Etsy Shop share* Deb Craft Room-~~AmourFabriQues~~

Etsy Shop share* Deb Craft Room-~~AmourFabriQues~~

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come on today I have a shop share those who know this person she does live sales dev from Deb's crafting room on YouTube I joined in one of her life sales and I thought oh my goodness how could I not shop I mean she had such great prices and really neat things so I bought some stuff here I don't remember all I bought so it's it's actually gonna be a surprise to me as I open it up but if you go to youtube I'll put her shop link down below that is her and I hope this is not backwards I hope with my camera to the YouTube but it's Deb's crafting room on Etsy and on YouTube so she does live sales and she it was really fun that's all I can say check out her shop like her follow her on new cheap on and on Etsy I think she has a live sale coming up on Sunday or the 30th I'm not sure which Sunday it was but um click on her link below check out notifications on her next live and maybe you could join in one of her life sales so let me dig right in she first and foremost I mean her packaging is beautiful how she did all this packaging so I love the bubble wrap bubble wrap is so expensive maybe you can message me and tell me if you get a good rate somewhere but I'm gonna salvage here I will not let that go we do not throw away bubble wrap here so I'm gonna it's pretty – it's like a pink a really pretty pink bow wrap so looks like I got looks like she must have like a bundle that I purchased and it came with this cute little pack of trinkets of some sort it has like little like pictionary nose that's Trivial Pursuit cards some little tickets of some sort and some charts I'm so sorry who knows I just kinda like grab it and thought I'd show it off she's got a piece of fabric here um looks like um looks like in a bird of my brain lord have mercy an upholstery fabric when you find in a bolt kind of thing a roll bolt that's pretty that'd be a cute John Colonel cover and then looks like she has some coffee dyed doilies some napkins I'm not sure what I paid for this and her live me let me check one thing here I don't think she I to my's my order so I can't say what so what I can't say though what I got here I spent 47 dollars on and I think I paid nine dollars and that helps you guys out on her pricing on lives so let's stick through here looks like I have some children's pages looks like I have some sticky notes here she threw in here says urgent they're quite cute a Yahtzee playing thing some more book pages I think yeah looks like we got a few pieces of newer wallpaper those are great for those who are new at the John Turner world I've seen where they made them with pockets I've made a scene where they made them into like cards so a lot of options some more children's pages it looks like here from the same pay bucks um I got some guest tracks looks like their coffee dyed guest checks more coffee dyed paper it's like all these things are coffee diet that she put together some dress tracks more sticky notes a lot of guests check papers looks like a coffee die taper pack look at that I'm not sure dad be good message below but do you have these packs in your shop because they're pretty darn cute I like a little calendar coffee guide it's like lightly died it's not like heavily died some people do darker some oh you it's like it's almost like a book in itself so she has some these papers already folded ready to go almost like it's its own signature how cool it means I looks like I got some school paper here as well I like that I love this I do love a lot of darker spots at times on some things I love the difference like variation she has so she has like a great combination of light and are awesome beautiful thank you so much dad this is gorgeous I love every bit of that I'm sure I can put this in some kind of someone special thing we'll share this with others as well as beautiful and then the book twinkle twinkle little star which is adorable looks like it's just the cover okay so it looks like maybe this was just trying to make a kit of some sort that you can put together and create something this must been a kit I bought sorry guys I thought that was a full book but nope so we got a book cover and some pages here so this must be one of her kits I see and she put some papers in there not sure the size of the books you could fold those in there but yes so really cute thank you so much Deb that's adorable and then that bubble wrap and it looks like she covered in fabric which she knows I must obviously love fabric yeah it's beautiful looks like honeycomb fabric which is awesome the pattern at least and she knows I love cats so I know when I was in that live I really wanted this this cat book what's really cool about this cat book is I'm actually doing a custom order for somebody and they asked for strictly just all cat stuff so that somebody you know who you are you're watching I really got this book as part of it was gonna be part of your kit what's really cool about this book is that it has like different calendar things and they're at different cats different like types of cats and the moods and months and stuff like that it's almost like a horoscope for cats I think so that's what really got me a really nice book so makes anyone have another cat for a second um adorable Thank You Deb and thank you for the fabric that was an extra special touch and it looks like it's a fat quarter those who don't know what a fat quarter is it's 18 by 22 it's pretty much like if you get a half a yard of fabric and you cut it in four so half of the half yard and half of that half so it's like that kind of makes any sense to anyone so it's like a quarter of a half yard that's the fat quarter so alright so thank you beautiful fabric beautiful for Christmas to some more bubble wrap looks like this must be tip number two I bought from her okay yeah so supposed to kit number two same thing we got a baggie of trinkets and tags and like cards and a little bit of lace that's a ruffled lace and this is the fabric this here's a chance fabric I think I've told you guys before it's a cotton fabric that is same size like a Ford forty four inch wide and it's a little bit stiff and it's got a little shine to it it's Jens fabric so it's still cotton but it's like add a little shine glaze to it nothing too too shiny so trans fabric is crazy crazy shiny so but that's beautiful love it love my fabrics some more looks like same thing coffee dye cases napkins children's pages and the book looks like I got here cover is the very little boy which I absolutely love that's a gorgeous book beautiful and then the pages I got looks like the same book pages from the same books from the first kid I just showed you same routine looks like she did like an assembly line no sounds like me same books but just different pages that's really cool for Halloween the witch page gorgeous loving it yeah some more book pages a couple pieces of wallpaper yep looks like the same wallpaper more book pages and then the Coffee diet papers which I think that's what I really grabbed it for was the coffee nine papers I really love coffee night papers one of these days I will love to try it out beautiful pages that are coffee died I love the pack I love a variety just gorgeous so there you have it that is Deb's Deb's crafting room here on YouTube and and on etsy so check her out and hope you guys find something that you're looking for have a blessed day

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  1. Thanks Salena, missed you at my live last night, check out the replay for the vintage fabric. Those kits are for the beginner to add pages to a blank book cover, I also have kits with books not gutted. The camera angle was so much better last night.

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