Gift Ideas For Girlfriend (Girls)

Gift Ideas For Girlfriend (Girls)

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Last time I made gift ideas for boyfriends this is gift ideas for girls! This is sort of a guide on aniversary, birthday, holiday gifts for her, your girlfriend, the special one. Share it to any guys you know ladies!

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hey YouTube now a couple of weeks back I might have made a video about getting gifts for a guy or for your boyfriend ladies if you're watching this video share it with any guy that you know and guys if you're watching this video you welcome here is gift ideas for a girl ladies I think I speak for most guys when I say that you are one of the hardest people to buy gifts for now I'm buying to give her girl one of the easiest ways is to ask the girl what do they want you might get lucky and she'll tell you babe I really want to get you a gift but I don't know what you want can you give me a hint oh you want to give me a gift it's simple I just want to pick bag now you might be thinking great I know what she wants I'm gonna go get it at the mall and she's gonna be real real happy but it's a trap you're walking on a landmine see what you're thinking right now is not what she wants it's you just getting mind you know I'm saying so you walk into the mall and you go to a store and you buy a pink bag you're like yes this is a key what she wants she's gonna be real happy I'm gonna get some tonight and as you're walking out in the mall you walk by Victoria's Secret and you see on the window pink bag you just suddenly feel that tingling sensation run down your spine oh my god yeah right right pick a pink bag right what what do you mean or you might get the scenario where she's like babe you have to get me anything don't worry about it you know I'm just glad that we're together and you never cheat on me and you're faithful don't worry about it babe I love you for you not because you buy me gifts or anything guys it's a trap when she says this it means buy her everything now I always say this and I will stick by it most guys are dumb and they will think you mean don't buy her anything and they won't buy you anything I really do believe that when you say don't get us anything it means you better get me something but let me give you guys some real advice when buying a gift for a girl or your girlfriend there are two ways that you can go like two routes the first route is the very expensive route you know saying borrow expensive get that route is self-explanatory fire something nice shiny bright expensive designer and she'll be happy any girl would be happy with something nice the second route is a little bit harder because you have to go for the sentimental routes now when you go this route and when done right it is worth so much more than a expensive gift example of a good sentimental gift would be you save a movie ticket from the first time you want to go watch a movie together right you save that movie ticket and two years later by the movie in DVD and then put the little movie ticket in a little box and give it to her as a gift and she's gonna open it she's gonna be like what's this and you pop in the DVD and then you just watch a heart melt and you get a cup to catch all those tears of happiness that she's crying out and you're good to go man you're good to go but if you're gonna buy a girl a expensive gift make sure that it's worth it for some reason girls have a gift detach like they can automatically see the price of the gift in your head it's like they have like Google glasses and the price just pops up whenever they look at something so if you're thinking about buying an expensive gift and you're going to the mall and you go into one of those kiosks those loans blow piercing Bogata things and wanna bust in there don't don't in her mind when she sees a gift like that it's just gonna pop up with the label lame loser broke he ain't and if any of you made it this far and you still don't know what to do or what to get your girlfriend here's my general rule and tip when in doubt die out walk into a Sephora go to the aisle I don't know if I should get the pink one a blue one the black one the peach one the beige one the brown one the dark red one the wine color one the orange need some kiss color one just buy out the aisle buy everything buy the whole store get her everything okay just get her everything cuz cuz if that's not gonna make her happy nothing is nothing peace Oh

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  1. Expensive gift definition difference for other girls and my opinion: other girls: bags,shoes,make-up, and clothes. Me: Food,Food,Food, Boyfriend's Time,Food and more Food and Bf's Time lol

  2. Guys let me tell you here’s an idea : make her a box its sentimental, by a box paint a box or buy a box her favorite color and fill it like stuff the shit out of it with her favorite candys, character stuffy, old movie tickets, memes, inside jokes, and cut up little hearts

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