Etsy shop share Renee @ GTdesigns ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿค—

Etsy shop share Renee @ GTdesigns ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿค—

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Opening my 2nd purchase from Renee’s shop! You can hear how super excited about it I am! I don’t have much money but wanted to support her and get a little more variety to add to my supplies! Yay!

Also, the book haul video I mentioned will be up when I’m done making the rest of the Christmas gifts I need to finish!

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oh okay I got this package from Etsy from Rene so I'm gonna open it on camera I took out the address my address and her address so now I just have this oh and so it needs to be part of this of course I can save this but I'm kind of ripping through it like I see I just don't want to use a scissors I don't want to cut anything look I can save some of it okay I'm in a pass for a second so I can move Zoey okay I moved here and now my other one is coming up over but we'll try to keep them at bay oh my goodness no karma please girls sorry I'm going to look at this cute little card hi mom Oh Angie thank you so much for returning to my Etsy shop I hope you enjoy these I hope you enjoy these beautiful book pages and visit again I added in a complete jungle journal beginners kit as a repeat oh my goodness does thank you enjoy Renee that is so sweet oh my goodness Renee you're so nice oh my gosh I love this community can you see I replaced my cat with books oh my goodness I want to show these I spent three and a half hours at the thrift store today because they had 40% off books and the kids books are only 99 cents to begin with so oh okay back to this package this is gonna be so awesome I cannot wait to start I'm not gonna open all of this right now but there's a bunch of cool papers and then look at those books cool goin wild adventures of a sue bet my yes sorry I had to smell I love I love the smell of books I just really just love books so I'm excited to make my own book so I mean I've been prepping and have all the stuff I mean I don't have all the stuff I have now I have a bunch of stuff this one here to protect the paper that's probably really loud okay got it okay that's a nice laughing you know I really hmm doesn't know what to do like I want to just do this kind of stuff like journaling and crafting and being creative but I don't want to let on my subscribers you know that subscribe to my channel for ASMR but I honestly need to make a decision because I don't have enough energy and I don't feel well enough to do two channels so I'm pretty sure I'm going to choose the creative route here okay this is so cool okay this is a new kind of setup for my camera to my phone I use my phone oh so much fun stuff Renee just too good oh my gosh how's the Reader's Digest the condensed books that's so nice well my pretty one sleeps I just absolutely love this and thank you thank you thank you Renee you went to completely and above which doesn't surprise me because I've been watching your YouTube channel and you're just such a sweetheart so I asked you for your address the other day because I wanted to send you a thank-you card but actually I have been preparing some things to send to you so I'm gonna try to have those out there that's package out on Monday I included something I made a couple of things actually and then I'll just tell you in a letter about the other stuff it's nothing you know it's nothing fantastic or as exciting is all this but it's just kind of showing my appreciation for you this is just so awesome oh my gosh I have like everything here and then combined with a lot of my scrapbooking supplies and other things that I have I'm so excited I'm just so excited oh my gosh so cool I love how you put a little lace on the top of things it's just cool very nice nice nice nice flowers flowers Oh little sayings and stuff what's this so nice I love it and more pages see this is so fun like I want it I mean I'm an artist and I do want to create things but I also find this like preparing all this and like when I went shopping today I mean I'm not gonna use all that that's why I need to open my Etsy store because I want to share things that I am able to find that good deals and then I also want to make things and sell those as well so I just I just want to I want to do a whole of it because I have a lot of stuff I can share you know paper stuff and I don't know I'm just being creative I I just I look at things and I just think oh I could use it like this or somebody could easily like this because I obviously don't have enough time to every idea and creativity you know every creative idea that pops in my head there's no way I would have enough time to do all that a page from mermaid I got a Pinocchio book today I should have gotten so much more but I had to scale down like my cart was practically a horror flowing with books so two different times I had to go through and kind of just make decisions I guess get this one no I guess I don't have to have that one but it's so hard you guys I was in there first three and a half hours I'm not even joking three and a half hours so yeah mm-hmm I think this is really cool all these different kinds of papers I'm just like I'm gonna be up all night because I just want to do this now look at flowers boohoo flowers and like whimsical that's the kind of stuff I really really like polka-dots and flowers and prints and just I don't know I just love all of this I love mixed-media because I love books I think I said that already even some of your copy stained paper I have um I have the book of knowledge here my cat's got bored by the way so that's good um I have a book of knowledge 1974 because I have that for a reason that you can just try to figure out yourself um anyway this looks familiar like it must be from one of the book of knowledge or you know one of those cyclopรฆdia type books which I remember as a child loving it to look through my parents had like the