Etsy Share and My New Journals

Etsy Share and My New Journals

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WELCOME! Today I want to share with you my recent Etsy purchases-remember to support the artists on Etsy! I found some awesome stamps that you can find here:

And here:

Dana can be found here: (also

My Grimoire from Dolly:

when hello again hey I just have a few quick shares for you today as you know I'm an Etsy seller and several of my friends are I've met some wonderful people through Etsy and first of all I want to say if you don't know that Priscilla she is released the Crafton here on YouTube she just opened her Etsy shop check it out it's awesome I will link that second of all Oh a few weeks ago I was an enabler and I told everybody about how there were some really cool stamps in this shop we'll start with these here these are from pink flamingo 61 and she had some super cool things in her shop I'm telling you so this one the little anatomical heart who does not need one of those and this one as you can see I have not used yet but it's a big pen nib and as you can see you can get them mounted on wood mounted on rubber or just plain like this so that's kind of a cool thing that you can get them different ways so that's from pink flamingo and then these you can see I've been using these these are from cherry pie art stamps – the number two and I'll just hold one of them up so that oh maybe I can't remove there we go great great detail these I got mounted on what is that that's not rubber you know what it is anyway and there's great prices and these guys have are these two shops I should say have very very very original designs and you know they're SC sellers so let's support them then I am super lucky because I got some really cool journals not too long ago this one is from Nicole you can find her on junk journal junkies she does not have an Etsy she needs to have one because this is awesome sauce when she said this one is for sale I jumped on it it's an altered book it's Charles Dickens great expectations and she's got this awesome charm here and she used the Old Curiosity Shop I believe is when it's called graphic 45 paper and if you look I'll just do a quick run-through here because if you look on these little tabs let me see if you can see it it's OD d odd and there's just wonderful little things in here listen to this she put some of the best images in here I love this and it's steampunky professor of music it's just awesome I love it great great pages some coffee died some not I mean just oh and it is so well constructed – look how thick that bad boy is she picked that book right to the rim I love it so um yeah if you would like to see her work you can join junk journal junkies on Facebook she's awesome so I was super excited that I got that then holy moly look at this I am so in love with this you have no idea Dana who is Dana s on YouTube here and I will link her shop or her channel as well fabulous fabulous fabulous flip out there are so many details in this bad boy I don't even know where to start she does a great flip through of this but she was trying to raise money to help her son go to a stem competition and I showed this to my husband and he said jump on it so we bought this and it is I believe her title is it what if Jane Austen more goggles it's a Jane Austen steampunk smash up and this you can untie this part and it comes out there's flips there's gorgeous gorgeous metalwork I can't even tell you all the little different flips look at these charms this comes out I mean oh I can look at this for days days and still not see everything please check her out she is amazing and so so so inspiring i I am so lucky to have this and it was a win-win for me I got to hopefully help her sign a little bit with his competition and I got this gorgeous look at all the details you guys I got this gorgeous journal so Dana thank you I am so in love with this you have no idea how many times I have looked through this then and I will link this video to but I'm sure you've all seen it I got this front dolly I had no idea that she was making this for me I almost bust out when I opened the box and there it was oh you have no idea how gorgeous this thing is and this purple is to die for and one of my favorite colors probably my absolute favorites but I love this I've looked through it several times just in awe of how gorgeous it is and the details oh this feels so good and yeah I just oh I can't believe it's mine so I wanted to share that as well dolly oh you have no idea how much I love this and I do have a few friends that are kind of jelly haha isn't that gorgeous oh I love it so much so thank you thank you thank you I'm gonna go look through it again so anyway those are my my little treasures but I did want to remind you all that you know Etsy sellers that we're still out there we're still selling you might want to check it out Mother's Day is coming up I'm just throwing that out there and you know who knows maybe you'll find something really awesome for mom or grandma or your sister they're on Etsy so make sure you go check them out and I'll leave a whole bunch of links down below for all this yumminess and all my journal yumminess and everybody else have a great week bye

7 thoughts on “Etsy Share and My New Journals

  1. Those stamps stores are amazing! I ended up buying quite a few from them. Omgosh those JJs you got from Nicole and Dana are amazing!!! 😱. Running to go watch their flip throughs!!Also it was so surreal to see my JJ! Thank you for showing it lol. I am so glad you like it and I hope brings you joy 😘😘😘😘😘

  2. OMG NO WAAAYYYY!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱 I saw the flip for this Steampunk Jane journal not too long ago and I was in utter AWE of it! How lucky you are to have been able to get that one! Oh my goodness, I would love to be able to go through that bad boy 🀀🀀🀀 Beautyful! She is insanely talented, and so creative. And of course, Dolly's grim is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS 😍🀀😍🀀😍 She is just so talented it keels meh! You deserve it my friend, you are such a special lady! Ty for sharing those shops, I've added them to my favorites and will definitely be checking them out soon! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ–€πŸ’–πŸ–€

  3. So much stampy goodness and so much beauty in those journals! This video is the perfect example how giving and being selfless, can come back to you – full circle. Keep being awesome. πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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