Etsy update | new digital tags kit 2 and Christmas frame kit

Etsy update | new digital tags kit 2 and Christmas frame kit

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I present you my second tags kit. This co-ordinates with the Italian papers I released previously. I also created a Christmas photo frame kit which is super fun to use!

Thank you so much!

Christmas photo frame kit:

Printable tags kit 2:

Printable co-ordinating paper kit:

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hi everyone its Rachel here I'm going to have too much more new kits before I leave super excited about this one I used a lot of these in Carol's journal Christmas journal which I have already shipped and I have a flip through Carol let me know should I publish it will I wait till you get it or should I publish it just let me know now these are like photo frames and I've used some of my old embroideries that I have and then I've used some public domain some marbled paper some of my postcards and I've created these frames and I absolutely love them now here I printed them on 160 GSM card stock and four to a page and then Twitter page because I like no I did a little bit of fussy cutting around this one here in when I used it but I left a little bit of the white you could ink it if you wanted to but it was really pretty when I attached the the acetate or the tracing paper or whatever you like behind so that's two to a page and then these I like these bigger ones are nice if you stitch them onto a page and they're a pocket as well so super pretty pocket so there's eight designs that's one of my antique Christmas letters that I have and so that's them and so they'll be going into my Etsy shop and then the other one that I've done is the tags to go with the new paper kit now again like with the other ones you'll get I printed these just some regular paper because I thought I'd put them onto cardstock you'll get the decorated page and then the plain there where's the plain one is that one I didn't print it out okay so so this is a decorated page and then oh gosh I hope I didn't did I not just not go there I was worried I'd say over the top so that's the plane isn't it beautiful lovely I mean they're just beautiful plane as well and then you get the decorated as well now I know there's a label there but what I've done what I like to do is I like to make them a little bit transparent so they do they're all incorporated into the design you know like you can kind of see the background through them so that's those two then there's this this is the plane here and then for you to decorate and then this is the decorated here you can see the difference and as you can see slightly transparent and sometimes I brighten them as well yeah make them brighter I think step you did that one and then yeah we did those ones together so love those if you haven't seen them for a few days they took forever so that's this one here and then here decorated and then plane and then decorated it's quite a lot of pages and then so this is plane yeah and as I said I love the plane as well but it was a bit of fun to decorate them too so just a different look so for example this is a Renaissance portrait and I removed all of the background some beautiful end papers from the graphics very premium membership this is from the New York Public Library so whole mix of of yummy things there and then that's the plane and then here with the plane really for decorating and then oh sorry this one it sucked at the paper through so it's chopped off at the top just ignore that it won't be chopped off in the file it just you know the printer just took the paper through and and didn't worry whether it was printing in the right spot or not so that's the decorated and that's the plane so that's going to be in my shop as well so maybe you know I've been videoing all day I know I haven't done a crafty video for a few days I have done millions of crafty videos to be honest it's just I haven't what and what has happened is there I've and I'm being I've done a bit of a series and and so they'll be published down the track while I'm away so I've got a lot for you um while I'm away but why don't we just do one of these I love it I mean that look they don't even need anything really so basically I'll just show you what I do with them I'll cut out one of these and it's my new obsession so I'll cut that out I don't even know how many videos I have to upload today I don't even know if any more videos will fit me my telephone oh and my video and my telephone might cut out I'll just show you give you an idea I won't actually make one if you know what I mean so with these I actually just used tracing paper rather than the acetate because the tracing paper is faster it's easier to handle and faster so you if they're fairly easy to cut out just turn around and get your little scissors out and trim around and and then you get your I've got a piece of tracing paper here it just so happens leftover and grab it come on up you come here we go use a piece of tracing paper I just put up there and eyeball it so just trim it along and then yes my table is looking fairly orderly now I haven't finished one thing that I really needed to finish before I leave but I'll just have to crack onto that at another time that's that and then what all I did was I just put a bit of glue around here just to give you an idea how they work then put your I know my screen here so glue down your tracing paper like that and then it's pretty much ready to go and then you can get like a a nice you can make this into sort of like a tag I like to get my if it's going to be a top-loading pocket then I like to get my punch and punch out that more or less in the middle so just say find a well anyway this could do this color could be this miss so for example that to me is just gorgeous so I would stitch that on there and and then and then you've got a tag and make it a tag or you could have it on this side even that sides nice with the writing but have that or you can have that side with the copy underneath or the green so they're really cool I really love them and you can stitch them in a pocket or you can make them into tags put them on a flip-out you could think out to the same you could print out to the same and then have like a see-through window on both sides if you wanted to see look isn't that gorgeous so that's what I do and then and then you make a tag do I have any Christmas tags left over then you make a tag I don't I've got one of these don't know if one of those all work let's have a look so then and then you slip that in there and you can see in I'm off-screen you can see inside so I love those so that's writing behind is always nice yeah so that those are a lot of fun I think oh here's some that I already I already had leftover and I stitch around the center there as well so that's what you do with those so and many and many options and I would love to hear if you come up with anything fancy smancy they'd also be really nice on on on a journal cover and you have a little thing I think I did that didn't I you could put them on to an antique envelope I had an antique envelope floating around somewhere like you could put them on to an antique envelope like this and that can be like the brown stamps put it there and then that's a tuck now topped I can stick that on your cover that was inspired by the lovely having a mental blank I've done too many videos today what's her name Robin Dudley how I was going to say Reuben Bernie I just did a video talking about her so yeah so yep that's that's really great and then of course there's gonna be the tag as well so thank you for watching and I'm sorry I will try my best to get a crafting video done tomorrow tomorrow's my dad got a runaround and attack and remember things and better make a list and yeah I'm not going to still got a few things to get and give some things like that and get the suitcases down from the garage and oh I just love these tags so yep so tomorrow will be a busy day but I might be able to fit in a three in 30 I think I've got two letters to do before I go I don't know the other letters what Tina's doing for them so I couldn't pre-record them maybe I should have asked her but I didn't know she might not like that because then she might be worried I might post it before but I wouldn't post it before but anyway anyway so that's that's it I'm gonna let you go and I'm gonna go and sit organize these kids so thank you for watching bye

