Flosstube 46 - Getting those last stitches in!

Flosstube 46 – Getting those last stitches in!

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my fellow stitchers welcome back I'm Vicki stitching button for those that are coming here for the first time today's date is December 4th and this is video number 46 I am back to tell you how much I didn't get done that's okay I mean I did stuff but not a lot of stitching not as much as I wanted to didn't finish my homework for magical stitches and I haven't joined in on any worse than my singing stuff but there's reasons so is a reason right excuse excuses are tools of competence to build monuments to nothing and there is a usually specialize in them or sell them good and anything else it's a poem trust me anyway I actually have reasons I've been busy I it's not like I've been totally slacking so we'll get into it I started a project that is not sitting right here now is it everything together I went to look for this and I saw something shiny and never pulled it out okay so let me get into the homework that I didn't do because it's several parts and you know you had to do so few stitches here few stitches there what I did do was I started my homework and I did some on aqua city this is aqua city there's heaven earth designs I'm really bad about the artwork people I never mentioned them Ciro Marchetti this is gorgeous I'm loving this but I have not felt like working on a lot of full coverage lately and I guess it's because I have some smells that I just want to get done what I did here oh hey hey might be able to see the blue this time I filled in some of this that's it that's all I got done just a little bit maybe 50 stitches but it's progress and if I don't show it then I got a here Linda complaint so there you go Belinda you see a little bit on that huge piece I then tried to work on cuz I was I think the week before last week's homework that I just did then I was like okay I'm gonna do homework this time and I pulled out my Mirabel yeah I pulled out my memorabilia I said okay let me get some homework done and I probably only did about 55 stitches and stop this is a midsummer night fairy by Maribel iya she's been long-running since before 2007 before I left filling and all I worked on was the darker flesh I think that's about all but she's she's getting every little stitch counts right I didn't work on any chronic on this this time because so and I am almost done I was actually stitching this a little bit earlier so there was a string still attached but I'm working I'm working on it I'm almost done guys sweet home sampler by Mary englebright and I'll have to insert a picture here this is like it's gotta be two my oldest one besides memorabilia and I finished all the full stitches they're all done I started I did all the black back stitching really pops on these letters I did all the black back stitching in here I did the windows that's a brown then there's another Brown that goes along this walkway I did that and then I just started I finished the stems for the flowers on one side and I was working on the other side here to get those stunt yeah I'm working on the the top side of to get all those stems done and then there's flowers up in here and vines and a couple lazy daisies I think on this side there's some lazy Daisy here and then there's a bunch of French knots to go in down there and then I'll be done so I think it's coming out pretty decent I think about the back stitching in the cottage alone really made it pop a little bit more made a little bit more animated so I'm happy with that I'm just hoping it comes up clean if not I'll figure it out you know I will can't fix it feature it so I also the one that I turned around to grab I started a new one I wanted to get in on the Christmas elves this is one that I showed you I believe the last video this is by Romina and she's rubbish creations and that's her website there and I do believe I'll have the Blake the blank but what's it called again the link below and this is all is just $12 what you do is you let her know you would like it you email her and you PayPal her $12 and all of its it's you I think it's on her personal page on Facebook I sent her $12 she emailed me the chart and it first she only emailed me the English part but then she sent me they tell you import to I started it in Italian for a friend of mine and this is how far I've gotten I'm doing DMC be fifty two hundred to make the white pop on that better and it's really not wavy it's just the way I have it stretched but uh let me see and 310 and then the rest are the rami creations let me see here's the colors I chose it's not the color she put down I mean she puts her colors she does list her colors part of the contest is that you stitched the chart and you used at least one of her threads doesn't mean you have to use the call for it but you have to use at least one of her threads and have it stitched and send the picture by December 20th and then you go in for a drawing she's got four great little packages that she's giving out she will do a drawing for anybody that finished and if there's enough participation she'll throw in a fifth one so if nothing else guys this is really cute and I and I usually don't go for the cutesy little people but I do actually think this is adorable I know there's a lot of people out there that like tiny modernist and frosted pumpkins the tree and that's right along that this fabric is by does stitch there now fabric layer and I think cavort does have some type of snowflake