How Does Etsy Shipping Work? Part 1, the basics. Etsy shipping tutorial

How Does Etsy Shipping Work? Part 1, the basics. Etsy shipping tutorial

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How does Etsy shipping work? In this video I go over:

*The basics of Etsy shipping
*The basic setup and where to go to buy Etsy shipping labels
*How to mark an order completed on Etsy
*How to change the shipping date on Etsy orders.

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hi guys I'm going to be doing a few videos about shipping because I've had some questions about that and I do have a much longer video that I might leave up and I might take down I'm not sure so what I was going to do is try to break it down into smaller pieces so that you can watch just one section if that's what you're looking for and if you want to subscribe click the orange subscribe button down on the bottom right of the screen I think so or you can click the little I information card if you see that little circle on there to take you to my website and you can sign up for a bunch of cool stuff there so let's get to the shipping now if you're in the US the UK Canada or Australia you can buy shipping labels through Etsy so when you go into your orders the first page you're going to see is new and completed the new orders are the ones that are sitting there waiting for you to ship them out so you'll be able to see that the completed orders you can still buy another label for those if you need to for some reason and I actually do need to ship something back it's a long story but I'll do that in another video to show you how to do that but when you first open this you're going to see all the orders that are sitting waiting for you to pay attention to them so click the little box and when you click the box this menu will open up here and you can get shipping labels mark is complete if it's something that's already picked up in person or whatever you can just mark it complete there sometimes some people order two things and you're gonna combine the shipping you can ship one by the label on one item and then mark the other one is complete but I'll show you another box for that in a minute or you can print the orders which is what I use this drop-down for I just click everything that I want to print out and then I click print orders and you can also get to this most of this information over here on these little icons now I'm working on a desktop this might look different on mobile I don't know but I think that it's probably going to be the same you know basic situation so you just might have to look around and see you know where all the buttons are but this is a little delivery van if you want to get shipping labels you click there this one is to mark as complete I believe this one is a convo and that'll take you directly to the combo system and this one is other options I'll show you that in a sec if you want to just print a label you can click the little delivery van and that'll take you to this screen all you have to do is fill out all the information so this drop down will give you the the services you can do priority shipping or whatever this gives you package type and you can pre populate these fields if the little drop down again in options I believe everything is kind of scattered around and shipping so kind of it's hard to find but there is a section where you can fill out all the common box sizes that you use and then they'll all be here so you can just choose the box from the drop-down you put in the package weight if you want to buy insurance put the amount of the insurance here now ship surance is the company that Etsy uses for their insurance I would completely 100% recommend if you're shipping internationally to buy insurance because it just makes it easier for international shipments to have that extra assurance that it's going to be covered if it doesn't get there and when you ship internationally you're really kind of at the mercy of the customs departments of each country and once it gets into the country your shipping – you really can't track it so it's definitely worth buying insurance it just adds a little bit to the cost but you can add that to the product cost or whatever you however you want to do that once you fill all that out the cost will show up here and then over here you can choose the ship date if it's today or another day I think it lets you ship two days in the future so I could spread these out for tomorrow if you print them out for the next day or the day after that they don't email the buyer until the day that it actually is going to go out that's an option if you're gonna go to the post office tomorrow and you're printing everything out in the evening just go ahead and make sure that you change that date and then it'll print correctly on the labels now once you've got all that set up it'll show you how many labels there are and how much it's gonna cost and sometimes if something is wrong and one of them let's say you have ten items that you're shipping and on the third one you left something out it'll only show two labels up here so you have to go back and find the one that messed up and then once you correct that when all the other ones that came after it will show up – and then you'll have the correct number so to kind of check this number to make sure it matches the number of packages you have and then you click confirm and buy and it takes you to another screen and I will go through that in a little bit maybe in another video but that's what this screen is for that's what this button is for okay so that's the ship button or you can get it get shipping labels okay if you click on these three little dots adds extra stuff so you can print the order from here update your ship by date mark as a gift or issue a refund and if you want to update the ship by date that's if you have to extend the processing time or something like that sometimes if you're talking to it like you send a customer a conversation they don't answer they don't answer they don't answer and you're like should I ship this or not what's going on sometimes if you update the ship by date then that gets their attention because Etsy will send them an email that says there's a new ship by day and this is what happens you go into this screen when you click on those little three dots this open up you can extend it into the future and then this goes out to the buyer your order will ship by and then the date this is the kind of thing that will get a buyers attention and you might actually get a message back from them if that's if you're trying to do that okay the other thing you can do let me see mark order complete when you click the button here mark order complete this is a common problem people don't know where to go for this you let's say like I mentioned if you have to a customer buys two things in two separate orders and you want to combine the shipping what you would do is buy the shipping for one of the orders and then grab the tracking number for it come in to the other order to market complete you say what date it is what service you used and put the tracking number for the package in here and that'll put it into NC system is having a tracking number and it will tell the customer that it shipped and then they can look it up with both the numbers so that's that's what that's for so that's basically the buttons on this page you know I'm trying to kind of do this in a logical order so I'll think about which shipping things people would need to know and I'll publish that video tomorrow in the meantime you can go to my website and sign up subscribe to this channel so that you get notifications when things go up hit the little bell on the YouTube channel and I will talk to you guys later

5 thoughts on “How Does Etsy Shipping Work? Part 1, the basics. Etsy shipping tutorial

  1. Do you have to buy shipping through etsy or can we just buy through our own carrier account and then just update the tracking info based on the label created outside of etsy?

  2. I read that the shipping label cost comes out of my Etsy account…..does that mean if i for example would get $22.00 after fees from selling a item and the label cost $4.00 then I will receive $18.00 ? And if I dont offer free shipping then I would still get $22.00?

  3. Is there a way to assign shipping to a variation. Lets say you do variation quantities in multiples of 10, so 10,20,30,etc. The weight goes up and so does the shipping. Is there a way to have all three orders have different shipping rates, but still stay in the same order?

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