GATE FOLD Junk Journal- JunkJournalShop @ Etsy-Link below

GATE FOLD Junk Journal- JunkJournalShop @ Etsy-Link below

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Double Vintage Junk Journal- Junk Journal Shop @ Etsy

The Details:

– 8.75 inches tall
-12 inches wide,
-1.5 inch spine, on both books
-full of vintage linen & lace
– vintage book sheets
– sheets aged in coffee and tea
– regular vintage sheets for taking notes
– 320 pages


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hello everyone are you seeing double nope you're not I have had this idea in my head for a while and I finally did it this is one book with two sides this side says Journal on this side says journey and there are oh about 350 pages I'll put it the description I forgot to count before I started the video this one is eight point seven five inches tall mm-hmm and it's 12 inches wide each side is a standard sized journal like I usually make with one and a half inch spying on both sides here's the top and you can see on the front I know I have to be careful because it's big I got to keep it in screen I've put some labels on the front and then on the spine hopefully you can see that there's a label on the bottom of the spine on that side and I'm label on the top of the spine on that side and then the back matches the front and there's a little bookseller label there and another bound by label there so let's get in this so I put the ties on each front cover see so they tie in the middle and this is some seam binding let's see what's the best rated you just trying to keep it all in the screen see here alright I think we're gonna be good there okay so on this side I have me show you guys one of these folders and I've had these folders for a while and I didn't realize until the other day when I was putting this together and I've only got a couple of you so I'm definitely gonna hoard them I picked him I better at the rift but look how it's got the metal there and like the old like tape on here so I used one of these for all three pockets on the front both front and back covers so I'll show you the use show you those as we go along but I just thought that was super cool so hopefully you guys can see this goodness I know it's giant so this pocket here there's a piece of the file folder in the back and a piece of Chim Holtz paper with a little label let me pull the goodies out and there's some butterfly wings peeking out between the two pieces there alright here's just a little envelope that I put some stamps on and vintaged it up a bit that's in there and then there's some ice coupons in a little ticket and then of course my business cards in there this page has got some vintage trim sewn on so throughout this excuse me throughout this journal there is a lot of vintage ledger the real deal I used some old book pages to make tucks pots and pockets and collaging this is just a little postcard there's a tag in here I got that from Maddie and then just a little extra page but I filled it with things that you could use for collaging and decorating and kind of making it your own and if you know me you know that I can't not just stuff it full I've tried I have to put things in it I can't help it excuse me tons of sewing and so I went sewing crazy lots of embossed tasting paper this is some of the painters paper in the craft I'll try and remember to tell you where I got all of the images this one's from the old design shop and some of the old design shop stuff that I have some from her blog which that stuff is free and that is just old design shop calm and some is from her Etsy shop which is the old design shop so this is piano roll paper there's a little pocket there and then a tuck here and then this was some scrapbook paper and I've sewn a piece of Tim Holtz paper on it to extend it out here's a little page pocket so there's a tuck in the back with a imagine definition and those are from the old design shops and see shucks I believe and there's some washi under there this this papers brittle so I had to sew and wash it and this is a little picture frame that you punch out the middle and then there's a ticket in the middle with a little vellum butterfly there's some of the embossed paper that I did it's sewn on there there's some more to painters masking paper and I can't remember that it may just run off the top of my head there's some more bit sewn on and the other side of the old book page and this ledger is from 1939 we're stuck there we go there's a little bit of fabric there and here's a music paper tuck spot with a little number code and a definition of artists and some stamping these images are from the old design shops Etsy shop there's some stamping on some old book page more sewing this is that from a vintage book from 1906 uses some of the green painters paper that I've printed out a design on this is a piece of ledger from 1927 and that does have washi it was brittle another music pocket with the definition for music and a vintage envelope postmarked 1971 kind of a bitch here's the Western Union Telegraph Company night letter with a little journaling card clipped on this is a vintage check from 1927 and a piece of Tim Holtz ephemera in the pocket a little rent receipt in the pocket of that ledger mortgage paper it's a pretty chiffon flower there some more stamping Digital stamping this so I can't remember I think this is when the next pages either for the old design shop I'm gonna have to start putting sticky notes for my whole books this is 1934 check in this little postcard I embossed here is a little calendar page out of a little vintage book that I have 1898 there's some more appears masking paper some ledger