ETSY SUCCESS MORNING ROUTINE (How to be successful on Etsy and Shopify)

ETSY SUCCESS MORNING ROUTINE (How to be successful on Etsy and Shopify)

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MY personal morning routine for success on Etsy, Shopify, and eCommerce in general!

🚦Being successful in life, work, shopify, or Etsy requires a balanced mind! You can’t tell me you couldn’t use some more peace in your life!!!! Do you have a morning routine whether you sell on Etsy or Shopify? Let me know!

Please watch the entire video and ask any questions below.

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what's up at sea sellers my name is Dave welcome back to my channel if you're new to this channel please consider subscribing I do new videos on Etsy and e-commerce success all the time in this video I want to talk about my personal morning routine but also why it's important to have a healthy predictable morning routine every single morning if you want to be successful anywhere in life straight up so please watch this entire video I'm gonna go through like my personal wise and my personal struggles as well as some tips for everybody to be successful in life and with your Etsy shop and with your e-commerce endeavors period so with that being said first I wake up and I drink water obviously it's the first thing I do water is so important and I'm talking like filtered water because Sydney water tap water and all that it has pharmaceuticals it has chlorine it has fluoride a bunch of stuff you straight-up do not want in your body make sure to get a gnarly filter and filter all the garbage out because you know how polluted the planet is it doesn't matter what you think you know how polluted it is the water is too and your city water is too I guarantee it so filter your water drink a ton when you wake up drink a ton of water when you wake up okay cool great shower do whatever you want but wake up and I want you to sit your ass down or you know stretch because though I see a lot of people just jump on their phone right when they wake up and what this does to your mind is it takes in another direction and it completely takes a lot away any of your thoughts and any of your feelings the ones that are super important that you need to sort out for the day in order to have a successful day okay so if you jump on your phone within the first hour of waking up you can kind of slash your concentration for that day about 50% because because of what I just told you so my solution is to wake up and do not turn your phone on for bare minimum at least an hour and if you're about to say well Dave I gotta get up for this and I got to talk to this person I got to talk to that person listen wake up an hour before that okay because you need your time you are super important you're the most important thing when you wake up your mind your heart and your body okay without those three things in check and if you are stressed out you will not be successful on Etsy I promise you Etsy life ecommerce in general okay if you don't have a balanced mind forget about it I could literally send you all of my courses all of my ebooks right now for free and you could read them all and know exactly what to do to become successful in Etsy but if you have a life that is causing you to not be able to accomplish those things not be able to focus on those things then it doesn't matter because I went through this I hate I had I bought tons of courses I know what to do okay I know what to do for Facebook Ads I know to do for YouTube ads I know what to do for this blah blah blah I hat I bought tons of courses I know what to do and I'm doing them now but previously I thought if I you know knew everything then that was the only step but the biggest thing actually is having yourself in check and yourself the best you can be so that's mentally physically spiritually if you're into that if not it applies to everybody so that's another thing the phone so no phone for one hour then you wake up and you let your mind just go you can let it go because sometimes you wake up and you have tons of thoughts you're just going your mind is racing so let it go for a second sit down or stretch on the yoga mat whatever you want to do you don't have to get intense with yoga I I considered myself just I just stretch and this is a yoga mat I wouldn't consider myself like a hardcore yo here anything because I actually don't know any of the moves I know what they look like and I don't but I don't like the sanskrit words and stuff for them i just stretched because I know my body needs to be stretched in the morning you need to wake up and like you know if you have if you have a diesel truck or something you start it up and you let it run for a while before you go because diesel engines need to be heated up whatever you know what I mean you have to start yourself – and I want you to ask yourself right now what are you doing in your daily routine whether it be in the morning whether it be anywhere in life ask yourself right now is there anything that I am doing that is inhibiting my success okay ask yourself that question and sit with it let the answers come if it's yes say what are those things okay cool how will I solve those things okay great you're making some progress I know this sounds very very like elementary and