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what's this guy Scott H Nichols guys welcome back to my channel so I want at the end I bought three different mystery boxes and they all fluctuated a lot in price this one was $100 that's right you know that thing on XP that someone prices extremely high and never thinks anyone will buy it I bought that thing and it's in here and hundred dollars for a slime mystery box I hope that we got something good now this box right here is only $37 haven't opened yet it's gonna be a complete surprise and then in this bag right here this was only $10 so we have $10 $30 in $100 this is gonna be an adventure and I cannot wait to dive right on it so I've been talking about a giveaway for the past month and today is the day we are actually giving away the Nintendo switch the winner for Instagram is Reggie ah and the winner for YouTube is right here don't worry if you didn't win I'll be doing a ton more giveaways stay tuned for my next video because we'll already be starting a new giveaway and you have a brand new chance to win I'm thinking the next giveaway I'm gonna do is maybe a gift card for back-to-school supplies because I know school is coming up oh the worst time of the year okay I'm or the best if you like school let's get started all right here is the $10 mystery box confirmed it's $10 $5 shipping and it equals to be $15 all right let's see what we got in here one slime two slimes and we have something else in here okay we have some candy and instructions and borax so that is what is in our ten dollars here's here's that slide and this one alright let's check out this orange phloem slime first oh my god it's scented it's scented it smells like orange creamsicle I love it orange creamsicle this slime smells beautiful I've never felt a slime that feels quite like this this feels very interesting I'm getting flashbacks of the macaroni and cheese slide fortunately and it smells so much better so it's not a bad slime at all it's quite an interesting texture it smells fantastic I didn't even have to activate it I mean it's a tad bit on the sticky side but if activation is not necessary it's really not that bad this smell is incredible this smell is so great I would give this slime an 8 out of 10 I really like this slime it's fun and it's really crunchy pop you back in you because today baby it's not a slime smoothie I feel like it's so weird for me to put a slime back into a container because normally I just mix them all together all right so that one started out great I'm interested to see what this one's going to be like it's Rader that you have a slime that actually has different colors in it which is awesome because normally oh my god this one smells like bubblegum this smells so awesome okay normally these slimes will all the colors will all mix together and I'm really impressed that this is still marbleized imagine this line right here it's smelling like the most beautiful bubblegum look at that it's so gorgeous oh my I love it I honestly can't believe that I got this slime for ten dollars both of these slimes that I think are fantastic this feels like it makes between a slime and a butter slime so I think they added a little bit of clay to it oh I'm gonna mix up all the marbles now but this slime is incredible it's really really nice and it smells the sense are on point I'm actually couldn't even English because I'm so astonished I put you back in there now that you're all purple oh and I mixed it's not as pretty now but still it's the smell that counts right and the smell is fantastic here are the extras so you do have an extra squishy right here which is awesome you have its to sour patch kids a dum dum and of grape airheads grape is my least favorite but still airheads are good all right let's move on to this second most expensive swine mystery box overall I like this one ten dollars I think that it's a decent price it's not it was definitely not okay here is the $37 mystery box right here okay so automatically you come to a little baggie right here that I don't know why but this texture always gives me a heebie-jeebies it's like you know that feeling like he's like oh I just felt it in the back of my throat and all the way down my spine I'm not gonna open that but there is a little heart charm in here there's a bracelet and there's borax that is very very appealing I love the blue worms this is awesome I think that it looks great we have this automatically sticks out to me a cute little lollipop charm I like that a lot and then we have some unique sprinkles that I have never really seen before we have ice creams hearts cupcake snow cones I think those are really unique and interesting I like that I'll put all the extras to this side we also have a little bracelet in here which is kind of like her business card I think that it says I think this says the person's name who creates this lime some bubblegum which is fantastic dum-dums sprinkles for the purple slime some flown beads some white flowing beads and then six slimes three large slimes three small slimes okay I immediately want to test out this one I like how their branding sticker also matches the color of the