Etsy Shops FORCED to offer free shipping. Updates 10th July 2019

Etsy Shops FORCED to offer free shipping. Updates 10th July 2019

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Day two, only the 2nd day since Etsy dropped its bombshell on Etsy shop owners, the new free shipping to orders over $35 in the US
What updates do we know so far? Etsy have been answering questions in the forums for the past day so some things are clearer that will hopefully help some etsy shops owners to not panic too much before we have all the facts.

it's forcing sailors to do free shipping in their shop this is day two of this bombshell announcement if you don't know what I'm talking about here I'm talking about the bombshell announcement that eetzi made on the 9th of July about ranking shops higher in the search if they offer free shipping in the US if you haven't already check out my first video in the cards so today is day two we've had a time to regroup and eetzi has been answering some questions so let's talk about what we've learnt what some people's fears are what we can be doing just now and I'm trying to keep up to date with all of this and I'll keep you informed as much as possible so don't forget to subscribe and come back off and and ask your questions in the comments so we can get this all sorted in our head before we possibly needlessly panic so firstly why are we doing this now eat see I've actually released a video which I'll link to in the comments down below explaining for themselves all of this but they have been doing tests for the past year we know this they've been speaking about free shipping for over a year now but they've been doing tests and they've discovered that customers who have an item who've clicked on an item into their cart are 20% more likely to follow through and complete that order if there's free shipping and they've also told us in the past that customers are more likely to interact well with a listing anyway if it has free shipping so they're more likely to click the item and they're more likely to buy it if they've clicked the item if it has free shipping so this is why they're pushing for this now as I spoke about in a live stream a couple of weeks ago eetzi have been talking about the fact that their focus is now a lot more on buyers rather than sellers now I know this sounds like it sucks a little but it does for those buyers but eetzi focus is on making the best experience for the customer so customers keep coming back so customers choose eat see ahead of the competition and this is going to mean that not all changes suit all shops I totally understand that but it also totally doesn't mean that anyone changed that maybe you can't comply with that you can't put into your shop it doesn't mean it's going to totally kill your shop in the days and weeks that follow we're gonna think about workarounds and how we can deal with this if we can't do what they're suggesting I promise you that shops will still succeed that aren't able to offer free shipping now for the past day eetzi have been frantically answering the QA thread in their forums and if you haven't already gone over there and had a look I will put a link in the description down below you really want to go and have a look their answers are quite enlightening and quite different from what I expected in some cases so reading through this has been hard work but I've learned quite a lot and I want to share some of the things that I've learnt with you guys but get over in there ask your questions yourself to them they are answering them for the next day at least so from their video we know it's for us only customers items that offer free shipping or shops that guarantee either free shipping across the board or free shipping over $35 to American shops which there is a new tool coming these listings will receive priority placement in the eetzi search now more on this later but priority placement on eetzi search they also might get featured more in promotions and even TV adverts so one interesting thing here that I learnt that's clarified in some of the Q&A s as well it is not just individual listings but shops that are with this tool that's coming out soon they offer this guarantee of free shipping for US shops for orders over $35 now not just their listings that offer free shipping but if you're a shop that has cheaper up listings if you're a shop that sells things for $5 if your shop guarantees free shipping for over $35 your phrase dollar listings even though they don't have free shipping will still get that priority placement so this isn't so bad for people with smaller items that we're saying they cannot absorb the cost they can't put up their listing pricing their listing prices up this much to hide the shipping cost that would just make their listings look ridiculously expensive so eetzi has thought of you there so this is kind of a silver lining for some people but conditional free shipping won't get the placement so at the minute in my shop I'm saying if you spend over a hundred pounds in my shop you get free shipping this won't be included unless the item itself is free shipping and again they are reinforcing to us that yes shipping isn't free they no shipping isn't free you've got to factor the cost of shipping into your price now another good point here that people have brought up in the questions is if your item is now a certain price with the shipping rolled into the price and free shipping and a customers ordered by mistake and wants to return the item are you gonna have to refund them and be out this shipping that was their fault and what eetzi have said is you've got to update your policies update your policies to say what your policy for this is so they're perfectly happy for you to say in your policies you will be refunded a certain percentage there will be a restocking fee to take into account the shipment price so this is perfectly okay so you don't have to be out of pocket now at the moment if they don't have a way to change the price for an item depending on where the customer is like just now you have your item price and then your shipping prices are different depending on the location so if you wanted to do free shipping and you took your current price and your current shipping to the u.s. price and put them together then that'll mean that you might be ripping off some customers from other countries especially your mesh if you're an international if you if you're an international seller not a u.s. seller this could mean that your domestic customers are being charged a whole lot more at the moment eetzi don't have a tool to deal with this but they are talking about a long-term solution they know this is a problem they're talking about creating a tool in the future so we've came to go to hang tight here currently their suggestion is to look into how many sales what percentage of your sales is from us customers some shops if you're not selling much to the u.s. it might be an idea just to not worry about this just now at all yep it's not even a consideration but if most of your sales come from the US then maybe you wanna focus on that so ya decide what proportion how important is the US market to your listings just now and at the minute you might have to forget about your national customers but the other thing I have asked them and I haven't got a response yet but if it is okay I'm sure I haven't seen anything in the handbook saying that we can't but to have a listing that's for US customers and