HAPPY MAIL-  Etsy Shop share HomemadeCrafts by Alisha GIVEAWAY!

HAPPY MAIL- Etsy Shop share HomemadeCrafts by Alisha GIVEAWAY!

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everyone how are you guys today I am back with some happy mail this does not a shop share this is just simply a friendly and happy mail and I just absolutely loves surprises and thank you Alicia Alicia bland is one of our friends out there in the YouTube world and then the Facebook world she's a lot of she follows a lot of us here and I became good friends with her and she is the most big heart that I've known there's so many people out there with great amazing hearts and she's one of them and I'm so grateful for her so thank you so much hi was even extra thoughtful of her she had sit my grandson Charlie for those who've been watching my grandson Charlie's got a new YouTube channel which I'll put her information down below for him but he so he has new followers because of you guys and I ever so much thank you guys for that because it brings a smile to his face it gives him a lot of happiness so I really appreciate that well she had sent him some happy mail she had went through a bunch of toys with her son sons I'm sorry and had sent little special toys to my grandson my grandson is really really sick right now but it really brought much happiness to him and his little brother Oliver that you guys see in the videos if you ever watched his YouTube channel if now please subscribe to him down below is just a subscription information go I click on him he's just a young boy with the young boy mind but he loves cat and he loves people and he loves to share new things that he gets and and some of those are happy mail from you guys so thank you so much guys I really appreciate the love you've been pouring out to him so thank you Alicia well she has sent me not only one but two wonderful packages and they're filled with a bunch of goodies and she wanted me to share them with you guys so I'm what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you the beautiful things she put together here and we're going to share these things with the weekly giveaway now if those who don't know what the weekly giveaway it is which we have the widt giveaway jar there is gonna be a drawing coming up here soon is that we draw tickets and and to win obviously get some of the items that we see here you probably want to know how all the informations down below there's a quick link like a video to understand that as well if you need more information it's very easy one way to do that get a ticket in the jar today let's go ahead put a nice comment down below thumbs up if you're new here please subscribe all those beautiful things that help keep this channel going I really do appreciate it so she wanted me to share this with you guys items some of these things I'm not sure she wanted me to keep she did send me a thoughtful letter which she is so sweet and just to answer your question on your letter at least shut this gift is perfect don't worry about packaging she was all worried about her packaging this looks too tacky how she written it on these tags and stuff I think it's perfect the way it is I think it's very thoughtful of you and no matter what it's just the thought and the gift and the time she put into it and she did believe me put so much time into this guy so please throw a shout out there to Leisha thanking her for the giving you know giving goes a long way and I really really appreciate it before I dig in I wanted throw out a quick comment about my facebook group channel now down below if you're not part of my Facebook group the link is down below if not I think here in this square somewhere or in my facebook in my youtube channel there is a quick access to be a part of that group if you can't find it I know down below in this video is all the information and quick links to get to it so click on that and just I want to throw a shout out to there the goal for my group for those who are part of the Facebook group and this part of it if the main goal for that group is to share your crafty items and if you are a shop owner share the crafty items that you create and post your YouTube videos if you a person who does live sales please post that as well but please please PLEASE selling products is not my goal for that website so for that that group so please if you don't mind let's respect that that it's a crafty environment it's not to sell good I'm a person who sells good I'm very aware of that that is that is what I do but far as being part of this group the posting aspect is for those who do crafty things who makes crafty things and want to sell them so please please respect that and I just hate to put up some shop rules I mean the group rules and have it make it harder for people to be part of the group so if you guys could go along with that please do that that would be awesome I want you guys to have a platform to be able to share even if you're not a shop owner the things that you make the more you share the more tickets you get in the jar so that is part of the one thing to be a part of the weekly giveaway I make sure I fill that jar up with all those beautiful shares and I really appreciate the beautiful things that you guys are sharing on the group I am it's amazing to see every day when I open up my Facebook group page to see all the beautiful things that you guys do as just regular crafters or shop owners I love it I absolutely love it another thing I actually love is when you guys share about you I know I threw out there sometimes day to day life stuff like I've gone to the beach live won't be till later kind of thing just make sure that just keep it clean so I do appreciate that guys all right so let's dig right into this happy mail and see what all the beautiful things that Alicia had sent us so we have here first thing I'm going to pick up cuz you guys absolutely know i love fabric and she put in this cute glassine bag which you can reuse which I have a feeling I just might keep the fabric out of this whole bunch I be