slime so if it's like a green or yellow slime their sticker is green and yellow and if it's like a purple it's purple you're good it's just the little details that I think are cute okay interesting these slimes are also vacuum sealed look at that that is crazy you know you're taking it up to a professional level when you fully seal your slimes I immediately can smell a scent here and this is a very strong vanilla scent so this line is called twinkle I might need activated a tiny bit it has such a nice scent of vanilla it's really nice alright we'll move on to our next slime I can't stop playing with it it's so much fun next we have rainbow sherbert this one also is sealed yes we have a scent it is a very fruity scent oh my gosh I am so excited for this look at that Wow it feels so crazy it feels so wet oh I don't even know what to say this is just beautiful I think I'm gonna it just gorgeous it is going to this is a really nice cloud slime it's just so gorgeous look at oh my god one of my favorite slimes yet I know we just got started but ooh it is totally making me want some sherbert ice cream okay I don't want to mix this one up too much I think that it looks beautiful it's gonna put you back in there oh my god okay we have a bubblegum slime right here so I'm assuming that this is going to be bubblegum scented oh this smells like lemon Pez one of my favorite scents this slime is extremely glossy look at that holy cow it is beautiful see this one doesn't need to be activated at all whoever made this did a great job it is so stretchy I love this sense beautiful beautiful alright pop you back and now my hands are radiating this scent we have some blue slushie right here this one looks a little sticky oh my god it smells like blue Jolly Rancher I can't all right so we got a blue slushie right here it's actually not that sticky okay I take that back I could have activated this one mmm this one smells so good here we go I love it I love all these slimes I seriously haven't got a slime yet today that I haven't liked I think I might like all of these slimes that I get today all right we have two large slimes left in our mystery box this one is grape soda open this one up grape soda I'm excited and of course it smells identical to grape soda fantastic it's gonna pour some activator I seriously feel like I'm playing with the grape Laffy Taffy right now look at that this grape phloem so good amazing incredible I love it the texture is so nice it's such a nice phloem in this scent that radiates off it I wish I could give you guys some of this slimes who smell it smells seriously so good last but not least we have sour patch okay I am super excited for this how did they sent this oh my god it smells like lemon this automatically looks like a glassy slime oh my God look at that that is gorgeous I love the lime color I think that this is looks fantastic and then we have some bright colored flown beads that literally look like sour candy I can't fantastic I am definitely hungry after this it smells so good okay you guys it is the moment you have been waiting for the $100 slime mystery pack now for $37 what we just saw I think is a fantastic price I have so many great slimes I mean even for $10 we got a lot of great stuff so let's see what do we get for 100 this is literally like triple the amount now the last slime box we just saw hopefully we can get some good stuff in here so we have this air plus bag you're right I am gonna pop it cover your ears whoa right off the top I see a unicorn squishy which is really cute and it looks like an authentic squishy from China we have a business card right here with the care instructions all right we got a lot of stuff in here oh my gosh my eyes what do I begin with let's begin with the squishies this is super cute it is a pea pod squishy with three different cats on it I really like that it's a very interesting color and it also is a keychain we have a nother squishy right here which is it's like a half-eaten cookie that looks like all for the squishies right here we have a unicorn pen and it does work fantastic we also have this very interesting cheapy more on the cheap side pen with a soccer ball at the top okay that's kind of cool when you put it up the ball spins we have a bunch of different pockets we have flown beads we have sprinkles pastel flown beads yellow flown beads more yellow flown beads what in the world is this baby blue Buffy butter okay I like that it's in a very custom container it's pretty cool for more of the extras we have a charm mini pop Jolly Rancher these are really cute interesting and unique charms we have a rainbow in here a tiny little gummy bear a pillow with the strawberry a Kiwi a hairy Apple we have some snowman fluff so these are like marshmallows I have never seen these candies before this is so weird we have some borax do not ingest some miniatures ballon beads right here some more more borax do not ingest some 3d stick put some clothes on girl and then we have a mini noise putty they bought from the store okay so here are all of these limes that we have in here two three four five six seven eight nine ten okay and then some fruit ease some Tootsie Pop fruit