simple but you would be surprised of the results that you will get from seriously just practicing some self-care so we are at the point where we're stretching down my morning routine wake up drink a ton of nice nice water stretch and then coffee or tea whatever you choose I drink yerba mate' it's like a South American shrub treat and it's a little bit more chiller than coffee it has more lot more caffeine more minerals and more other stuff so it really gets you jacked but it's like more stable etc it's a little more alkaline than than coffee super acidic because you it's actually bad to drink it every single day it's actually bad to drink caffeine period every single day we should naturally be having our own energy the fact that our society needs to stimulate first thing in the morning says a lot about what we ate yesterday right and that brings me to my next point make sure you do not eat a ton of crap before you go to bed two hour window seriously hear me out two hour window do not eat preferably three or four if you eat a oh you know good dinner whole whole food plant-based like wholesome nutrients in your belly you won't want a junk snack later on don't eat anything two hours before bed you're gonna wake up better your tummy is gonna wake up better guess what is in your tummy like 80% of your neurotransmitters did you know that yes your gut health is directly linked to your brain health so that's why you drink water in the morning that's why you do this in the morning you let your stomach chill don't Jam it the night before wake up water tea whatever and stretch okay and then while I'm sitting on my yoga mat I I do that I let my mind just go you close your eyes you can call it meditating if you want if you don't want to if that scares you and you're like oh my gosh I don't know how to close my eyes and breathe then just close your eyes and breathe and think about your life straight up I want you to close your eyes breathe and think about your life again extremely elementary but the results are powerful once you try it you're gonna you're gonna realize how powerful that is like it's seriously that simple what do I need to do okay cool what are my problems okay cool how am I gonna solve those problems okay cool what am I gonna do today to solve those problems okay bubble blah you get the point you kind of organize your life each time you wake up because if you don't if you jump on your phone and stuff like that then you're gonna be hopping on my channel and writing negative comments okay so you got to take care of your mind before you go out in the world period so that's what this video really is for is that you can you can have all of the information available to you to become successful on anything on any platform on anything in the world period but unless you have like a very good system and a healthy work environment a healthy life a healthy environment period then there's gonna be automatic roadblocks okay and I can't coach you through those roadblocks okay that's for you to figure out so that is my best advice honestly like there's there's it I give for you know actual actionable advice but this video is like the most this video is about this other half of success in general it's having your mind and your body and your soul your heart whatever you want us to call it whatever you're into I don't care but you need to chill if you want to be successful okay so just promise me that you are going to create a healthy practice in your life for waking up and for having that mental stability just when you wake up and you're thinking about these things just just choose some words that really resonate you with you for example like tell yourself just love harmony abundance or something to that effect whatever blows your hair back I don't care you could say Jesus Mary Joseph I don't I don't care you could say Buddha Quan Yin Buddha again I don't care say whatever you want say you could say Flying Spaghetti Monster if that gets you going then do that okay whatever will help you okay you get the point so I hope you enjoyed the video guys and I wanted to make this video because I feel like this is such an important aspect of success period so please like comment and subscribe and tell me what you think about this video peace

19 thoughts on “ETSY SUCCESS MORNING ROUTINE (How to be successful on Etsy and Shopify)

  1. Wow! You are an old soul! So to the point….and inspirational! You nailed what is truly important for all….thank you for this, Dave!

  2. Thanks for this video! I have to walk my dog 2km each morning before I can start on my Etsy shops. Its good to know others have a morning routine too! It just gives me separation from house to work.

  3. My routine is to walk outside before I start anything. It grounds me! These are good tips, Dave, because when I’m grounded, everything else works. Hey, thanks for the tip about Yerba Mate, I think I’m going to try it!

  4. I love your approach. I have a similar routine. I set my day up the night before. I know exactly what I have to do the next day. I also make sure my desk and workspace is tidy and ready for the next session. Organization is the key to success as well. I used to be a professional organizer so I have my entire office set up for success.

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