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so what is happening guys welcome back to a new that League SBC play a review we ended up getting the Syria SBC yesterday we were given dole bag and ton le to really really good cards that are very very usable we've also got the new team with we comin else as well got a couple of decent players in there like Soviets non-human and also Kimmage as well which looks like a decent Bundesliga option as well bore relatively quite to be honest through jet and also with the patch the new patch coming out let me know in the comments down below have you felt any of a difference from the five to six games at of ends of the playing over the last couple of hours after the patch of come in the game feels waste to be honest which air it feels that there's a little bit more delay they were supposed to be a passing and shooting type of patch I do believe and it's gone pretty to be honest with ya I can't really lie it the gameplay feels a little bit more sluggish a little bit slower but you know we are in that peak period so we'll see what it's like over the next couple of hours when you know peak time is a little bit off as well we've also got new champions league stuff may be coming else as well and some six o'clock content for for this video we're gonna be getting the ton le SBC done if you've been looking at the city a squad not sure which player to pick up faced a Wenzel doom boson has taken me and I ended up making a decent bit of profit from saving up a lot of them for getting dull bits of face and look getting some decent packed polls like Tiago Silva Bernardo silver and a couple of Hugo LA Reese's as well so ends up making a fairly decent amount of profit getting that card only have to pay a couple plays ball pretty much have to buy every single team or um yes again just to get the turn LEDs on so this one's come out a little bit later so apologies for that but saying if you do enjoy the video guys doesn't seem any reviews outs as well so a thought that we'll do this review it looks like a really good card and he is a very very good card indeed as well so if you do enjoy the video guys leave a like on the video if you must be appreciated subscribe to the channel if you want to I want to see some more content and go and check out some of the other stuff like I said if you're looking at this tonigh review I'm wondering whether dole bag might be the player for you then go and check that reveals as well and then see what you think there's a couple of cards that are very very similar to this guy when it comes to ton le eighty four races overall and he feels very very similar to an on goal or Conte at around 350 to 400 coins that's how much on goal of Conti is last time I checked it on whether his place is going up now and but this town le card can definitely make a good argument for why he's one of the best central defensive midfielders in the game in my personal opinion he's got some really good overall stats as well in the 80s considering he's an 84 rated player with the stutter he's got in game this card really should be an 87 88 with what he's got considering how EA have done the ratings this year so he's got 80s across the board apart from his shooting which is 75 but it's got the eighty-five pace 84 dribble and 83 passing and defending and 86 physicality some of the stats at standouts as well the 89 acceleration the 86 shot power the 88 long pass and the 85 sure person also 81 balanced 85 composure dribbling and 82 m82 composure 85 ball control and dribble and then some of the defensive stats as well 85 interceptions 89 strength in his physicals 86 aggression 81 defensive awareness and slide tackle an 83 stand tackle my god this card is absolutely awesome he's fantastic I'm a really good defensive minded me fielded as well medium highway great he's got the four star weak foot which is always something you're gonna want from him I feel there he is right foster dominantly as well but his left foot is very very good definitely a holding of possession playing is it you know a Satan brand of football as well if you like to play the ticket and stuff like that you can definitely do that in a defensive midfield spot he's not someone who it's just gonna be physical and to really have a lot of a lot of talent or technical ability where he's just gonna run through people he's just gonna put a lot of work rate and he's gonna be able to do that and he's got a really good amount of technicality I'm fully towards him as well and really fast and foremost that pace is definitely something that a lot of people are gonna be looking at for central midfielders I know that you can get away with not having the know a huge amount of pace a lot of people will put a shadow Kemp style on the likes of these cards or an anchor cam style I genuinely think the yank em styles probably the best on forums you want to maybe use them as more of a central midfield I rather than a central defensive midfield debt than an engine cam Styles gonna be a very good one as well just to really top up some of them passing stats and give him a nice boost when it comes to his pace ball with an anchor Kemp style you're gonna get him to around 90 91 pace and really top up his physical stats as well making very very physically dominant and very strong and then increase his defensive stats which makes him very very good as not only a central defender may feel that along some cover whether that's a dream on my field or a tumor field but even as a lone central defense in the field that I thought he was very very good as well but some of the stats that was really pleased with with the ones going forward assure past the 85 and as long past 88 it's absolutely fantastic which means his possession base plays very good you want to slow the game down or you want to dictate the tempo then he's gonna be able to help you do that and some of his linka plays fantastic as well ends up getting a couple of assists in the games that answer the pine him in as well just playing him a little bit further for without the likes of Michael Ballack to cover in insane areas and I didn't really feel like that the midfield was too defensive I felt that Ballack is is quite a good option going forward as well and it is a well-rounded