ease or tit see I've never actually seen fruit ease before and does it look like there's something at the bottom it kind of does or maybe that's just shipping paper that'd be super cool if there is a surprise underneath this oh there's not Kiwi jelly this looks like a pretty high-quality slime I'm interested in checking it out it is a jelly cube slime if I can get it out of here oh my god that is beautiful that is beautiful it smells like bathroom hand soap this slime itself is not as stretchy as I would like it to be I love squishing jelly cubes that's for sure but the slime overall is either slightly over activated I don't know it's it's a very aesthetic slime but it's not doing it for me physically interesting it is probably one of the more beautiful looking slimes that we saw today it's somewhat disappointing on how you can stretch it with that being said we have unicorn egg slime right here it's another clear slime I wonder if it's better okay here is our Unicorn slot whoo Oh beautiful I can always tell when when the slime powder is used for clear slime but but with that being said you don't necessarily have to let it sit around for the bubbles but it always breaks like this see that it's basically an easier way for making clear slime than using glue and activator I am gonna teach you guys how I make my clear slime in an upcoming video going back to the slime basics okay stay tuned this one is labeled and it's hard to tell this has a scent if it does have a scent it's a very light scent but it is very aesthetic I love the colors and I love the little hearts at the top I think that looks great this is a cloud slime ooh that is a fantastic cloud slime very very good skull time I really like this one fantastic see how see how long the strands get I love it okay I'm not gonna ruin that one too much funfetti frosting alright this one smells pretty good again it's not overwhelming beautiful color I love the color on this I don't think that I've ever had such a beautiful baby blue color so this is a butter slime this sense could be stronger I think that $37 box had a better scent but this slime physically is a great slime I really like this one it's really hard to go wrong on a butter slime I am noticing that the packaging is cracked – OH honeycomb I'm interested for this one and excited so we have some bees in here which is awesome a couple black phloem beads which is cool too you so this slime does not smell scented at all neon peach again not scented beautiful color I love how vibrant it is it looks more vibrant in real life I feel like they definitely should have added some peach scent some sort of peach cobbler or something that would have really sent this over the edge maybe a fruity flavor since it's a neon peach and not just the peach but this slime itself feels pretty good I really like the color we have some more cloud slime this is unicorn dream there's stars on top which is very cute check it out oh it's beautiful that is gorgeous I don't know why I'm addicted at cloud signs right now especially ones that are these colors it's just soy I just love it it's beautiful fantastic I love this one again no scent on this one either so let's check out this popsicle slime right here baby blue Buffy butter we have a blue butter slime beautiful color obviously you can tell in this video I am definitely vibing with the blue butter slimes I really want to know how she got all this slime in here because that is difficult we got some unicorn cream right here which is not scented I thought this was gonna smell like vanilla I love these color combinations the teal and the pink and the white I think that that is just beautiful this slime very aesthetic very nice especially right now before it's all mixed in could it killed it with the scent gorgeous really gorgeous I love the color combo here last but not least unicorn buttered popcorn okay I'm really really really really really really really really really hope that this is sent in as popcorn please and it is thank you thank you if you label something as buttered popcorn it has to smell like buttered popcorn and it does so that just makes me extremely happy mmm it smells so good I think I want to go to the movies right now all right I'm gonna go bye guys just kidding but yeah I definitely want to go to the movies and just eat popcorn and enjoy the nostalgia of the movies because this this just it's influencing me okay I really like this one especially because it looks like there's candy in the popcorn and I love mixing candy of my popcorn oh my god I haven't been in movies in a while guys not even gonna laugh alright guys so I do want to know whatever I buy slime I do a secret shopping I don't let this line shop know it's me I just buy it so here are the slime there's three boxes pet oh that's skills right there $10 37 dollars $100 money done the comments down below which box was the best box I got today so much I'll see you guys in my next video


  1. That slime isn’t so stretchy from the hundred dollar slime the first one you did the blue one with jelly cubes it’s not stretchy because it has too many in Jelly cubes inside

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