How Does Ranking on Google Work? (Part 3/4)

How Does Ranking on Google Work? (Part 3/4)

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Learn how ranking on Google works. We’ll talk about the many different ranking factors that Google considers when ranking your website. We’ll also cover the lots of helpful tips for how you can improve your ranking on Google. Subscribe to our Channel πŸ‘‰πŸΌ πŸ“£ Check out our Shopify Apps:

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hi guys it's Audrey onna hear from as do love and today we're gonna talk a little bit about how ranking works with Google and this applies to all other search engines but we're just gonna specifically talk about Google because Google is the most used software application out there so let's get a little bit into how ranking works and I'm gonna go in-depth here so definitely stick along for the ride if you want to find out how Google ranks your website so basically Google wants to find out who on the internet which websites have the highest quality content and that's a big task right because there are millions and millions of websites out there so basically not all websites are created equal and that's where ranking comes in basically Google gives a sort of letter grade so to speak to a website so is it an 8 plus website is it a c website or is it an F website basically right so maybe you have an online store with Shopify and you're wondering how does Google rank my website because when you type your company name into Google search bar and maybe you don't see yourself on the first page of results or maybe you do you're wondering why is this you know why am i the third result or why am I on the third page so this is definitely a very good question and we're going to answer it right now so basically Google wants to know which websites have the highest quality content and they do this in a couple different ways and these are called ranking factors so Google has over 200 ranking factors and this is all combined into an algorithm so an algorithm is just a very complicated piece of code that Google uses to determine where your website falls on this ranking system so basically it's a hierarchy in which there are websites that ranked on top and websites that rank lower below that website the main question that Google wants to answer is can people find the information they're looking for on your web site are they gonna find what they're looking for on your website basically right so if someone is searching for a product or service or even just information to their question if they go to your website are they going to be satisfied with being on your website are you gonna give them the information that they want or you can provide the products that they're looking for that's basically what Google wants to know so Google wants to know how people interact with your website they want to see how you perform and that way they can kind of rank your website so the way that they do this since they're not a person is they actually use robots and BOTS to crawl your website and index your website to see what your website is about but then they also document how people use your website so they kind of see the behavior that people engage in when they go to your website so one thing that is a ranking factor is called the long click versus short click so basically if someone clicks on your website if you show up in search results they go to your website and how long do they stay on your website this kind of tells Google if they stay a long time that they found what they're looking for and if they stayed a very short time they're clicking back that's a short click then they didn't find what they're looking for right because they're going back to the search results to see if maybe another search result will give them what they're looking for so the point here is that user content is keen and when someone goes to your website you need to understand that their experience of seeing your homepage is definitely going to be a very impactful experience so what do they see when they go to your website what is the first thing that is on your homepage and what kind of information are you giving them about your products your services can people easily understand what you're selling in just seven seconds because that's the average attention span of an online shopper so is your message clear that is definitely something you'll want to consider another ranking factor is that you should have awesome content so I know this seems like a no-brainer because everyone should have awesome content but this is something that people don't usually think about they're so worried about listing products on their online store that they forget that they need to create engaging content so it's great that you have a product for say let's talk about temporary tattoos you're listing all these temporary tattoos that you've created but where is the engaging content because if people go to your website and they see a one-sentence product description that does it really tell them what it's about then they're probably gonna leave and abandon your website but if they go to your website and they see this amazing tattoos it's temporary tattoo and they see a really large product description that tells them all about it and why they should buy it and how they can't live without it and there's also blog articles which show people wearing the temporary tattoos and gives them ideas of how they can incorporate it into their lifestyle this is all engaging content and it's gonna make the person want to buy your product so it's going to increase sales so having engaging content will keep people sticking around and it's great because it helps with the ranking factor people are gonna stay longer on your website which shows Google that people are engaged which is a very good thing to have another ranking factor is external links so this is also known as backlinks and what a backlink is or an external link it's the same thing is basically a link from one website to another so one website to your website that's an external link so this means that people are talking about you this can be pressed this can be interviews this can be guest blog articles but basically there is a link of your website on someone else's website now not all external links are created