print but I'm not sure if it's this exact one you can find fabric Flair I had 70 sore legs crossed a tree I'll put her link below she's got a lot of different choices she's got just about anything that he carries she can get so she's got a good rapport with him and she gets a lot of stuff let's see I have a finish December is finish that stitch and virtual stitchers Sammy J started it and I decided you know what I have a whole bunch that are so close to a finish that I had to get in on that and try to push myself to get some things finished sweet house and boy is one of them so that's why I want to get that done get that out of my way and I have a list it's right here of the 110 I want to get elegant squid done I would like to get elevenses done sweet home sampler I have that you girls mascot that I started I think I can get that and I want to get Christmas elves done so I think my focus after sweet home sampler is gonna be the Christmas elves and possibly because squirrel I like to change it up I might possibly pull out the Eagles mascot Scott and or elegant squid I'm sort of for going on homeworks and I don't know I don't know I'm not even sorry the dog is giving the table I don't think I'm gonna be doing anything unless it happens to run into what I'm already into I'm not doing any more challenges until January when I can Messala and figure out what I'm doing because it's it was starting to stress me out and I'm not gonna let it stress me out so I have a finish finished just go please go didn't take me too long I just had to finish up the coffee cups down here this is called my goodness this is called a little coffee it's by Lizzie Kay and it comes with the fabric and two little buttons which you're supposed to put here I decided not to put them on there I just put them in my stash for something else I stitched it up using Vicky Clayton silks anything I had on hand and the cars I liked and with over dyed threads and if you watch Audrey she'll tell you she meanders on her / dies I also do the same thing I don't call it meandering so much I call it careful placement there's times when you really want the variegation to be something like this one I didn't want him to go straight across I serve one to go up and down so that's what I did with that I I think that gives the cup a little bit more depth and then for these ones this one I did in a swirl I think this one I did up and down this one I definitely did up and down on purpose to sort of give it a more striped effect this one it didn't matter I just went across this one I started sort of going to swirl and I did it in a pack that's a long way what you prefer that's what I preferred I ended up throwing in this spoon if you haven't seen it already like hey where that's been come from I ordered that spoon and I thought was gonna be a smaller charm it wasn't so I just tossed it to the side it was in a little baggie sitting on my table for ever sort of getting in my way and I'm like I'm just tired of looking at the spoon don't know where to put it and then when I was finishing this up lo and behold the spoon was there again and it was perfect cuz it went right on top of the spoon that I actually stitched and I liked it so that's that somebody actually gave me an idea do I want to do it in one of those cubes because I just had a whole bunch of cube finishes which you can see in not this Sunday's video from just keep stitching like the previous Sunday's video I did a whole bunch of cubes for them and they showed them in the video and I might if this fits on a cube I might do it I don't know if it's going to though this might be a little too long but it's an idea there's a possibility there who knows maybe I'll just find a little frame to put it in or I was even thinking my friend April April Taylor she she watched my videos hi April I'm giving you a shout-out April does the paddles and horn books and stuff and I have some of earth and I was actually thinking if I'm wondering if that would fit on one so I could hang it in the kitchen like a cutting board type thing if not April you might be making me one to fit I don't know I'll put April's link below she has a Facebook and I know she's on I see but I'm not sure if she has anything in her Etsy right now if it is I'll put it below also and I'm writing myself a note cuz you know you forget as soon as you turn the off button so that was when I stitched it but I did do sewing I had to make some bags for an order so I did and then I finished those five bags and then I did I just finished another five bags earlier today I've been slowly working on those and then I'd done a zipper pulls and so those are five orders so all that got done like I said it's not that I'm not doing anything it's just I'm just doing a lot of different things I won just wait uh I wanted to find out how to speak the English language and make words I want to wish Carly I stitch what I want I want to wish you a happy birthday she is this fellow Sagittarian I do believe her birthday was a day or two ago I forget the exact date but I know she was a week after month it was probably today's Wednesday it was Saturday birthday which would be the 30th maybe it was the first December hey Carly I have an itchy eye it's one of those days okay so on my finished list real quick because I'm still looking at it hopefully I can get all this done if by chance I like really get in there and get those done and it's not the end of the month yet then my next one is gonna be to try to knock out as much on midsummer night