38 thoughts on “Etsy update | new digital tags kit 2 and Christmas frame kit

  1. Rachel, all of your kits are wonderful! I know you will have a very special visit with your family. May all the joys and blessings of this special Season be with you and your family. Thank you Rachel for sharing your talents so freely with us.

  2. Sorry, you are probably already on your way to Australia (I am so behind in my watching) but just in case, you are free to publish at any time. So looking forward to receiving another work of art made by your hands! Safe travels!

  3. fabulous kit, great designs. i love the tags so much, especially the undecorated ones, but both are fabulous. great photographie, you used them well. i watched them three times. i'm just so impressed with your creative combinations. can't wait for the upcoming series, and i wish you a very beautiful stay in australia!

  4. Hi Rachel!!! Everything you make is beautiful!!! Your working so hard right now with making videos for us while getting ready for your trip. Take a break with your cup of coffee or tea and relax. Write a list of everything you need to take , that really really really helps. (I know you've probably have done that) I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Have a great time with your family. I can hear the laughter of you and your sister in my head from memory when she was there in Italy with you and your family last year.🙂🎄 XoXo Liz

  5. Have wonderful vacations with your family and think to take a big breath because you’re the most important person in your life.After Christmas I will be able to get your beautiful digital thank you very much Rachel big hugs to you and Loulou sorry if I didn’t write her name right .xxxx

  6. Love everything! The italian papers are one of my all time favourite kits, so i need to have the tags also😍 I thought i am done with Christmas digis, i have enough, but i don't have this windows 😁 so they are needed too. Just beautiful! Have a great vacation with your family, enjoy every minute of it, will be a beautiful Christmas on the other part of the world. And take all the sun you can , bring it here 🤗

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