Geo Targeting app for Shopify

Geo Targeting app for Shopify

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Target the right audience with geo tools & show custom pop-ups.

– Target country, state or city.
– Target pop-ups by ZIP/Postal code
– Enjoy the most accurate method to get the geographical position – HTML API.
– Forbid showing pop-ups for certain locations.
– Display news, sales, special offers, coupon codes.
– Display prices in local currency.
– Show text, images or videos.
– Redirect visitors from certain locations.
– Create unlimited messages for different locations and run them simultaneously.
– Stop irritating customers with useless pop-ups if they don’t need them.
– Schedule campaigns.
– See preview on your store with your theme.
– Use custom CSS to create unique styles.
– Run on any device – the pop-ups are responsive.
– Measure effectiveness with built-in analytics.

What is Geo Targeting – Custom Pop-Ups?

Geo Targeting app is a tool that displays custom messages like news, sales, special offers, coupon codes, or even redirects visitors by showing attractive pop-ups to a specific location. Colorful images or videos make them more engaging and eye-catching

Why you need Geo Targeting – Custom Pop-Ups?

Approach locations
You can target location by country, state, and city or run them worldwide. For each location, you can create different messages and run them separately at the same time. The pop-ups can contain promotions, notifications, redirections, subscriptions and many more. Run as many campaigns as you want and measure their effectiveness.

Target by ZIP/Postal code
Some of your special offers or redirects can depend on customers ZIP/Postal code. To fine-tune your targeting you have an option to show pop-ups only to visitors with certain ZIP. Ask them to enter the code and if it’s a match they will see the pop-ups. If it’s not, you can ask for emails for further communication.

(new) Display prices in local currency
People prefer to see prices in their local currency. It’s more convenient to plan spendings while shopping online. Geo Targeting app can detect customers location and automatically convert store prices into visitors currency. It also leaves a choice for the buyer to choose the prefered currency to display.

Clear the noise
Not only you can target the audience that is more likely to get engaged with the message, but you can also stop irritating people with useless pop-ups that are not even close to their interest. Offering a discount to CA citizens in front of MN citizens is just not a good idea that ends up with the negative shopping experience.

Schedule campaigns
Key promotion campaigns repeat yearly. With Geo Targeting app, you can schedule them in advance and forget about a deadline rush. You can use availability period for redirections if you need to lead the traffic away from a certain page, while it’s on maintenance, for example.

It’s a good idea to create a custom look for the messages targeting specific groups. Geo Targeting app enables custom CSS styles for all pop-up types. Make your message look friendly to the targeted audience and raise loyalty.

Don’t you worry! We are doing our best to keep up with ecommerce trends and make our apps mobile-first. All Geo Targeting pop-ups are responsive and will look neat on any device

geo-targeting app is a tool that displays custom messages like news sales special offers coupon codes directions or subscription forms for specific geographical location colorful images of videos make them more engaging and eye catching with geo-targeting app you can hit the right audience in a certain location without irritating other customers with pop-ups they have nothing to do with the application offers many options but with a custom pricing plan you can choose what features are right for your business and never pay for what you never use building analytics will help you to measure the application effectiveness and choose the best options geo-target an app it's all about the right time and the right place

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