selfish there's a lot of paper things here and I have a lot of paper things I pick one thing I definitely pick this one so I think I just might keep fabric I heard this hey guys no come on now my shop name amour fabrics I love my fabrics and it came with this cute little strands of this grayish chiffon ribbon this is cute yeah it's good quality fabric to Alisha I'm not sure what brand it is or a seer who's the maker but it's really thick I love it it's not upholstery fabric but it is a cotton blend this one here this reminds me of like the mid century fabrics you got like the greens and the Andie's yeah since it's Monday I think tomorrow we'll just do a giveaway weekly giveaway drawing tomorrow I have so many tickets in here I'm Eric I still got to cut some of these because these are some people who have actually bought something in the shop I still got to write their name on and of ixwood like do you this is the funny part of it all like this person bought this many things in the shop I'm not gonna put their name in there but I had put their name on the first ticket and I just got a right their name on every one of those tickets I couldn't do that later I think cut them and put them all in there so let's do a drawing tomorrow because look at that jar is kind of like filled up there so let's get a many drawings going out there let's say Tuesday will be the weekly giveaway drawing guys you guys know me I kind of like moving it whatever works you know alright looks like we got some vintage fabrics going on here she's got some gingham we got the yellowish and white and we got like a sheer fabric here it's cotton it's kind of sheer kind of see that I'm loving it I love my liking them these are awesome this is what you consider a scrappy pack for those who want to know what scrappy fabrics look like it's pretty much all kinds of colors all kinds of like designs pens scribble pieces – that's totally reminds me of cottage chic I remember like dresses and stuff like that as a kid same thing with this it looks like she put a little silk and satin in here we got a peek satin and then we got some silk brocade ish fabric here and that beautiful and that is real beautiful stuff here she thank you I'm not gonna say I'm keeping the fabric all right every spice I don't forget to give that I won't be giving that one away thank you Lisa for the gift that is awesome loving the fabric alright so she's got these vanilla envelopes here filled I kind of feel you know there's a lot of stuff in here this one says paper book pages clasp envelope works great for covers and then this one here says paper pack wallpaper Graff ledger etc and bullosa work great for journal covers off so it's almost like she did like a junker and I'll kit I know Alicia wants to do a shop one day she's trying like a lot of the guys out there so I'm I find any information about Alicia she has anything I'll have this information down below I need is still waiting for Commission on if she wants to share any of that personal information case you want to contact her but if anything to say hey and hello delecia down below I'm sure she'll also add an information for you guys to be able to get to know her I mean at least we can make some friends here and part of all this so this is one paper pack and it looks like it is filled with all kinds of things it looks like more like wildlife woodland kind of pack and like all those pieces is she cut out and looks like she rounded the color corners we have book pages I could totally see this is woodland I even use this in travel we've got some kid pages in here look at that that's an oldie right there miniature like dictionary pages all I love loving that we've got some garden pages some things here I recognize two beautiful things definitely I could see garden woodland going on in here a beautiful perfect pack Alicia thank you so much this is gonna be really awesome like I said the east she said on her paper you can use this as a cover you know when you get starting your journal kind of thing and that is a beautiful pot very thoughtful alright let's take it to the next one let's see what else we got here wow this one's really packed packed with all kinds of goodies things are falling out everywhere so it looks like here we have this cute envelope adorable and use miniature little envelopes look at those guys a glass seen one I've seen so many cute things people do with the CD cases kind of thing that is really cool I did this one it's like a fabric bag drawstring I've seen that before two more of these bags but she really is given some of her really cool stash up here it's a lot of stuff in this these beautiful cutouts like the card stock you got a card here especially perfect for Thanksgiving it looks like for Thanksgiving we got some index cards large and medium and small we got some paper doilies which I'm loving that colors that's some of my favorite colors you see my shop logo that's definitely my colors they're loving those colors so we got receipts we had different assortments of papers between guests tax receipts some beautiful colorful very colorful blend of papers look at all those awesome lots the work with like this is leap pretty much you got a journal here at least a signature or so of papers that you can work with look at all that ledger all different sizes different color papers a whole lot going on in this and then at the end of it she had put some wallpaper and all this wallpaper large pieces of wallpaper small a blend of different wallpapers which are beautiful colors – awesome pack there Alicia thank you so much you're gonna set is beautiful there's no we love our paper right we can't have enough paper and it's all in that one talk like she said that the person who gets this it is ready to find a way to get that all right back in there nice and neat I said that sometimes I'm like a bull in a china shop beautiful and then she sent this glassine sign here and it says it's random embellishments put together with some washi I'm ripping it all right so we got some appliques like those little