Google Shopping - Taking A New Shopify Store From $0 To $50,000 Passively In 50 Days

Google Shopping – Taking A New Shopify Store From $0 To $50,000 Passively In 50 Days

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Google Shopping – Taking A New Shopify Store From $0 To $50,000 Passively In 50 Days

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hey guys what's up today I'll be going through a case study of one of my new stores I've been able to bring from zero to 50k in 50 days just off Google shopping you know I've been able to pick up 2.5 k days and hover around roughly 1 K days so Google shopping definitely has potential because I'm able to actually get much higher profit margin pair to Facebook Ads Facebook Ads I'll be roughly spending nearly 50% or more of the products profit margin but when it comes to Google shopping customer purchases are way WAY lower but you are gonna get less sales so the best way to scale on Google shopping is a scale horizontally get many many products as much as possible so I actually went ahead and got you guys a screenshot by store as you can see this is a bit delayed it's only up to the 5th of July I have hit you know several Tutte days since then but you know i roughly did over 50k within under 50 days so you know being generous with the dump I'm putting on my thumbnail but you know as you can see he's a scratch off actual Google Ads theme as you can see I have actually three winners here which I have over 50 purchases and you know one of them is getting convergence at $9.00 per conversion which is insanely cheap the profit margin on the item is roughly twenty dollars actually this is a day so that means it's roughly seven years they cost per purchase and my prefer margin is twenty your state so as you can see you cannot get these numbers off Facebook ads now second product this product price is 2198 so the first product the profit margins twenty dollars the second one is actually also twenty dollars the cost per purchase is quite it's actually more expensive so I'm gonna try to have to optimize this product after this video next product this one costs fifty nine ninety I mean fifteen conversions the profit margin on this product is actually pretty insane it's probably like 30 you are Steve now see see my cost per purchase is only six to seven USD serves insanely cheap so definitely the profit margins are way way larger as you can see I'm sort of hovering around 2k day so I can't Scout a moon and hit those you know 10k days 20k days or 30k days off Google shopping so what I'm gonna do next is I'm actually gonna go through my whole process as you can see I sort of know what I'm doing cuz if you guys have dabbled in Google Shopping they know this search ABS top bias means how well your personal ranking and as you can see all my products are ranking in the top two positions so that means I'm doing pretty well pretty well so let's see what I did the first thing I did was I had three hundred plus products on my sport and why I did was I actually uploaded before the items and I tested all the items at once what you do is you install Google Shopping upon your Shopify store then you upload the items up to Google Merchant Center then you bring those items to Google Adwords so if you guys want an in-depth review definitely hit me up I could walk you through the whole process there's application for one-on-one mentorships in the description below other than that drop in the comment below if you guys really really want a walkthrough I just started a new story and go through the whole process with you from scratch if you want to I set up all my items for Google Shopping what a lot of people doing right now is they're putting up items one at a time and testing it as if it's like Facebook we're testing product by product but that's definitely so not time efficient and what I've done is I basically set up an allowed google to basically advertise for lives on my store if the perks didn't work in was unprofitable I'll kill at them but then I'll be left with the best or the best basically probably ten percent of your stores say thirty products in your store for me ten percent of three hundred is thirty it would actually be profitable it's scalable three you let Google do all the work so the good thing about you shopping is Google does all the work it searches for the buyers it ranks your products so Google does all the work so that's why it's way better than Facebook it's something that I do on the side and I check every one or two days keep it like that I don't optimize touch it you know some days I just leave all week if things are stable I just leave it for week don't touch it they come back to it in a way and optimize things add new products stuff like that it's it's definitely more superior when it comes to automation and looking for something that does the work on its own so before what would happen is you would actually rank your products basically get you purchases based on your product description product title tags photoes stuff of that do ordinary ranker people such different things your item will come up and that's how it works that's a good thing Google does everything unlike Facebook where you're just competing against other people and gonna have to monitor it every day five as I said again Google will automatically find you guys winners that's why it's really really good you're putting up 300 products and Google or about they rank the products and see which products are in need and getting a lot of searches and getting a lot of sales hence Google Shopping it's so superior to Facebook Facebook it doesn't do anything you are doing what the work you do a lot of targeting you're doing all the ads you're basically doing all the bidding everything you're doing yourself where's Google shopping does everything for you it's it's so much easier only downside is it's not scalable you're limited to the amount of people that search for the item so if a hundred people search for the items every day that's a limited amount of people that's gonna see the product that's only downside hits you want to scale with more and more products and that even reach higher days so I'm gonna do is you know hire some videos upload and get to pull up 900 products and seeing if my store actually 3 X's because you know the mentality is if you 3 X the amount of products you have your 3 X your revenue on Google Shopping so I'm gonna test that out and I'll definitely update you guys on how that goes but yeah do your hoard about you find your winners heads it's so good so every day I'd go in I look for products that have over 3 purchases and what I'll do is I'll separate it into its own campaign basically when I'm testing with 300 products it's on its own campaign when you find Windows you actually want to bring it off into a separate campaign so it is pretty complicated but those who are doing Google shop you'll probably understand what I'm saying but you know if you don't hit me up apply for the one-on-one mentorship in the description below and I'll probably help you out hold you by hand screen chair to show you everything what everything step by step other than that if you want me to make your video drop in the comment below now definitely make a video on on how to bring products into a separate campaign and advertise that on its own now the advantages of doing this rather than just leaving it into the whole stores campaign is or allow you to have a separate budget have a separate beard and you can optimize the keywords for a product because when you optimize the keywords for the whole store product you'll be you know looking through a bunch of different keywords and it does get confusing because there's so many keywords for 300 plus items so it's really really hard to separate and look for the keywords for that individual item now 7 ventually as you keep the campaign running for a longer period of time your price will get more and more high ranked you'll get more purchases you'll get more clicks and that's you know Google would then rank your items higher and higher you'll get more and more winners you will start firing practice time to optimizing and get more purchases so it's actually good in the long run so optimize this on its own that's something to face we definitely doesn't do it doesn't automatically optimize on its own if you're not getting purchases that you're not getting purchases by Google if you're not there's a chance that my optimize you'll get purchases again hence Google is really really good and automated in that way so yeah I hope this video helped you guys out this is basically a blueprint on how I was able to go from 0 to 50k within 50 days a brand new store everything basically new and definitely things I didn't mention but I'll give you guys extra things but once you get 50 purchases on an item it difficult so for example if you're looking at this product you know these two products have gotten over 2,000 clicks so that's where the two thousand views contents now I'm then do look like audiences on Facebook getting getting even more purchases and scaling on Facebook as well so definitely you could still utilize Facebook ads to ever take your viewers shopping store to next level so those are things I've been testing and playing around don't definitely share the results with you but yet other than that this is a pretty solid breakdown of everything I've been doing to go from zero to fifty came within these 50 days and goo shopping does have a lot of potential so definitely still a lot for me to learn it's still a lot for me to even pass on so like basically so I've been other little things when it comes to scaling optimizing getting your products to rank high stuff like that I'm definitely gonna share in the future so if you like these videos and you want to learn more about you shopping definitely chop it in the comment below to let me know that you guys are interested those who want to be handheld through a process there's an application for my one-on-one mentorship burger in the description on this video to definitely apply for that but yeah other than that probably if you have any questions below like this video if you liked it also don't forget to join my facebook group ecommerce link it's getting super super active everyone's helping each other out I'm answering all the questions you get more access with me so definitely join that it's really really helpful but yeah last but not least don't forget to subscribe because I'll be seeing you guys tomorrow peace

