Etsy title writing with Marmalead . Etsy tutorials

Etsy title writing with Marmalead . Etsy tutorials

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Marmalead’s update of December 2018 gives us more accurate data for search and engagement, so it helps to see which words are being searched by customers. And by using the longtail keyword suggestions you can structure your titles in a way that will please both the customer and the search engine.

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all right so I'm looking at the marmalade the new stats where it's giving you the exact numbers instead of just a range and it's very handy because you can decide you know which order you want to put things in to make a coherent sentence because you really should be writing your titles like a coherent sentence and that's what I've always done it's what Google likes it what it's what Etsy likes now because they want their artificial intelligence to be able to figure things out and natural language is the best way to do that so once you have a decent selection of search and engagement for a keyword and listing I'm thinking of now is a little silver starfish necklace because that's the example everybody always uses but you have to think and I've been working on this for a while to find these keywords you have to try to think of who would wear it what would it be used for where would it be worn what is it all kinds of ways to describe the thing and so we start with starfish necklace because that's what it is it could be a beach lovers gift that's I came up with that one it's like oh that's a good one then you have beach necklace which is okay but the competition is really high and bridesmaid jewelry because I'm thinking if you have a beach wedding which was also a good word to put in there's like wedding jewelry beach wedding destination wedding that kind of thing this could be used for bridesmaid jewelry so I put that in and that has good search and engagement but the competition again is really high that's okay what you want to do is find some good short tail keywords that then can combine to give Etsy you know more material to come up with different longtail keyword matches so when someone searches for each jewelry for bridesmaids that's gonna come up if you have all these terms in there so the title for this one and you also want to go over to Etsy and do a reality check so I'm gonna do starfish necklace see what Etsy comes up with for suggestions and for the boxes so they have sterling silver and you would have to put it in in this order that would help but I'm just going to search for starfish necklace to see what comes up in these orange boxes and we have silver starfish necklace so that's going to be the first part of my title now I know that when I put in silver starfish necklace it drops the search and engagement really low but it also the competition and as long as starfish necklace is in your title you're still gonna get this search and engagement because it will be found for that so my title is gonna be silver starfish necklace beach lovers gift period okay so I'm writing this like it's a normal sentence okay not just a strain of keywords I'm gonna then I'm gonna say B CH necklace bridesmaid jewelry but is there a better way that I can look at that so let me see if I can narrow this down because the competition on these are so high when I put them together yes it's gonna narrow the competition down if someone searches for Beach bridesmaid jewelry but let me see if there's another word I can do so I went to the search function with beach necklace and I scrolled down and sometimes the long tail suggestions are not coming up and just the word cloud is but in this case it is coming up so here I have gold beach necklace beach neck glass necklace beach wedding necklace so that would be a good one but what I'm looking at now is the competition because if I'm gonna use a longtail keyword I want it to be lower competition so I found this one 1761 competing listings dainty beach necklace yes my necklace is dainty all right so let's go back here so my title is gonna be silver starfish necklace because that's one of the options at Etsy is giving us silver starfish necklace beach lovers gift period dainty beach necklace bridesmaid jewelry ideas okay because I always throw ideas and they're somewhere especially people are searching for bridesmaid jewelry and you have this much competition they're probably just looking for ideas so – sometimes they'll type in ideas and that will drop the competition let's see how much that drops it and it will drop the engagement – but that's okay because we know that people are looking for bridesmaid jewelry and you'll still be included for that see that drop the competition really low the engagement the search engagement is lower but we know that people are looking for bridesmaid jewelry in general so that's okay so by putting in the word ideas it just gives you it eliminates a lot of listings from the pool that you're competing against and you're still included in the larger search with the large larger search engagement so the title for this listing would be silver starfish necklace Beach lovers gift period dainty beach necklace bridesmaid jewelry ideas alright and then I might I definitely would fill in the rest of the title because I use all the space I don't care if Betsy says use a short one they just want you to not write a long string of key words with no context they want you to write a normal sentence so that's how I would write this based on these key word results and this search when you do the search and you find the longtail keywords that helps to reduce the competition and I look at the competition over here for that so that's how I would use this I'm not concerned about the competition here because I know I can knock that down by having it combined with other words but leave me any questions and see just because this says it's not a longtail keyword doesn't mean I'm not going to use it because that's really good search and engagement and cut the glue you know compared to the competition I'm not worried about this so much as just getting a good combination of words that have good search and engagement and then lowering the competition by adding more contextual words in other places just based on how these search engine finds things in the title and tags so let me know if you have questions and I will answer them as soon as I get a chance but this you know the new marma lead tools are really useful and I think it's going to be helpful for a lot of people

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  1. So would you use starfish necklace, beach lovers gift, beach necklace, and bridesmaid jewelry in the tags or silver starfish necklace, beach lovers gift, dainty beach necklace, bridesmaid jewelry ideas. The tags are where i get confused.

  2. I have learned so much from your videos and I am trying to get my shop visible how ever we make a lot one of kind fluid art (also known as Pour art jewelry) I am finding it difficult to rank because few that might buy our jewelry don't know what to call it. It is all abstract hand painted jewelry so how do I go about finding key words that will rank and be found? Any suggestions would be appreciated. At tax refund time I do plan on buying at least one of your listing reviews I am just trying to get head start on it. Thank for taking the time to read comments, answering questions, and for doing your videos and sharing your knowledge.

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