bent a little mini doily appliques this is a cute little embellishment bag some fall leaves which would be perfect for doodads I'm good this cute little jar of these beads little miniature myself those Indian beads and you're like you make those little cute little dainty bracelets more lay strands these are cool like snippets which are so cute we're a little applique flower lay strips and look at this it's got like wooden buttons and beads and plastic buttons and like good there she put in which I'll show you guys I get a white envelope here look since you put in a slide I'm trying to see what the slide is make it at the right direction for you sure what the slide is okay as you can see it's like people around a table hmm try my best to give you guys a good view either way that is a cute bag of goodies that is quite adorable my gosh thank you Lisa that is – someone's gonna really love that one sighs oops and I went with it – sorry I like your chiffon lick flowers and then this cute pack of like tickets and almost always like the Tim Holt type cutouts and things like that paper embellishments and now one of those really cool envelopes get that out of there all right and we got some butterflies we got a woman different sizes people's whole your minds were like steampunk kind of things right guys you got tickets different sizes maybe there I should put like a cute little rhinestone thing who got stamps more tickets cute little tags and little look at the die cut outs all kinds a big pile of those cute things music and wait bottom you got this glassine bag again more like like a punch-out type cutouts papers and flowers and such that is a cute little pack oops we got more tags and more of those rhinestone pieces cute little paper embellishment kind of pack really thoughtful think selicia that is cute and then all these cute here these are playing cards almost all vintage and then she did all these die cut outs in here I'm gonna open a few of them but the rest I think those would be cool surprises don't you think I think these would be really cool surprises and I'll just do a drawing for each one of them kind of thing don't you guys like a mystery so I'll open up a couple of these here that she put together each one like I said they're like die cut outs that she did she did these all by hand are all inside these cute packs there's a whole bunch of them so I'll just go through her Fuchs I really don't want to ruin the the washi tape on them you know I want you guys to be surprised let me open the bigger ones it's easier to get the washi tapes and the rest will just do individual ticket drawings what do you guys think I think that's a good idea more giveaways right what's cool is when I send these out I could do it via stamp instead of worrying about shipping labels and things like that but here's the first one and I'm going to open her up she closed them all they're like little envelopes each and every one of them she handmade these envelopes and you opened them up and then inside each one it's like a little surprise she has some die cut outs look at these aren't they adorable gosh Alicia the time she put into these and the love it's it's awesome come to the cards here in a little bit alright see if I could do this one without who the cute it's like got like the part of like ice cream sandwiches different ice creams and things like that they can open this guy up oh I don't want to rip them all right I'm gonna pass on him let's go to the next one see if I could get this one with that rippings I don't want to rip the surprises I loves mysteries so I think this would be great giveaways for a mystery all of you here three of them these cute die cut out borders gosh Alicia I hope she does open a shop she thinks of the cutest different packs you know I would have never thought to do something like this these are cute little packs like a mystery pack of these like a whole pile of these like four or five of them and then be like a mystery die-cut packs put into envelopes what a brilliant idea so there you guys have it won't let me open up the car it's really quick but yeah I'm just going to do these individual drawing giveaways and same thing with the other thing so thank you Alicia playing Karzai means more giveaways right almost all vintage these are cool let's see what I can do here again she made another cute envelope which I don't want to rip there you go and then sign that heater what she has different cards like pictionary Minnesota playing cards you got a boat get that one a lot of good travel ones you know we got like playing board games like heinous and Trivial Pursuit awesome pack all right guys there you go give a thanks to Alicia for the thoughtfulness and the sharing and who knows a future Etsy shop odor I hope so I really really do and thank you so much Alicia I thank you guys for sharing and watching and loved the giving part so you guys all have a blessed day and look forward to tomorrow's giveaway guys tomorrow Tuesday let's get the giveaway going we got a lot of things to give away and then of course more shop shares also just heads up stay tuned I will be doing a video next after this one which is back-to-school sale so I have a lot of beautiful things that I put together that are canta style we got the India inspired theme back-to-school stuff that I have from the farmers market I have some new things and each item has a gift with purchase and I mark the things down and I'm offering free shipping so look forward to that guys thank you again for watching this and sharing other people and you guys have a blessed day bye

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  1. You are more than welcome to keep the fabric Salena!! Most of those I got at an estate sale so I couldn't tell u brands…. I made them all at least 9×9 so they could be used for TN covers if someone wanted….I am so glad everything I sent was ok! I know it was just a bunch of random stuff lol. Hope whoever wins them can find something they enjoy!! Thanks 😁

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