41 thoughts on “Google Shopping – Taking A New Shopify Store From $0 To $50,000 Passively In 50 Days

  1. Andy appreciate your content! 🔥✝️ is there ANY way I can get you to observe screenshots of phase 1 results for my Google Shopping campaign.. just need thoughts for phase 2. Can't imagine it will take more than 10 mins. If you can, I will appreciate it & you have a student lining up for your course next month! 👊

  2. Hi Andy, Thanks great video!
    I am wondering, I am just starting out with Google Shopping ads. I have a small budget, I've set it up at $10 per day for the US with all my products, is this even possible?

  3. Thanks for this Andy! I'm going to start Google Shopping for my store and test 15- 20 winners in an all products campaign. What should my daily Adspend be for that? I realized the profits pay for the Google Ads. Do you think $20 – $50 a day is good to start? Or what would you recommend with 15 to 20 products to just get the first campaign rolling. Thanks in advance for any useful advance!

  4. Hello Andy! I would like to you meet my partner in success in dropshipping Business! meet Fulfillman! This is the service that gave me a lot of time to focus in marketing because they do everything, and I mean everything. I gave my high five for Fulfilman. The man who helped me get to the top is Arnel-Fulfillman. He is available in Skype or Email: [email protected]

  5. my good sir. excellent video. i am just in the process of setting up my merchant center. do you have a course on how to manage and optimize google shopping campaigns? also do u advise against Alixpress for google shopping?

  6. Your numbers are not adding up. You say you did over $50k just off of google shopping ads but when you add up the product price and the amount of conversions made, its no where near that shopify sales screenshot. I'm referring to google ads screenshot. Hope you can clear this up. Thanks.

  7. So is it not possible to scale with LLA’s on facebook with all the data you get from people who buy through your google shopping ads?

  8. Hey..its a valuable for all videos and waiting for upcoming

    Can we use fb ads campaign in beginning…many people say fb campaign dont run and you get 0 sales from your 500 to 1000$
    Because dont know your target/stat…
    What i do can you solve my problem..
    How i use my fb pixel..

  9. 1. what is your daily budget for the big campaign? and how much for the single campaign?
    2. what was the ad spend for 50k revenue?
    3. how many products are you adding a day?
    4. sometimes my entire daily budget is not spent, why?
    5. i've have bad experience with separating, when ever i seperate a product i get no sales from it whats up with that?

  10. Yo what's up Andy? – great content. Listen – I'm currently starting a group/movement of ecommerce educators like you and I that will help us to grow our personal brands faster here on YouTube – if you're interested let me know what is the best way to connect with you. Sander

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