 – 0.01 cent. Before I spend a tone of $ for a few clicks.
    Now I'm working on keywords. When I found Marmalead the light turned on and than I found you. I think I can tackle it now to get some sale.

  10. Thank you for this awesome and thorough video!!! I agree with The English Bohemian and you cemented it perfectly in my mind now. I also learned from your video more of what I do need to do since I am in a very competitive category. Thanks again! Keep your Etsy videos coming!

  11. This was really helpful. If you are selling supplies, would you have any suggestions? I can't seem to think of enough tags to fill them all. This is for felt.

  12. Excellent video! I think a lot of people get so caught up in the 'don't repeat!' fear they forget that it doesn't hurt you to repeat, just that it takes up space you might need or better use with alternatives. Sometimes it's a better choice to just go ahead and repeat! It ain't poison. 🙂

  13. I'm struggling a bit with titles and tags. Your video is one that is finally making sense to me…thanks! Any suggestions for handpainted dry erase tiles? I paint glossy tiles (like ones you tile your bathroom with) with flowers and also include a wood stand for it??

  14. This is awesome! I'm so grateful everyday for YOU! So we repeat a word if it's in a keyword phrase that we want to target and the rest is trying to fill in a variety of descriptive words that would be picked up in a long-tail keyword search

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