equal again there are some factors to consider here you'll want high quality backlinks so you don't want to have a link going to a spammy website that will actually look bad on you so definitely don't do that you also don't want to buy links Google says this is against their guidelines also don't do that building me for it but you want links that go to high quality websites this can be websites such as Huffington Post or the New York Times but of course we understand that maybe you can't get those types of press right now because you're just a small online shop so definitely start with some small trade publications or blogs that are in your niche and reach out to them and see if maybe you can get some press or blog articles that way just start creating some backlinks though because this definitely helps with your authority and ranking on Google and this is one of the highest ranking factors that you can get also another thing that can help you improve your SEO which can help you rank higher is by getting structured data for your website so we actually have an app called get clicked SEO which can create structured data for your entire store and what the structured data does it's the backend code of your website so when Google is looking at your website they're not just looking at the front of your website what people can read but they're looking at the backend code as well so this structured data gives Google lots of information about your products and services and about your company and then you can use this information to understand more about your website and the more that Google understands about your website the higher the likelihood is that they can suggest you in search results secondly having structured data can help Google create something called Rich Snippets for your website and Rich Snippets are just enhanced search results and these are amazing because they can help with click-through rate and help you appear more larger and more vibrant on search results with colorful star ratings and more information about your product and services so this is really a good thing so definitely check it out if you don't already know about structured data another ranging factor is PageSpeed now this doesn't hold a lot of weight but it does hold some weight so it's something that you should look into basically how long does it take for your website to load now the average load speed for a website varies from website to website but you'll want to make sure that your website loads in under one second so definitely check out a page load speed tool on Google you can also access this through our get clicked app another ranking factor our keywords and a keyword is two to three words that describe your product or service or nation so basically at a dual of our keyword would be Shopify apps right because that's what we create we create Shopify apps and so that would be the keyword that we would use on our website now Google wants to know which keywords does your website rank for and they pay close attention to this so you should – basically they want to know what terms and phrases do you have on your website that people might be searching for one thing to consider is what are your customers typing into that Google search bar and you'll want to think about the types of products that they're searching for and how they type this into Google and then you can use those keywords in your website and you'll want to do some research because like everything not all keywords are created equal some have a lot of competition so it's harder to rank for them then there's other keywords that are out there and people are looking for them but there's not a lot of content fulfilling that need alright so another to note is that Google did this experiment back in I think 2011 called the Panda experiment where they wanted to figure out which websites were gaming the system so they wanted to perfect their algorithm and figure out which websites are crummy and which websites are actually really good so the Panda experiment here's what happened they had real people go to websites and say this websites good this websites bad they look at another website this is websites good this websites bad and they kind of documented why that person said this website is bad you know what reasons did they give to think that the website look spammy or illegitimate then they did machine learning so then they basically created a new algorithm that incorporated machine learning to understand the behavior of what constitutes a bad crummy website and they've integrated it into their new algorithm so now the Panda experiment is very notable because people can no longer gain the system through content farms and everything that they do for their algorithm is going to benefit legitimate websites that are just trying to improve their SEO so the Panda experiment will definitely not hinder you if you're actually running a legitimate website it's just to eliminate all the irrelevant search results that were kind of polluting the system so that's definitely something to keep in mind and it's definitely had a great impact on how Google search engine works and how they're able to deliver such relevant and great information in less than a second all right so I hope that these ranking factors kind of give you a better idea of how Google ranks your website there are over 200 ranking factors and they're constantly changing but there are a good number of them that are staying put and they been like that for years so definitely take a look at our article that we wrote on a do lab there's one on the Shopify SEO guy that we created that goes in great detail about all the ranking factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking your website and it'll give you a better understanding of how ranking on Google works also if you don't know already we created a Shopify SEO app and it's called get clicked SEO it's one of the top rated SEO apps on Shopify and of course it's built specifically for Shopify online store owners so if you'd like to improve your SEO definitely install that app because it can help you on your SEO journey alright guys thanks so much for watching and we'll have more videos like this one in the future definitely like and subscribe bye guys take care

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