Even more on longtail keywords...Etsy SEO tips

Even more on longtail keywords…Etsy SEO tips

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If you don’t understand how longtail keywords are found in etsy, go do a search for anything with 4 or 5 words in the description. Just make it up. Now go to see if the listings that come up have those words in the same order in the title and tags. THEY WON’T, because that’s not how Etsy works (or most search engines, for that matter.) And guess what, it doesn’t matter, the listings will still be found because longtail keywords usually have a lot less competition! Keep the matchy-matchy for high-competition short tail searches, repeat your short tail anchor keywords in the title and tags, then just start adding more terms. (Go look at my “New Marmalead” video if you don’t know what that means: )

And here’s the other longtail keyword video I mentioned in this one:

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3 thoughts on “Even more on longtail keywords…Etsy SEO tips

  1. Hello Kara,

    I would like to ask how to separate long tail keywords in tags. As example if I have in title “wedding gift for flower girl gift” and my long tail keyword is “wedding gift for flower girl” so I need to write tags as “wedding gift for” and “flower girl” to be exact for keyword “wedding gift for flower girl” or I could write second tag “flower girl gift” and will be count as exact?

    Thank you so much for all your videos!!! I am looking and learning from them over and over again 🙂 Wish you all the best in your such creative shops!!!


    P.S. I also have a comment about orange boxes, I hope it will be useful for other viewers. I saw your video about them and as it was not shown on my screen (I am from Europe) so I changed the preferences of the country at the bottom of my Etsy page to “United States” and the orange boxes are shown, voila!!! I am using Safari as my browser.

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