Handmade business owner and Etsy!!!

Handmade business owner and Etsy!!!

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Welcome to my channel Dovetailed. My name is Adaku Parker. I am a barrister turned designer. I design and make African print inspired bags, clothes and accessories. I am a handmade small business owner and I sell on Etsy. Join me as I record the ups and down of small business life!




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hi everyone and welcome happy new year my name is a darky I am a barrister turned designer I design and make African print inspired bags clothes and accessories my brand is dovetailed and this is my youtube channel I am a small business owner I am a handmade business owner and really the full life of a handmade business owner is going to be the theme that kind of runs through many of the videos that I'm going to be posting and the ups downs highs and lows and really everything in between and I do hope to produce interesting content along that theme so I fell on Etsy and for those of you who may not know I still meet people who haven't heard of Etsy Etsy is rather like eBay it's an online marketplace that allows people to buy products directly from the maker I have been selling on Etsy since last year I'd say properly selling on Etsy since September 2017 I've made 30 sales which I'm really happy about and I have sold to people in Australia in America really all over America to people in France and Germany and also here in the United Kingdom as well I will leave a link to my Etsy shop in the description box below I currently have around a hundred items on my Etsy shop those include Diaries planners journals and headbands like the one I'm wearing earrings and ultimate drop earrings as well bangles box tote bags handbags clutch bag as well I also sell fabric as well as unsmooth or eternity scarves depending on how you refer to them what I'd like to do with my next videos is just to sort of go through the products in more detail talk about how I make them and what goes into them what are the processes all of the price points because they I do I always try and make sure that I cover kind of a range of price points and with my products at the moment I'm offering the 30% off most of my products on my Etsy shop I sent out the coupon code with my newsletter at the beginning of the month and I will leave a link and down below so you can sign up to my newsletter apart from receiving the coupon code once you've signed up there's also a lot of interesting information in my newsletter about African fashion about British design and celebs and all that good stuff I am really excited about this year and they're very very good feeling about this year and all the things that will happen with the business I have a great feeling about last year as well actually and last year was really good and I have an even better feeling about this year and I thought it'd be a lot of fun just to kind of document and the journey if you like and just to see what happens and to share it with all of you I also sell at select events throughout the year and I thought it would be a lot of fun to share my experiences of those events with you and also to let you know kind of where I'll be and when so if you want to come along you can do so small business life that's what I'm going to be talking about and if there are any aspects of small business life that you would like me to speak about then leave a comment down below or ask any questions you wish to ask about that and please give this video a big thumbs up if you have enjoyed it and share it with anyone else who you think might be interested in the content follow me on social media and I'll leave all the links down below and like and share my posts and tweets and all that good stuff subscribe to this channel if you haven't done so already thanks so much for watching and I'll see you on the next video

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