central defensive midfield there but for me I don't really feel like Bower his a lone defensive midfield if while you use them a little bit longer than my personal opinion I think that he's very very cold around some decent Cova who it can go low buffet the fold and I thought Tinelli is a little bit more of the the whole package this is definitely Michael Ballack baby cards were talking about as well I think his higher cards he's definitely a better all-around hood car but his baby icon and I thought that the Tinelli card did a lot more for me going forward than the Michael Ballack car for baloff was absolutely fantastic I was just covering in spaces the 10 aliens would leave him going forward but he's able to do that to Nelly because of how good its dribbling stats and also his class and stats are as well the four star weak force as well is absolutely crucial in some of the the forward passes that he's gone in the plane didn't really lose possession with him from a poor passport and I feel that the the passing mechanic still there's still a problem with it when it comes to trying to aim to a certain player it goes in a different direction or the power doesn't really read and for the power and then they sin delay or button delay or in-game responsiveness I'm not entirely sure what it is but it's definitely something that's there it's definitely something that's not been improved upon it's definitely an issue that's not been fixed yeah and it's definitely something that you will notice not with just an ally but with every single player on the game and I felt the turn Ellie's pattern overall was still fantastic regardless of them issues that were having in the game anyway somebody's ball control dribble and stats are very good so he is fairly quick getting you know using the ball and again if you're gonna put something like an engine camp-style on you're really gonna increase that agility really gonna increase that balance and he can plays a little bit of a deep-lying playmakers someone who's a little bit of a ball carrier pick the ball up in a deep area and then move himself or with a little bit maybe chink past one or two players maybe play a one two and then based look the feel very very quickly or link up with other players and you can find themselves a little bit more of an advanced area to maybe make a a better pass forward thinking pass which will create a chance or possibly go for you as well it's balanced the way is this very very good nose very pleased with reactions are decent enough I don't think the necessarily incredible bore I don't think it's something that you're gonna necessarily little hand go this is there's no way I'm paying this card because of his reactions he's got 80 reactions which I think he's okay for a central defensive midfielder but say it's some of the other stats he's got the ball control the dribble and SATs absolutely fantastic he's very good on the ball very good getting past the player or two as well very good running into a bit of space and he is quick on the ball regardless of all that anyway then some of his defensive stats it reads the game very very well got himself an influence of an opponent's very very easily and I think with some of the the passer mechanics as well with effect on all the players if they're not necessarily aiming the ball into a say an area Antonelli's in the in its cover in a man and he's in that space where he can get the ball back he's gonna make her go to counsel himself and he's gonna at least knock the ball on so that it doesn't go specifically where the opponent wants it to go audio possibly pick until picking the ball up and helping hit a counter-attack on with the long past and the short passing stuff that he's got he's gonna make a good fist of the counter-attack and opportunities that you end up getting especially if you've got a decent you know you fairly aware where your players are at the time when you pick the ball up with Cinelli is long person and sure pass that absolutely fantastic in them areas as well and it's definitely something that I recommend if you do play a counter-attack in style of football and he's good defensively he's gonna cover a lot of ground he's gonna be able to close down space really quickly he's gonna pick the ball up really well as well and then he's gonna have that passing ability in order to play the ball out whether it's a simple short pass or whether it's a long pass the wire plays or a pass to a fullback or even a a through ball cross or just across to a strike head he's gonna be able to do a lot of it all in my opinion some of his talk on starts fantastic as well but like I've said it's very very easy to make him massively overpowered with a decent camera style I sent Khem style a backbone a guardian and anchor shadow they're all gonna improvement different ways and like I've said in all of the other videos that have done when it comes to camera styles it's all based on what position you want to claim in and what your preference is in games you want them as a little bit more of a central me feel they're then an ankle camp style or shadow comes down maybe won't be the best for an engine cam style possibly a whole camp style could even be a decent one for them as well put in a defensive zone area and Sentinel Guardian and care they are all gonna be the best ones for them and then physically it's got a really good amount of strength very good stamina wise so we can do pretty much what he's doing throughout the entirety of the game and then some decent aggression as well not the best jumpin but a 5-11 it's going to be fairly competitive in the air and but with that jump and that may need a little bit of work as well which is why in Incheon kanka camp style may be the best one for handball a fantastic player really good value as well if you're gonna grand a league SBC and not pay for Wall Street swell way like I did for this one but a phenomenal play and so when I can't recommend enough and some of the would recommend massively for your ultimate team if you need to see the ABS that's gonna be for this video guys and this review so if you have enjoyed don't forget to live like comment share and subscribe and go for watching I'll see you all next on


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