Google analytics to find your search placement in Etsy SEO

Google analytics to find your search placement in Etsy SEO

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How to use google analytics to see which page your listing was on when people clicked on it to go to your shop. For a full explanation of how to use the search results in the GA dashboard, click here to watch Rebecca’s video:

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hey guys I wanted to show you something that's kind of fun it might be helpful but you know it's just data so data only tells you what's happened in the past all right so just keep that and keep that in mind but I was doing some videos about using your stats for my Etsy Facebook group and one thing I realized and actually I was watching a video from Rebecca Davis I'll post that down there and she kind of went through and showed how to use Google Analytics I really am NOT a big go look it studied my stats kind of person I just don't but she was showing how to use this behavior all pages in the site content to find things about different listings and the way that Etsy codes things when you go to a search on etsy it tells you exactly what people search for it tells you all kinds of things up here in the URL because they assign different they assign different URL codes and that kind of thing to every single listing every position of the photos every filter so he learned what all this stuff means and it's pretty simple I've been putting a little list together for myself but it's if you just go in and look at it it's pretty easy to figure out you can figure out exactly what page someone saw your listing on when they click through your listing so I was looking at this let's see okay first of GA is just regular searches list so if you see GA in the search then that means that they went to the Etsy homepage they put a search query into the search bar and they search for it there okay if you see I think it's GC no it's its SC okay so GA s our gallery means search results gallery so that's just the regular search results if you see SC and then you see it like PL key then that means it was a promoted listings gallery search so you're gonna have to change the number here but if you see s our gallery then that means that that's the searchers what the regular search results on Etsy they just went to the Etsy search bar and search ok and these numbers here tell you what page it was on and what position on the page so if I'm looking and I just I just installed this is my second dance eShop I just installed the data or installed Google Analytics on July 9 so the here is brand new it's fresh and I don't get much traffic in the shop but it makes it easy to find things too so I was looking at this okay so this let's say that we're looking at this one this one CA means somebody came from Canada this fr means somebody came from France alright so we know that Canada in France have the localized search so that might affect search placement so when I see something it might not be the same thing that someone in a country that has localized search sees do you have to keep that in mind but this tells you exactly the term they printed they typed into etsy to find my listing and then they click through so if you look here it says this has broken up it says search query heart cutouts confetti so that's exactly the phrase they typed in the Etsy search bar the result that came up in the search gallery was on the first page 38 photo and that does not include the ads the regular photos and they click through to my list alright in this one this they went to my home page from my shop and they were in there because there's no search query they're just clicking around on the home page this one says search query up bake holders and the search results gallery was on page two position six and they went to my shop so you can kind of get an idea of where your listings are showing up when people are clicking through I had one person click through on page 57 I think let me see it was here yesterday so it must be in the top 25 let me see yeah at 52 look at this this is so someone actually searched search query vintage brooch search result gallery page 52 position 23 so I'm like what that's a lot of pages to look through but see like this page person's page 224 page 2 so most of the people are clicking through from page 1 or page 2 so you can kind of tell that that's the most popular thing is that people are looking through one or two pages of search and clicking on things if I had more data in my other shop I probably get more variety of pages search but it's you know this is mostly page one – but I also want to point something else out look at this cupcake holders as three words silicone mold making material these are the things that people have typed into the Etsy search bar to find my shop printable gingham cupcake wrappers that's four words dragon eye buttons that's three words vintage brooch that's two but then they also used all kinds of filters up here and if you if you look at that you'll figure that out I got that digital paper and this came up on page one but they used all kinds of filters okay let's see white peonies wedding cake flowers that's five words that's a five word search these people are not finding me or two words short tail searches they're finding me for long tail keywords and that's what I've been harping on you have to target long tail keywords but to say that people don't search with long tail keywords is just wrong if you look at the actual data okay and when they are searching with short tail keywords they're using all kinds of filters to narrow down their their results so that's all but I just thought that was that's kind of fun if you have Google Analytics hooked up to your shop and the way to do that is to go to your desk your shop dashboard settings options web analytics and then there's a little walkthrough there that'll tell you what to do you have to start a Google account a Google Analytics account and create a new property and it'll give you a code and then you put that into Etsy it's pretty simple there's a little help page there you can figure it out but this tells you where people came from you can you can see what kind of filters they use you can see let me see there was one on here that was interesting it says search type all that just means that they're not using any filters in the little search over here was a short start by relevancy most recent you know there's all there's all kinds of different information you get from here but the fun thing is to see what page you were click through and where on that page your photo is showing up so if you have any questions leave them for me I'm not a google analytics genius I don't know that much about it I'm gonna link to Rebecca's video and I you know you can figure stuff out if you watch that and then you watch this and you actually go and pay attention to all this code because Etsy gives you a lot of information let's click on this one okay I'm gonna click on this one and here's here's the information it gives you so that's the listing number two yellow drag isoing buttons the order is most relevant because I didn't do as any filter search type all I wasn't using any filters over here to go think vintage handmade that kind of thing Galerie GA search the query was dragon eyes buttons and it came up in the search results gallery page one position 1 so that gives you all that information there and that goes over to Google Analytics you can figure it out you can find out where people are finding you it's kind of fun it's a little rabbit hole to go down and try to figure all this all this little code talk out but Etsy makes it pretty easy cuz it's not the most it's not the most complicated system anyway leave me questions I'll talk to you guys later

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  1. Thanks for this, Kara! I'm looking forward to checking out my shop on Google Analytics. I'll make sure to come back and post any questions. I need to join your facebook group:)

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