paper with some old tape and a library catalog card and a little piece of ephemera here's a vintage poetry book with some stamping here's the other side this is the rest of one of the pieces of ledger so I just made a triangle pocket there's a vintage Turkish ticket and a piece of Tim Holtz ephemera not one I sure hope I pushed a play on the video I better check cuz this is gonna be a long video oh yeah we're good we're goin here's another pocket it's got the definition for scrapbook and there is a little peppermint cordial label Jana tickets and there is some lace with a piece of a vintage ledger took in some more of the poetry book with some stamping on both sides and the other side of the painters masking paper and this is the other side of the that calendar page tea stain paper this is a beautiful new on parchment that I got and in this pocket is the definition for poetry and there is a coin envelope and a vintage flash card so that's a double tuck there we go in a little number code in there some music paper this is part of a an old sewing pattern this is a vintage school book with all different fonts in it I love it this is a piece of vintage ledger and you'll see on both sides I just folded this in because I didn't want to lose those so I thought that was fun and they're stamping on both sides of this book page and then this is a little file folder envelope and there's just a doily and some collage paper in there for you to play with and before I forget because I always forget I wanted to say thank you for everybody for your support I finally hit my 1000 subscribers so that's exciting here's some more embossed paper sewn on here there's the other side of that ledger page in book page Zoey jeepers music a little glassine bag here that has a little embossed tag made out of mulberry paper and then just a little stamped piece of tea stained paper in there vintage ledger picked it out it's got a little tag in the definition for right sided edge some more ledger some mulberry paper Digital stamping tea stain paper there's the other side of that ledger with a little flower and a tea stained you know the old rolodex where you slide the little guide up and down and put it on that letter and it would pop open to that letter so I just teasing those hand some more of the book some sewing and the back page alright now before we get into this side I'm gonna flip this open and show you guys it's the middle excuse me get a piece of white paper so you guys can see I want you to be able to see this good so see there's that little metal bit so I've hung a tim holtz charm there and tim holtz has some new hope you guys can see this without me holding it up metal embellishment so that's one of those there's embossed paper in the back and then the definition for write and journal so that's what's in there and then my little stamp with some cheesecloth that says handcrafted by Johnny 2019 drunk Journal shop certified one-of-a-kind with the tiny little safety pin there and what was so fun about doing this is we as junk journalists never get to use an entire sheet of like cardstock or the Tim Holtz paper almost an entire sheet but I didn't have to cut it only about a half an inch this way to make it fit so I just thought that was fun that you could see the whole spread and then I used the matching sheet cut down the middle to do the inside of the front cover so one will be this and one will be this so that was fun here's an envelope that I've been doing stuff there's the back inside I just put a little piece of paper in there so huge if I can get it back so you can see introduction in the window so I just thought that was fun so there's that there is a vintage postcard from 1899 in there and then a little it's hard to see these glassine envelope that I've embossed it just has a couple of tags in it alright so that is tucked in there alright so we're gonna close this side and go over to this side so you know this I struggled with how I wanted to do this side because you know it's kind of backwards one cool thing I think is if you're left-handed this would be neat for you because for you it would be the right way not the wrong way so you could work on it this way just like the traditional book or you could flip it this way and work come back to front so anywho enough rambling let's get in it so the first signature I've used the end of a piano roll you can see it's got the middle embellishment it's sewn around the edge and I did washy tape it just for some extra support because these can be brittle and its own – it is a piece of vintage ledger scoot this just a bit for this piece so in the front there's a little tag and ticket in this pocket there's the flap and it's got a mulberry paper made tag I can't I can't talk today in that pocket and then in them big pocket in the back there's just a piece of mulberry paper and a little ticket that would be fun for collaging so let me get it back just think so big I just have to keep moving it around so there's a book page collage with the definition of journey with just a little tag in it here's a vintage book page on this side I have Bob how it has that border some more sewing more tea stained paper this is from an old Sears catalog this video is gonna be so long sorry guys and this will be going up in my Etsy shop today Saturday ok tea stain paper book paper the definition for journey which matches the front of this side the book plate says journey so I'm gonna flip this back in here and then there's lace down the edge of this side and then on the back is some doilies I'm sorry and some little rosettes and a little tickets there's a piece of tea stains paper oh that's parchment