fairy as possible and I have a couple others I have a good friends by sue Hillis and then I also have Dorothy's discovery that doesn't seem like it should take two two too long to do I doubt if I'll get to those but we'll say there's always possibilities I opened it out so I could you know I could I have a few plans that I'm gonna do and what I want to do about that I've been trying to figure out I was gonna put into the videos so when I want to I do want to do a whip parade I'm like I'm doing in this video what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a separate video of it what parade and it's not going to be today I will release that along the way it won't be on a regular Wednesday it'll just be eventually when I find enough space on his table I'll pull them all out and I'll show them and we'll see where I'm at and what I've got going on and you guys can give me some feedback maybe on anyway so there will be a whip pray before the end of the year just to show you what I've got going on and we'll talk about that later I also have not finished making all my plans for next year I was sort of feeling like I don't know where to go with it all over the place getting pulled here pulled there let's do this let's do that and I was making the list for the virtual stitchers stitch along and that sort of gave me an idea because savings got monthly stitch along is going on there and then there's other stitch along that I may or may not join I've have decided not to join the January 1st Hawk run hallo only because I don't have the fabric for it I don't have it together if it was kidded that I'd started why not but I don't have a fabric for it I need to order it I'm not I'm not stressing about it I could start at any time I want and as you know I don't try to stress myself over what I'm gonna do and set concrete boundaries I sort of give myself goals and go along the path and just enjoy the stitch you know it if it becomes a job and stressful that I'm not going to want to do it and then nothing gets done so if I'm enjoying it and I want to get it done and I put my pressure on to just get it done so I can get a finished and that's great but I'm not gonna let it drive me nuts I'm crazy on my own but it's special right alright so that's not a plan but I will have more plans and and I might even do it a whole separate video on what I plan to do or I might put it in in two weeks to the once I get a chance to just sit down and breathe with everything else I've been doing it's just I haven't wanted to pull everything out and figure out what's there I still have my little bag over there though I'm filling up with kitted stuff and I'm gonna show you something I kidded this week there's a bit over the past week about a week ago I want to say all right only a few more things we need to touch on I have things that I purchased and I received some stuff in the mail for my birthday let's talk about my birthday for my birthday I didn't do anything I received a five-pound bag of gummy bears the Albanese they're absolutely delicious they really are the world's best gummy bears my best friend Gina sent me a five-pound bag I still have at least three pounds so calm down for those that were giving me a hard time I'm doing good I'm doing good I also received a package from my just friend Jalen and that's where this kidding thing happened okay so let's go with what I got in the mail floored floor first of all I received some socks emoji socks her and I send socks to each other all the time these are the two pairs she taught me I think they're cool the candy she sent me yeah that's not here anymore cuz she knows I like gummies so she also sent me I didn't even have the box jail on because that confetti hey I just found another piece of confetti she put a whole bunch of that metallic confetti in the box all over the place anything that had plastic it was sticking to it it said happy birthday head stores different colors of driving me crazy oh there's some in this package safe she sent me this get this Star Wars kick she knows I like Star Wars all right then I received this is this fabric flare is made for stitching Express which is the Cindy Sorley site look at this sure this purple on this side I saw this and j1 was like I'll catch a piece and she did I can't believe it I was looking and I really liked it you know it's white on one side now this silver is printed on the fabric so that being said for the most part you can see where the stitches are but you're gonna need some good light at a decent needle because it does cover up some of the holes just so you know it does cover it and these holes are pretty tight because I got 32 count so if you're worried about that and you'd like this fabric anyway you might want to go with the larger cowl maybe a 28 count or Anita I went with 32 because that's my favorite I'm pretty sure oh no this is 28 JLo just 28 count I thought it was 32 it might be 28 but I'm sort of small maybe you just tighter together ought to do a swatch test in the corner but anyway you might want to go with an ADA if you're worried about it or have something it has a solid color because it does cover up some of the holes alright alright let's keep moving along I received Mirabelle yeah this is Garden Prelude now jaylen already started this one she's got a lot of the bottom the skirt done and she sent me this and she actually has a thread – she forgot to put him in the bag but she sent me the beads so this will be a future start now you know I told you I think I only want to start