Etsy Shop Critique #7 | How to Upload Your Products & Photo Props

Etsy Shop Critique #7 | How to Upload Your Products & Photo Props

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It’s been a minute since I’ve sat down to film an Etsy Shop Critique video. Excited to bring back the series! I loved looking at Yana’s shop Aroma Soy! Her product photographs, shop descriptions, and SEO are AMAZING. A great example of a successful Etsy shop. It’s clear she’s put A LOT of love into her work. ▼MORE INFO BELOW▼



Please leave comments for Yana below! Show her some love and leave any constructive feedback you may have. Also! Please let me know if you’d like me to critique your shop next.

Aroma Soy Candles Etsy Shop:

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My Etsy Shop, Mane Message:



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29 thoughts on “Etsy Shop Critique #7 | How to Upload Your Products & Photo Props

  1. So pretty! She did a great job. I love the black jar candles. The whole shop is so chic.

    I'm still trying to understand under and iverexposure. I think I'm finally getting it the more I watch your videos. Thank you Olivia!

  2. If anyone wants to check out my shop it is Serenitybd. I don't wanna be critqued just yet, since I am a new shop and still have so much work to do. I currently sell scrunchies but I will be posting more hair products as well as pencil pouches and pillowcases. All my products are machine and hand sewed by me:)

  3. Late to the game, but I disagree with adding the smaller mason jar candles as a drop down to the larger ones. I think having the different price points more prominent will help more. People might see them and add them to an order or something. Just my 2 cents.

  4. I didn't know about Etsy Teams before. It seems they might be a good support system to turn to to help me get a shop from start to success. My fears and anxiety of starting a shop was been lessened today. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Okay here's a question that's been bothering me – the general consensus is that the more items you have, the more visibility your shop gets. I've found this to be true in my shop but how do you feel about listing the same product multiple times with different tags and different thumbnail images (of different colors, in my case)?

  6. I'm a brand new easy-shop owner and would LOVE a critique if you had the time! I think it'd be great to get off on the right footing rather than making mistakes to have to correct down the line. I've been binge watching your videos today, so so helpful! x

  7. Hi, Olivia. Nothing to do with the critique but can I ask, where do you get your little cardboards to put your hair ties from? Do you print them or you order them with your business name on them? Oh, and I notice you look slimmer I remember you said you were eating healthier and walking. Looking good!👍

  8. Such stunning product shots! Favouriting immediately 🙂

    I would LOVE a shop critique! I'm newer to Etsy, and I've had a bit of a slower start (or at least that's how I feel). Feedback would be so amazing. I watch your videos religiously and have already learned so much. Here is my shop:

    Feedback from anyone else is welcome too. I'd really appreciate it.

  9. WOW! Her shop looks so good! I'm such a fan of the clean look. I would love to have the white background but my white and my ivory products make it tricky! Yana does a great job at conveying the fresh scent and handmade nature of her candles. Good job!

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