sorry parchment paper Digital stamping here's a piano roll pocket with the definition of memorable some Tim Holtz ephemera there is a vintage antique book some more sewing some more of the rosette some vintage book paper some lined paper that I've teased stained excuse me there's another book page pocket with some stamping and a little Tim Holtz people peeking off the edge with another one of the mulberry tag paper tags some more sewing some more embossed tea stained paper sewn on there and some more here I'm addicted to it what can I say here is a vintage receipt and this is the actual receipt from 1946 it's an auditor's report there's some lace on this tea stain ledger it with some Tim Holtz ephemera and excuse me one minute the definition for artists and some Tim Holtz ephemera tucked in there there's two more parts – this is a giant piece of ledger I'll show you when we get back there and another music pocket and it's a double with the definition of memorable and a number code now let's check this other guy in there okay there we go here's oh this is a pizza out of a vintage newspaper from 1968 yep some more mulberry paper vintage poetry with some stamping and some more sewing and then there's another one of these little file folder pockets with a piece of a vintage book page inside there's some more sewing the other side of the poetry book and mulberry paper in the newspaper and then here is the other side of that giant ledger so in this little pocket that says music is another page from that vintage school book and then there's some more vintage book page with music on it in there and then on the back this is piano roll here and I've embossed some of it and it says scrapbook there's just a little piece of cardstock this is the other side of that receipt and here was all their math on the back I thought that was fun this is a scan of a type writing book it's called type writing self-taught that I have for some more vintage ledger there so the music paper tucked in that little pocket here's a page of piano roll paper and they're one of the book page pockets with the definition for story and abital receipts there's a Western Union Telegraph sheets mark tea-stained the other side of that piano roll music paper more sewing and then there's just a little picture tucked in here some more butterfly wings with the definition of journal some more digital stamping and this ledger page is from 1892 another pocket with a little tag as the tea stain notebook paper this is poetry I did from a vintage poetry book some stamping there put the period 1745 213 89 some more of the green painter's paper this is a page out of an old railroad book that I have some more sewing I love this page the other side of that masking paper here's another pocket within the the vellum or acetate butterfly wings in a vintage postcard I think I got that from camp Thank You Pam it's a more sewing use the other side of that ledger with the double bank receipt a little bird die-cut and in the back here is a triple flip with some ephemera and a coin envelope head tag and some sewing and we have the end and in the back pocket here again is a piece of that folder with a piece of ledger from 1925 and there is just a tag a ticket and a little Exley purse plate for you to stick on if you like and this beautiful I love this back page so pretty so guys there it is if you happen to be the purchaser of this journal I want to say I apologize in advance my regular shipping boxes the white ones if you purchase from me before aren't quite big enough for this and it's a little heavier than a normal journal so I think this one's gonna do better in a flat rate box so just know you won't get my fancy white shipping box if you do purchase this but it'll still be packaged the same sealed in a plastic bag all snug as a bug so it doesn't get hurt and if you have any questions feel free to email me I will I think I will be on tomorrow around 2 p.m. for a little live and then I'll be working on some small projects over the next week and a half I'll have companies so you won't see too much of me but I do have some fun stuff coming up I'm working on that free class for you guys still and yeah I think that's it so I hope everybody has a great weekend I will see you all live tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Eastern and thanks for watching bye guys

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  1. Sorry, I meant to say Etsy link. When I press on the link above in your comments section above, it takes me to a blank page on Etsy. Says your store name, but there is no content. It makes it look like you have nothing on there to sell. But if I go to Etsy and type in your store name I eventually get there by seeing something you have listed. Never takes my directly to your shop. I hope that makes sense. You have beautiful stuff on your shop. I’d hate for you not to get the traffic you deserve because of glitches in Etsy. Hopefully it is just me that the link doesn’t work for

  2. This is gorgeous! Just FYI, it’s probably me. But when I click on the link above for your YouTube shop it goes to an empty shop. I have to type your shop name into the Etsy search to find you.

  3. Just amazing, Johni! So gorgeous…a real masterpiece! I luv it! Great ephemera throughout, and luv how you used the green file divider, and the piano paper, as well. Fantastic! TFS! Lil hugs xo

  4. Oh, I love gatefold style journals! Yours is gorgeous! ❤️I love how much real vintage paper and ephemera you include too. It just makes each journal feel more authentic than every page being a digital kit. Love it Johni!

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