then a listing that's for non-us customers the only problem with that is in our shipping profiles at the moment the US customers one would also have to show up for your domestic place you know me in the UK I can't say this item won't ship to the UK so you would have to make a note in your listing to say UK customers go here or UK customers here's a coupon or do something it's not perfect but it's some kind of a workaround if you have customers in two locations see about making a u.s. listing and a UK listing or a worldwide listing in a domestic listing if you have more than one of that item I realize if it's a one-of-a-kind item then you can't do that you might have to think about does this item is this something that has shown to be more popular in American market than it is in the rest of the world or is it more popular in the rest of the world than America in your shop you might actually find you only have one or two listings that are actually popular in America so do free shipping for those and eetzi have also released a guide just now for shipping unusually sized items it's okay if all your items are the same size and same weight you have an idea about your shipping price how if there are different sizes in different weights and this is for us and international sellers because the u.s. shipping thing has changed so much that it's all a bit confusing for them so I'll cover this guide in a later video once I've had a chance to absorb it myself but I'll also link to that somewhere down below now easy confusingly are saying there is no penalty for not having free shipping but they will reserve the top most visible search spots on each page for the items that ship free now what I'm reading this to possibly say is not that items that free shipping just go straight to the top research and those that don't have free shipping are lost completely it's saying the top most visible areas so it is possible my speculation only it is possible that we're going to have an area at the top like promoted listings below that there might be free shipping section so you could still be on the front page without free shipping it's just that top little spot is gonna be the free shipping one we're gonna have to wait and see but that's how I'm reading what they're saying they're easy you've mentioned that in the next few days and weeks they're bringing out a tool that will help roll in absorb your shipping costs and put them into your listing price costs I don't know how this will work it's obviously not going to work for everybody but hold tight until this tool comes out before you start messing with all your listings especially if you've got thousands of listings in your shop do not spend today changing all the prices of your listings that would drive you insane if they bring out a tool tomorrow that you could have done it with one-click another important point not offering free shipping will not in any way impact your position in promoted listings these are separate algorithms they always were so if you're doing quite well from promoted listings it will make no difference the items and promoted listings it won't matter if they're free shipping or not so there's another way you might be getting onto the front page also yeah I know not everyone runs promoted listings and not everyone wants to run promoted listings and also on all listings SEO will still be important quite a lot of people have been asking this question is it just free shipping that's important but now for all the items that have free shipping still there SEO they'll still be ranked as well as the free shipping given and boost however that's gonna work the one with the best SEO the best shop customer experience the best number of sales the one that was the best before will still be ranking the best and your items without free shipping they'll still be ranked as they were before it's just free shipping is slightly more important just now so SEO is still super important basically you've still gotta tell eat see what your item is it still has to know where to put you and in a big search with millions of items it still has to build to rank you and remember if you're giving free shipping you still have the option for paid upgrades so your base your cheapest shipping can be free shipping and you can give people the option to purchase priority shipping signed for tracks even air mail and you'll still get the priority placement of free shipping because you're offering free shipping the customer has a choice to buy better shipping if they want but the biggest thing I'm constantly reading eetzi you say interest now is sit tight do not make any changes right now they've got tools coming out in the next few days we've got tools coming out in the next few days too first bulk edit your prices to take into the account the shipping price and then the free shipping guarantee tool and what I can from what I can tell what this is going to be is you're just gonna belt in settings hit this button that says free shipping guarantee so that any item in your shop regardless of what price you've set it as if if it's over $35 and selling to the US then it'll be free shipping and that also includes if you sell a multiple at any time if a customer buys two things and they come to $35 then that will be become free free shipping so be aware of this now this could be a good thing to encourage people to put a little extra into their basket to get the free shipping and even if all your ice two items are significantly cheaper than the $35 you're going to get this free shipping placement boost so if you can listen this button is the thing you're gonna have to push when it appears now I know all of this isn't perfect I know not all shops can do this I know some of you will be really worrying but try and not panic we don't know all the details yet sit tight do not spend your time just now making changes when we don't know what tools are coming do not spend your time complaining in forums or reading forums where all people are doing is complaining change happens it's always gonna and the shops that win the shops that do best here are the ones that look at the change realizes it's things that we have no control over we have to figure out how we can raid this how we can manipulate this for our advantage and do figure out how much of your sales how important the US market is to you what kind of percent and do pop into your local post office and talk to them about alternative methods of shipping I know right now this is potentially confusing and even worrying times from any of you I'm gonna do my best I'm keeping up to date with all the announcements that eetzi are making I'm scouring the forums and I will try and bring you as much information as and when I can get it not based on speculation but based on as many facts as I can find so don't forget click on when we face to subscribe ring the bell so that you're notified if when I put new videos up and come back often to check up on what next I've learnt thank you so much for joining me and don't panic

21 thoughts on “Etsy Shops FORCED to offer free shipping. Updates 10th July 2019

  1. Does Etsy allow negative shipping fees? If so, for those of you outside the US, you could roll the US shipping charges into the item price and then the shipping fee would effectively be a discount for local purchasers. Of course, the initial cost might look higher though. Sounds like at the moment it's a matter of balancing different forces against each other.