another mirror hitter this one so my next mirrors first of all is gonna be my Happy Hooker we will be doing a hashtag Happy Hooker sale for those that want to do the Baker's wife cuz that's gonna happen so I've already been looking into what kind of fabric I want to do for her and it's gonna be sometime next year it's not gonna be right away I need to finish midsummer night very first once she's done that I'll start another one no the biggest thing is this pile right here this was also in the box and it's lovely I'm gonna save this one for last the one I actually ended up kidding so Cindy had made an announcement she was gonna put in one last order with her name Lina Lawson because not that she's not making the charts and we're putting the charts anymore it's the fact that it takes so long to get home from her I know she's been having some issues at home and some kind of personal issues or health issues I'm not I don't know the whole story so don't go buy the you know I just know that she's having problems getting orders filled has taken her a long time to get anything I mean up to 16 months so it's like that bad so Cindy put in one last order with her because she doesn't want to you know give bad customer service and I had given Jay long a list as to what I wanted to get you know if she had them and she actually got me everything on a list except for one I can't believe it and she said it for my birthday between her and Cindy they sign up for my birthday which absolutely floors me really really floored me so let me show you what I got denis me o baba yaga that person i was just looking at the first it almost looks like there's a piece of fabric over it but i bet you that's all in the chart i don't know to find out so i haven't opened it yet but look at it and then this is brig and doon this is Jean and I know this is Gina her favorite color is green and this one's me in the blue cuz that's my favorite color so definitely had to get that then we have a bunch of these this one is gnome and snail and these are big charts the charts are printed pretty large no problem sanded them that only gets my page break anxiety up but that's okay at least it'll be easy to read I've got great journey look at the details in that look at that house which on Pig yes please yes I need a witch on a pig why because it's there I don't know it sort of looks like I don't know his leg is stuck maybe he's just in mid walk but and then there's squirrel that red squirrel okay I think those are some fairies in there too yeah they are fairies or sprites so cool gnome and owl that's another thing I'm gonna show part of the chart here to see you could see what its gonna look like throw a color charts and they're huge huge gnome and now look how cool that is and I think they do this I make them real big because there's so much back stitching in it yeah spoiler alert there's a lot of back stitching in it which I think I'd want to do as I went along because there is so much but if they since they do it so much back steps its larger so you can tell what actually goes in there you know when you're doing the dimensions you can't tell what that symbol is well you can hear trick-or-treat and I thought it was a tea or cross he was on and when I noticed is this is trick-or-treat and that it's the letter T for a reason they actually have other letters also in this series I like this one my dog is chewing cookie what's going on with this feet so it looks like me my I'm not sure that here that could be me in the morning I'm loving her and little Krampus Gary did this one from sunshine stitchers I had to get this one get him he's dropped in his coal all over the place and then I ended up having a vote on virtual stitches on which one I want to start this one ended up winning out Hedgehog house look how cute he is and a pointy nose driving too cute so I decide let's go ahead and get it well it's a lot of I did it all on DMC it is charted in DLC it's a lot of Gray's I mean I know it's in baggies but trust me it's a lot of Gray's and some Purple's some muted purples a couple of light blues and white or is that not like 38 65 it's not white so those are the colors that we need to go with and I pulled out some and this one one I am going to stitch this on this is the new peddlers through I showed this fabric this actually uses I got a quarter yard this is an eighth this is using an eighth yard and this is what I'm gonna do it on I think it's gonna look really cool in there I know there's grounds on here but I don't think they're really because it's mostly gray on the outside of the Hedgehog I think it's just gonna work out fine and I think it's gonna really be cool on this this is 32 count peddlers brew she's got two different kinds of peddlers brew if you're interested on her Etsy and I'll have her link below but I'm using it called for a DMC and and that's also gonna be a historic sometime next year I haven't put it into a project bag but I've got my working copy ready and it's huge that one thing is two pages worth of Charak oh and she does a lot of blends on a lot of those there's blends a couple have like two pages of blending this piece on 14 count would be 7 and 3/4 by 10 inches stitched so it's not huge but it's a two-page chart because they put it so large which is kind of nice anyway and I think all the back stitching is either yeah it's at a pewter gray or black which is kind of nice it's like beginners Lina Lawson for beginners trust me so thank you thank you for my gummy bears Tina and thank you for my box