Etsy Stock Share + Guest DesignTeam Call

Etsy Stock Share + Guest DesignTeam Call

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Would you like to see all the items available for sale in my Etsy shop? Then this video is for you. I show each of the items, all digital, that are currently available in my Etsy shop, Poppiness.

Also I would like to put out a call for people interested in being a Guest Design Team member. In order to apply you need to have a YouTube channel and be willing to make and upload a video using my kits no later than August 31, 2019.

Because this is my first ever guest design team project, designers will get to choose not one, but two of my kits to use in their creations. Make a journal page, an envelope, a journal cover – what you make with the kits is entirely up to you!

If would like to apply, please send an email to [email protected] NO LATER than Sunday, August 4th. Please put GUEST DESIGN TEAM in the subject. Include your name, the name of your channel, and the link to your channel.

On Monday, August 5th, I will draw 5 names and those people will be allowed to choose 1 of my quote kits and 1 of my other kits.

Remember, all videos will have to be uploaded no later than August 31st.
(If this is a busy month for you and you would like to be considered for a future guest design team, drop me an email about that too!)
Thank you so much for all your wonderful support of my YouTube channel and my Etsy shop.

You can visit my Etsy shop for digital downloads here:

hi it's Susan welcome back to my channel I have a new video at last I know it's been a while but I have been busy with the Etsy shop and some I cads that have turned into another project and there should be all kinds of videos coming your way very soon but today what I wanted to share with you are all the items that are currently in stock in my Etsy shop and my Etsy shop is popping asst popin ESS and I will put the link to that down in the description box but the reason I want to show this to you not just so you can see what I've been spending a lot of my time on but also because I'm putting out a call for people who would like to be on a guest design team just a one-time deal you don't have to commit to doing it on and on and on just a guest design team and I'll give you the details on that at the end of the video but I wanted to show you what I've got available to you so you know how much I love my Eco printing I have made four kits these are not all of my eco prints that are in Etsy this is just some sampling of them because there are four kids and each kit has eight different eco prints in them and so I think you're getting a lot of good value for the cost of the kit they print beautifully they print really nice if you print them on and if you go some parchment paper around it's a completely different feel to the paper I loved printing them on that so there are like so this is just a sample of some of the eco prints that you'll find and they are creatively named eco print set one two three and four I wasn't feeling very creative when I did those I also did not see here I need more disk space I also did a lot of things with my distress phrase you know I like to do that after I finish with my eco prints I like to do distress sprays this is one kit there are four sets there in each of the distress spray sets has 10 unique papers in them they don't appear in any other sets and this is like I said set one and so you've got someone to leave some that just has into the leaves but the colors these would make great pages great envelopes tags this one's primarily the greens and yellows and like I said there are four different sets of the distressed Spray prints so some of my redwoods this would be an avocado leaf so we have that what else do we have we have got something I have been promising for quite a while and I finally got around to doing we have quotes and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I was gonna do the quotes I have 11 different sets of quotes and the topics are friendship life love nature thinking positive and proverbs and so what I did with the quotes is I gave you the same set of quotes three times in a kit and they are on three different backgrounds so they should go with just about everything this is kind of a yellow toned and there are four pages of quotes in each set and then the other background has got more of the orange brown tones and again it's the same four pages and then in the green tones so you're getting twelve pages but remember each there's only four unique pages however many quotes fit on a page and there are eleven sets on those different topics there so you have that to look from look for then there's a set of tags called butterfly dance and a coordinating set of journaling cards also called butterfly dance and then the background that I use on these is called green glass background it's one of my alcohol print so it prints very nicely on regular paper it also looks absolutely gorgeous if you print it on vellum or tracing paper so you get some of that light shining through and you get kind of a stained-glass effect then we have our B lover's got beautiful bees and tags and journal cards colors are really bright and vivid in these and because who doesn't love ferns we have vintage ferns journaling cards two sets of journaling cards here and you get a background sheet text in the ferns and then you get the minis the marvellous minis that are great for doing mini books and also for doing your hidden paper clips and so you get a sheet of 45 mini ferns on that that's vintage ferns next we have curious Birds so you get a set of minis you get a background page and you get two sets of journaling cards and these journaling cards are printed with a little bit of the background on them so if you cut or tear these apart then you have more strips of background that you can use for collage adding to like your altar paper clips that sort of thing in the future I will print the journaling cards on blank backgrounds here we have vintage garden so you've got your marvelous minis here all the garden catalogs you've got background and you have eight journaling cards [Applause] and you also have alphabets vintage alphabets these are fun to put into a book with tracing paper over the top so people can try and trace the letters like this I saw Jimmy redo that and thought it was a fabulous idea so you get ten vintage alphabets they are five by seven size so you get two to a page and then finally we have some vintage Maps and I went ahead and did these as a full page all my pages are eight and a half by eleven since I'm in the United States so you have vintage Maps you said I can make great background pages use for collage they'd make great envelopes they would make good covers so that's it in my Etsy shop twenty nine listings right now and I am working on some new stuff to get in there very soon but as I said this is also a call for my first guest design team and it's really having a hard time figuring out how I wanted to do something like that it's still kind of hard for me to wrap my brain around people wanting to make things with my papers I'm just so grateful for the sales I've had and the interesting items I've seen people create with them whether it's journals tags pockets envelopes whatever so I wanted to open the gift design team option up to anybody that has a YouTube channel and I will this is since this is my very first time I will draw seven names from the people that submit to it and because it's the first time I'm going to offer not one but two kits you can choose one of my quote kits and one of the other kits and all I ask is that you create something with those kits and post a video no later than August 31st so I can put together a special playlist and shoutouts to post on September 1st and I will put all the details for the guests design team call in the description box below feel free to share the video if you know somebody that might want to do something like this that is all I have for you now thanks so much for watching and I will see you next time bye for now

13 thoughts on “Etsy Stock Share + Guest DesignTeam Call

  1. Omg this makes me wish I would just start my youtube channel and forget my shyness and doubts about my projects (because I'm just starting in paper crafting and dont have many supplies).your kits are so pretty

  2. These papers are absolutely stunning. I would be happy to be involved with your design team, although I am still in the process of setting up my creative channel separate to my booktube. My passion is machine embroidery and more recently incorporating this into junk journals. I have featured my creative work on my book channel a few times and as it has been well received have decided its time to set up a separate channel. Catherine from UK x

  3. Such gorgeous eco papers and your kits are stunning! Good luck on finding your guest designers, with all of the amazing talented ladies out there, it will not be a problem and I look forward to seeing all of their beautiful creations! ❤️

  4. Oh wow love your butterfly and bee kits they are super vibrant I love them. I'm not one for having the pressure of dates to get things done by or I would give it a go… I hope you get lots of entries xx 😁❤️🌼

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