    But like on YouTube, it's easy to forget that there are multiple stakeholders with sometimes competing interests. The platform is in the unenviable position of trying to arrive at a compromise solution that keeps everyone employed and, if not happy, at least not unhappy enough to leave. At least Etsy doesn't have advertisers thrown into the stakeholder mix.

  2. I'm a new seller. I was panicking and then I saw your video. It kinda calmed me down, especially what you said in the end, we cannot control it so we should calm down and think about it and find a way to deal with it – that's so true. Maybe some sellers will give up because of this, but the ones who stay and survive this will be stronger. 🙂 Thank you Pam.

  3. How much will this weigh in the whole ranking equation? They don't say much about that. Many things will rank you higher than others, sales, reviews bla bla bla this is one of those parameters I guess, not the only one❤️

  4. Pam, question! I'm wading through all the Q&A and do sellers only come higher in the search if they use the unconditional free shipping to US tool they will implement? I was hoping to offer free shipping to the US on some of my products but I can't do it on all of them but it seems to say to qualify for coming higher in the search it must all be unconditional free shipping to US for orders over $35 or am I reading it all wrong???

  5. Thanks for keeping us updated Pam. I think the thing to remember is that if none of us do it, it'll have no effect – personally I'm going to wait and see what the other sellers in my niche do.

  6. I get quite a lot of my sales from US customers, I am currently running free UK shipping now and added (most of) the cost into the item prices instead. (I say most of because I didn't want to price them up too much more and also if anyone buys more than one then it'll make it the cost of postage back up.).

    I've kind of worked out though that if I were to put free shipping over $/£ (?)(How does it work with conversion rates?) 35 spend for US, then say someone in the US buys 4+ items and it takes them over 35, then yes, some of the shipping is paid for through it being in the item prices anyway but it will then likely be over the 100g weight; so prices go up, and it would be over the £20 Royal mail compensation, so to get up to £50 you have to send it tracked which pushes the postage from £3.45 to nearly a £10er. So postage in item prices just won't cover it unless they ordered quite a lot.

  7. Thank you Pam. You have an amazing and calming way about you!!! I have to admit that I was so sick to my stomach after seeing Etsy’s dark purple banner yesterday, so much so that my watch told to to take a moment to breath lol. Anyways I watched yesterday’s video and decided not to get panicked and listen to what Etsy was saying. I’m a vintage shop, selling jewellery & home decor. This morning I had a good honest look at my shop, changing the currency to USD (I’m in Canada) and really, most of my items are just under the 35 USD and this could encourage multiple purchases. There are some larger and heavier items in my shop that I may sell domestically but give international buyers the option to buy if they contact me for shipping prices. I’m willing to try it for now. Also one Etsy staff member also explained that even if you opt out of the $35 usd guarantee tool and you have listings in your shop that ship free, you will rank for those items. Thanks for all your tips – they are very much appreciated!!

  8. I switched over to include shipping in my pricing as soon as Etsy mentioned that they were going to be encouraging free shipping. I had been at flat rate shipping on most of my items, so it was an easy transition. I think it’s hurt me thus far because initially in search it looks as if my prices are higher than my competitors’. I’m hoping this latest announcement will correct some of that.

    I also shop on Etsy and from a buyer’s perspective, the way things are now, it’s very difficult to compare prices on very similar items without putting them all in my cart. That’s a turnoff to me with any kind of online shopping when I can’t easily find out my out of pocket cost on an item. Sometimes we sellers forget that happy buyers are what lead to happy sellers, not the other way around.

  9. I changed all my listings for free shipping at a highter price. Problem with this is that standard post comes at a high risk. I would always like to track my packages for my customer just for peace of mind. If even one of these parcels goes missing I will get the heat for that. I cant tell you how many times I have changed my prices around and will now probably do it again. Its so confusing when you have two different methods of shipping. I am just glad that I am not a popular shop and confusing the hell out of my customers.

  10. Etsy should remember that if it wasn't for it's shop owners starting and running a business on their platform, they wouldn't be in business. Its always the way with these big corporates, they forget who put them there!

  11. I have always said in my listings that I am willing to ship anywhere in the world, to contact me so I could calculate the postage and create a new listing just for them. Haven't had any takers, yet.

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