J long loved it I also received where'd it go I think Stephanie a birthday card that's got clutter on it and crafts herpes on it all right there is a sow going on starting January 10th and it my friend Connie is the designer she owns and designs Connie G's designs that's her she has got an Etsy shop and it's Connie G's designs all one word GE e and I'll have her link below and she's gonna have a sale store in January 10th and I decided that I was gonna do this one wish up on the store anyway so I picked wish upon a star I have not started kidding it yet because it's not January and I got what almost a month right it's my 20th time she uses DMC colors but I think what I want to do is go through my loads of Victoria motto and picked that pick out those threads first and then I'll figure out what kind of fabric I want to put it on from the looks of this oh my wondering what it would look like if I did it like a drama I don't know we'll see we'll stitch it up see what happens afterwards that's Connie G's designs I will put her link below she also has a fish book or if she's having this sau-lan and it's gonna be hashtag Connie G Sal I will put the link to the group below also so if you want to check her out check out her designs check out her group and possibly join in on the stitch long that would be great I took advantage of a sale actually a couple of sales and one of them they're both on Etsy silk stitches pattern it's all one word and I don't know if it's one of the Russian designers or not but I really like hummingbirds and they had a sale and I think I got on 50% off I got this hummingbird design look how pretty that is love that and same designer sloppy sloppy he looks like he's gonna be pretty quick stitched to just a little bit of back stitching I think that's going to be really cute so excited alright and then 50% off and I don't know if they still have that because it was your Cyber Monday and Black Friday and all that but we'll of Willow Hill samplings I got this for 50% off I bought one of the I call it power you're on Paul Revere's ride not too long ago when they had another sounds they got a 25% off I think this was a 50% though and it's the whole preamble so don't know when I'm gonna do that one but I did print out the first page so I don't forget that I have it I forgot to show last time and I got number eleven all my ornaments this one I actually like guys I actually like this one it has little red light buttons and I like the tree I do I think it's cute little birds cute like that I have one more month to go we'll see what it looks like I obviously have not signed up for next year's not interested to more things and we are done I bought some stuff from Michaels Oh for Thanksgiving all right we went to we didn't leave until the afternoon so we got over to Cracker Barrel and no I knew there was gonna be a wait I was already I knew that was gonna be on the way I was prepared so I went in I put our name coffee brought to you by the enterprise um I put our name in and then I went and sat in the car for about 20-25 minutes and they called names on the intercom but you can't hear it if you're sitting in the car obviously but I knew it was gonna be awhile and about 25 maybe 30 minutes went by and I was like alright let's make our way in so we did it and you know they for those that don't know the Cracker Barrel is not just a restaurant but it has like a little general store type thing with anything from clothes to tchotchkes and of course the Christmas fazil so there's ornaments and everything like that and they've candy and cups and so the old timing stuff and anyway so we went in and we looked around because why not we had time and just when I was gonna go ask I just make sure that they didn't call our name already they called our names so we got to sit down I think our total weight from the time I actually signed up to the time we sat down was men hour which is not at all food was pretty good I would have preferred the jellied cranberry sauce over the relish cuz it's got chunks in it and the sweet potato mash with pecans that was kind of sweet for me it was kind of sweet everything was pretty decent you got a piece of ham piece of turkey and stuffing the stuffing was really good and I didn't I need it all I didn't eat the bread and I couldn't fit the pie so brought that home and then after we laughed we went over to Michael's Michael's had their doorbuster sale and I bought they have bins that have smaller bins in it cuz you need a bin and a bin and they it's geared towards photos and it's grown up looking it's sixteen smaller bins into one large bin to hold them all and therefore 4×6 photos so those are normally $40 nobody ever pays $40 come on now you use a 40% off coupon anyway they had it for $10 so I bought two of them and I'm putting my needle blender supplies in them and I went through it took me a couple hours but like syrup get it in mind and I got them all in there I'm really happy with the way it looks it's a lot easier to get to them when I get orders it along with that my with Chris Murphy's all over it and I could tell cuz I was outside when I felt the card and I was like this doesn't feel right so I opened it up outside and a lot of this came off can you see that yeah that stuff uh-huh it's still falling off Carla Thanks I found some over on my table the other day she sent me a Christmas card it's cute and in there she sent me this and it looks like a matchbook but it's not it is I need a book how cute is that it's a little bit of felt and