Fred Lam Module 1: Creating Your Shopify Store

Fred Lam Module 1: Creating Your Shopify Store

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hey guys brette Lam here now your next step is to create your Shopify accounts so in this video I'm gonna share with you what is Shopify and what are the pros and cons when it comes to Shopify yes they are an amazing company I actually have the privilege of visiting their headquarter they have a lot of people and a lot of talent inside the company but at the same time any company would have some flaws and I'm gonna talk about it in this video third is what package should I choose a lot of people wondering and like what should I need or what should I get when I start or what package I should use when I'm a certain a certain stage and I'm gonna share with you inside this video last but not least for those of you who wanted to know how to create a Shopify account I will share it in this video and on top of that I struck a deal with Shopify pacifically for you so you're gonna get a discount to rate on what others are paying when you're creating your Shopify accounts so what is Shopify well Shopify is really now a publicly trading company listed in the TSX which is under TSE shop and by the time that we are uh that I am recording this video I think they're trading at $40 right now so that's pretty epic like that's really really great stuff and Shopify right now is really currently the number one ecommerce platform on the internet right now and it's trust by over three hundred thousand stores now the reason why I say Shopify is the number one ecommerce platform is that because if you can open up a word document and put in images and type and bold and underlined then you're pretty much all set on creating your first ecommerce store now obviously I want to list about the pros about Shopify first of all the pros is that easy to use with no hosting fees so if you're using an other provider you would actually have to host your domain on a domain hosting server or a website server and it will cost you anywhere from ten dollars all the way to two hundred dollars depending on the traffic that you're going to get another thing that is great about Shopify is that they have 24/7 customer support or help so anytime that you are experiencing any challenges have some questions need some help troubleshooting all you have to do is click on the live chat button and they are going to be with you with a real person that knows exactly what they're talking about to help you throughout the process number three they have the industry-leading mobile car conversions yes you heard that right industry-leading so originally I wasn't using Shopify I was using one shopping cart and I have done a lot of money with one shopping cart alone but because of the social media trend and because of the wide usage of mobile phones right now I was forced to use Shopify now I was skeptical in the beginning when I was using Shopify especially their mobile checkout but I can tell you it made a big difference so originally I was not making any sales or very little sales with mobile on one shopping cart but the minute I changed two Shopify and I kept everything to say nothing got changed the landing page the product the ad everything is the same and the minute I start using Shopify checkout form I instantly have a crazy ROI so that's why I'm safe to say they have the industry-leading mobile cart conversion checkout page number three that's right number four hi security protection and monitoring so obviously you do not want scheduled maintenance right they may have scheduled maintenance here and there but it's only 10 minutes other places that provides ecommerce platform their scheduled maintenance it's like four or five hours and four or five hours while you're spending money on ads or when you're already building your traffic that hurts your business but shuffle when he takes ten minutes and on top of that they're very high security protection so all your data or your customer's data are protected very very very well last but not least again you have a quick resolution to unexpected issues the longest time that I've seen Shopify down was when the when the t3 server I think it was it was like a worldwide hack that has happened and it's not Shopify's fall and it only took them like several hours and they got back up and running if there's any unexpected issues they can get it solved within like five to ten minutes max so obviously that's why I would love that's why I love to build my business on Shopify because I know that the technical standpoint the security standpoint and all those stuff are well taken care of now obviously there are some cons with Shopify first of all is that you must use Shopify payments if you don't use Shopify payments and you want your process with another processor like network merchants if you want to use and all those other big guys out there the problem is that it Shopify will charge you an additional transaction fee and obviously that is bad right you don't want to actually have an extra 1% or 2% transaction fee but with Shopify payments there's no transaction fee additional to what they actually get and Shopify payments actually have a very very great rate they are actually a white label of stripe and stripe is really well known for processing for small businesses and they get really really great rates the second thing is that you have no control over the checkout process yes their checkup process is absolutely flawless and it's one of the best but if you want to customize it you cannot customize it number three you have no control over the confirmation page now obviously right on the Thank You page you can actually make more money on the Thank You page they cannot let you control what on the confirmation page however our software as they're up solve this problem and I will show you more in the profit multipliers section right it's completely solving this next is it cannot host landing page or opt-in pages if you're building a sales funnel for your internet marketing missus which is ecommerce right now you obviously want to actually create landing pages and opt-in pages so that cannot be done well it can be but it's very very very very hard to actually get it done however um it's throw-up we got that solved a click of a button you have your landing page up and running inside Shopify last but not least no email accounts because Shopify is not really a website hosting platform it's just an e-commerce platform so you don't have any email accounts that you can actually create however I will be showing you later in this module on how to actually create email accounts so you can actually communicate with your customer in the domain that you've just purchased now let's talk about which package to choose first of all just start with the basic package just the best package to start only $29 a month and you will get a cheaper rate 2.9 percent and obviously the higher you pay sort of the higher eight monthly subscription you pay the less your fee is going to be but when you're starting just start the basic package and what you wanted to do to decide if you want to go after 279 dollars or two hundred and ninety-nine dollars what you wanted to do is calculate your credit card rates based on the number of orders you're getting per month and see if it makes sense a lot of my source are at 299 I will get advanced reporting and I will have cheaper fees and lower fees um now I know that there's a null another package inside Shopify which they always ask me to upgrade and I kept saying no because I still haven't seen the benefits of it which is Shopify plus I haven't seen any benefits of it yet and I'm Shopify knows that I'm being upfront that I don't see any value between advance versus Plus and I know that they're making a lot of modification to that so it may actually change in the near future and all in all on top of that regardless if you're using the basic package the regular Shopify package or the advanced package all right if you go to www-what when t1 days instead of 14 you're getting 21 days free trial and you'll get 10% off for a full year all right 10% off for a full year and this is not available to the public this is genuinely a deal that I've negotiated at they had quarter of Shopify just for you guys so when and you want to create account please go to WWE to apply com4 slash Shopify and most importantly please use in non patient ok use a private service created so you go get honored that 10% all right so I'm actually gonna go do a quick demo oops on showing you how to create your Shopify store so we got Google Chrome open click on file new incognito window wwz row up live calm or slash Shopify and then just putting your email address here get start it put in your password and then mama we're create your store so now it is being created just waiting for it to load so it's very simple very easy stuff and we're so will are you already selling I am selling well you can put in I'm not selling any products yet she's your revenue you just getting started I don't need a designer name just playing my office address in there we're calm enter store and voila that's it that's all you got to do now obviously you should select the plan and when you select the plan what it does is that you can automatically charge credit cards and basically having a store open if you do not get your store plan in place and choose a plan and you're still in the trial you can actually cannot unlock your store and start selling okay so in this case I will suggest you to choose to $29 per month plan I'm just going to put in my credit card information right here and once this is all done I will just confirm it confirm the charge and then once that is done I'll be right back okay all right we're back and obviously I cannot share you my credit card details so that's why I actually have to put the video on pause now that's it you've got your Shopify account right now and for those of you that actually have not synchronized your zero up account with Shopify you got to do it right away okay and I'm gonna actually show you exactly how I'm gonna do it because we need it for our sites so I'm just going to log and do this demo one more time would it connect to a shop like counts and it is once you're here just copy this URL all this right to here install and then install and you're done that's all you got to do so go ahead start creating your first Shopify store account if you have not created it yet and if you have created it make sure that you synchronized your store whip zero up so we can actually do all the fun stuff in there all right so in our next video we're gonna actually you walk you through on how to use our site wizard and we'll show you exactly what you need to basically input in the site wizard to get your first store up all right I'll see you in the next video

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