whole set and it was really cool so are you just like seriously don't even want to go to sleep I just want to start right now I want to just create create create uh-huh I love graph paper – I found a bunch the other day not not a bunch but some it wasn't this nice though I mean I think has holes in it anyway oh this is cool I don't have any of this and music I was gonna buy some music books today but I just didn't know like what to buy because I don't I didn't want to just buy ones that you know like I might like us again I wouldn't be able to use an entire book and I don't know like I haven't been in the community long enough to know what people like so anyways this is just adorable like a oh my goodness I wanna do it I just want to do this right now my mind is going crazy with ideas you guys oh my gosh okay and it's gonna take a while to stop doing ASMR type stuff cuz I guess some are you know you do like soft noises it's like tinkle Oh a lot of tapping so I'm gonna pause and then actually I think I might stop and then I'm gonna do another one with the books like my haul today okay okay I might I want to look through these two on camera oh my goodness and she so bad way to look through this because I know it's going to be exciting and I already figured I'm going to like cut this little part off and use this in my journal too there's a little pocket okay so we have a nice old playing card I love it I love cards by the way just a little tidbit about myself I like cribbage the best but I like any kind of cards my family and I play cards a lot oh cool and I always went fishing with my dad he so loves to fish but I just I don't anymore and Delta Airlines oh I like this I like I love the colors pink black and white very cute little journal card flowers flowers flowers I know this is random but my goodness I guess a lot of people like flowers I used to be a florist so follow your dreams yes I'm trying I'm trying to decide well I know what my dreams are I just don't want to let anybody down I really like this I've never seen an index card like this with the white lines like that I do have to sound like that I don't think I think I think I only have yellow and green though and honestly this is the coolest little paint trip things and this is vintage that doesn't that look great in modern that's cool also very cool don't have any of these and I always am jealous when I see them on your faces videos because I think there's a cool also oh my gosh how cool is a time card like that's so cool that's not anything I could probably find anywhere this one little envelope another envelope wonderful love it love it love it thank you so much Renee again thank you hmm okay put this stuff back in here to keep it safe until I'm ready to use it which will be probably in a couple hours I wish I have to do a few other things I'm trying really hard to get like totally organized and I got my printer today I got a new printer repair Christmas I got a gift card from my parents and my printer broke awhile back and so it was very nice to be able to order a brand new printer so I got that mostly hooked up today all right now we're gonna look at these little goodies oh my goodness how cool is this at first I had to like look at it and say what is this it's a money wall oh my gosh that is like really unique awesome Oh in a little mini calendar September my dad's birthday is in September it's your day yes it is it's my lucky day today I cut this wonderful package and luck lucky day I got this wonderful deal on all these books and a couple other little things I guess there's just sort of books and then I got all this fun stuff from Rene these little punches I think I saw a punch similar to this at the thrift store today but I couldn't figure out what it was I didn't end up buying it anyway because I again had like an overflowing card of books so that's very cool I'm happy to see these very cool plus I have like probably six or seven punches kind of boring ones like little circles and squares and whatnot hearts I think I might have a heart anyway cool I don't have any of these nor would I know where to find any so that's cool very cool just a little pieces of fabric see this is the kind of stuff like I can definitely do I have you know fancy scissors and lots of fabric and I like that yeah this is vintage though I don't know if I could pick out vintage fabric and stuff I have this in vintage so books I like vintage books and I know you know I have that kind of stuff um not a lot but some that I can share and then a lot of modern stuff but anyway this is really cool I've never seen a Brett I mean I have lots of different shaped breads and stuff but I do not have a triangle so well that's the heads cool that's different and I always I love these little saying things yep have courage and be kind I'm a big believer in quotes and positivity and then some washi tape Oh Vikings colors haha how's that giveaway where I live the like games NFL team all right very fun very cool and I'm gonna close this video by sharing one book that I got because I know I hope that Rene will watch this actually I'm gonna message you her name because I have a little story I won't tell you the whole story but look what I found ha ha I found this today at the thrift store so exciting and it was like it was hiding in the middle of a big coloring book so I literally like I said was there three and a half hours and I flipped through each book like one at a time and there was I think seven full shelves at least seven and you know kids books are very thin and and small so anyway it was worth it I'm so glad I did it um I got great deals and I've um this book so you don't need to keep a watch out for me anymore Rene cuz I got it I got it I got it Casey there's my ASMR coming coming through alright so I'm going to stop this and then I'm going to start a new video and do like the books I'll kind of do that and yes our style and explain to everyone whatever kind of switching over to so goodbye for now

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