she's got 26 and 28 sized needles in here I just thought that was adorable and I told her I was gonna steal her design and she is totally fine with that she said she doesn't wrote I don't think she remembered where she found the idea but you know we all have to do something I thought this is cute I actually made some the other day with some scrapbooking paper and that's where this comes in I also I like to buy a lot of the clearance stuff from stuff like this off I'll make little cards and stuff like that with scissors and if I'm doing some of the needle minders and study using business card after business card if it's multiples up I'll cut a piece of this and put it on there for different things or make these thread drops and I actually took some of the other papers that I have and sliced them up and made some of those books and in mind I have scrap linen I mean literal scraps like this that I keep saw me I'm gonna cut just a little piece of linen and put it in there instead of looking for felt for it I'm sure I have felt in here in this room somewhere I'm sure I do so thank you for the idea Carla I love that I also got another idea from Karlin when I was watching one of her videos she was talking about how when you're doing having art designs not all of the colors they call for you don't need a whole scheme some of them don't use that money so what I've decided to do taken from that idea she was talking about put it on project cards but they get tangled but I'm taking some of that idea and I'm gonna go through my hands and see what only needs like when I say astray and I mean like the whole six pieces of the string but I'm thinking about just figuring out what I'm gonna need and put the partials on project cards and then keep the full skeins for the ones that I know that I'm going to be pretty much so false game for I think cut it down on the bags cuz most of them are in bags and on rings like this but there's obviously tons more than just this and it just gets to be a lot to go through so I think doing now with the project core it's gonna be a decent idea I just have to find time to sit down and figure out what I couldn't pull on ozone what I can't and my last thing is the giveaway winner earlier today earlier today I did the random common picker for my last video I did not videotape it because if you don't trust me a lot I don't care I don't lie so I just used the random common picker and I wrote down the name and the name it picked was Bridgette shamrock Bridgette you've won this kit this punch nail kit along with the punch needle and this little accessory bag that I mean so I will comment on your comment from the last one you can contact me and your own virtual stitchers anyway so if I see you I will tell you hey send me your address that way I can get this out to you and you can do some punch needle maybe for Christmas make a cute man present or even for you whatever you want to do I about done I do have things that I have in the works for those that are doing the stitch along for sunshine stitchers the winter Quaker so I did get with Ronnie and Gary on that a while ago and I made up zipper pulls and scissor fobs that would match the bags so if you're interested they are all my group the announcement was on their group page on the Garang to they're still available I have a few here I just wanted to give you guys a reminder I know that's coming up on the 21st December so if you aren't interested in that contact me you can message me on Facebook Instagram is all my Instagram information everything is below plus I have my stitching button group and the pictures are on there too so I think I'm about done I have been busy and I'm gonna be cutting out more bags and make more bags soon I need to get more I know I have some but I'm gonna need it I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving for those in the u.s. otherwise I just hope everybody's doing pretty decent I knew there was some fires in Australia it has been pretty hot there I hope you guys are okay and I know the North has been getting slammed with snow and I hope you guys are staying safe and warm it's actually been getting a little chilly down here I turned on my heat last night just less I'm not gonna twist it it's not like I was doing freezing but the house was under sixty degrees so we had to turn on the heat just to be able to step out of bed cuz otherwise I ain't getting out of bed but that's what's going on here not much it's good when it's not too exciting right sometimes not exciting is a good thing I am going I am pretty sure we're gonna put up a tree again even though Haley's not gonna be here for for Christmas we'll put up a tree I'm gonna put it on my table because all right place those two put it there the house is too small and with the dog I don't need him knocking it over so it's gonna go up on table and we bought a new tree from Michaels it's just six foot tree and ceilings I do believe are tall enough to be able to still put it on the tree and still have clearance so it would be okay that way it's pre lit so I don't have to worry about strip stringing the lights on there I just need to put on ornaments it which I did buy a couple of new ones this year do I have you know I made ornaments for other people for finishing wise I didn't make any new ones for my tree though oh well it's always the way it goes right I hope everybody as well and if you're not well I hope you feel well soon you guys take care and don't forget don't let anybody steal your sunshine I'll see in two weeks

13 thoughts on “Flosstube 46 – Getting those last stitches in!

  1. I love the spoon on the coffee piece.

    I have garden prelude with the bead pack. I need fabric and floss, but if you are stitching bakers wife first, then I have time to kit her up and start with you. We will not finish together…. but who cares? I am a really slow stitcher…. (And I might have to finish September Sapphire Fairy first…)

    Wow, those series of patterns are great. But definitely too much back stitching in those for me.

    Happy Stitching

  2. Yay I watched you before the next one comes out!
    You betta bet your ass you show me the 50 stitches in your full coverage! And I can maybe see the blue this time 😂 your finish is cute. And again showing off the new charts, this is like my 3 rd time seeing them? 😂 happy stitching and I might hop on zoom today. Can’t talk much as I am loosing my voice but that only means you can make more fun of me 😉😘

  3. Love the spoon on the coffee stitch!! Love the spider web fabric! Can't wait to see what you stitch on it.
    Could not stitch that mouse/fairy…fall on the farm I have way too many mouse presents right now, did not handle the one brought into the house well at all! Glad Thanksgiving was good. Love Cracker Barrel!

  4. Nice video, Vikki. Your stitching projects look great. I'm going to check out your Etsy shop soon. I recently ordered a scissors fob with a grandfather clock charm on it. I really love it! Your dog is so cute. I'm looking for the right design to start stitching on the minute 2020 rushes in. I did that when the year 2000 came in and I can't believe it's been 20 years ago! Happy holidays to you and yours.

  5. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna do the happy hooker? I wanna, but I got to buy her first. 😏

    I want that WIP parade.

    Witches and gnomes!!!! My gods, you’re killing me!!!!!!

    That WIP parade….tick tock 😜

    Love you! 🖤🖤🔮🖤🖤

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