How I Did $43,034 in 24 Hours with Shopify Dropshipping

How I Did $43,034 in 24 Hours with Shopify Dropshipping

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In this video, I show you exactly how I made over $43K in just 24 hours with Shopify Dropshipping in 2019. These results are not typical, BUT this IS 100% REAL and absolutely possible if you follow a process that works!

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over forty three thousand dollars in just 24 hours what's going on everybody Ryan unlike back here with another video as always bringing the massive value and motherfreakin below in your mind so today's video we're gonna talk about how I may forty three thousand and thirty four dollars in just 24 hours now this may seem like an impossible feat however might I mention this is unbelievably possible you just have to follow the right process and there is a little bit of luck involved but Before we jump to deep into the video as you guys know what today is Thursday so we're going to be doing our giveaway for dropshipping perfection 2.0 to one random lucky winner if you want to make sure you're qualified every week for the giveaway make sure you watch Tuesday's video and do exactly as I say in that video and then you'll be qualified to win so if you want to be qualified for future videos go ahead and do yourself a favor right now click the subscribe button make sure you like every video that comes out and also make sure you turn those notification bells on see these videos come out so you don't miss when you win your free coaching call free course free cash whatever it may be so Before we jump into the video let's jump in real quick into the random youtube comment picker and let's see who the winner is gonna be wait gotta pick the right only done this once twice three times yep okay didn't work oh it always gets me they have this little gray Lincoln here that looks like a youtube link I did this last time too now I had to edit it out and it look like a freaking idiot okay so I gotta just paste this in here stupid free websites frustrating 15 unique commenters 15 people were entered into the giveaway and the winner is Isaiah Kaufman congratulations Isaiah my man Isaiah on Tuesday's video came in and commented saying I just read his comment a few seconds ago finding the right products so Isaiah not only did you win access a drop shipping perfection 2.0 but we're also going to be doing another video on finding the right products ease now we have some other videos within the YouTube channel just for you so Isaiah to win and get access actually already one to get access to Josh imperfection 2.0 message about Instagram at Ryan Melnick shoot me a follow over there since up giving you a free course and I will give you a hundred percent free access that's it for today's giveaway guys get excited every single Tuesday we're doing a massive giveaway massive value every Tuesday every Thursday bring them the motherfreakin value no matter what happens and no matter what we're doing always producing that amazing content so let's jump in right now forty three thousand thirty four dollars in 24 hours how do we do this first off want to provide a little bit of credibility here get a little trust on your end I know you may not believe or may have a little bit of doubts as it relates to doing forty three thousand dollars in revenue in a day obviously this is not profit we'll go over the profit margins in a little bit here but what I want to do is provide you the benefit of the doubt of seeing a screen recording video of this day that happened live okay a video here I'm gonna go to it right now and then obviously I'm gonna sit here and commentate it as it's going through but let's go alright guys so here we are in the screen captured that I shot on the day that I did forty or the day after that I did forty three thousand dollars in a single day okay so I'm gonna just play the video here it does go kind of quick obviously my movie huh it does go by quick so I want to just kind of preface that because it does yeah I don't know that day was like 1:00 in the morning when I shot this was like I don't know why so let's jump in real quick can you see my mouse going all everywhere just just follow it I'm gonna kind of commentate through it okay so you can see $43,000 on June 12th that was yesterday you could see in the top right corner there you could see today okay one specifically I'd done thirty eight hundred dollars that day it was about you can see 12:30 1:00 in the morning something like that $3,800 seventeen dollars sense the 500 visitors 3510 visitors you can see there's a lot of visitors coming through you guys gonna know why there are a lot of visitors coming through I'm gonna explain that in this video and you'd see just so I've been sitting here we've already gained 2530 visitors you could see that's updating live guys this is not frickin fake stuff okay $3,800 so far in this day forty over forty thousand dollars the day before ok and what I'm about to do is break it down on a weekly basis and I'm gonna go down to the monthly basis and just show you its scale where we were at so just refresh it obviously no sales came through 1 a.m. it's not it's not as big but this is so we've already got like 30 visitors since we started this $77,000 in the week ok 122 thousand dollars in a month so far Jim he's 1647 orders 125 thousand dollars in sales three thousand dollars and returns obviously that makes sense simply because you're going to get that two three four percent of workers coming through so guys that's the evidence right there let's get back to the video okay so as you guys saw it is legit 43,000 just over 42,000 dollars in over 24 just going for 24 hours and you saw during that day I was 80 was in the morning and I already done a few thousand dollars in sales and as you could see the visitors we're going up as sales were coming in so some of you might ask how did I do this day and how did it come about how did I find the winning product lots of questions involved and what I'm going to do is just go over kind of a little overview real quick of what I did how I got to this $43,000 day and how you can do that for yourself as well so we are going to pick a color for the wonderful white board of wonderful men and women across the world that didn't really make any sense I'm just trying to find something to say while I pick a color I like blue I like green there's like my two favorite colors we're gonna go with red because it's like kind of boom you know so you guys know whoops okay so I really like sketching out on this thing it's just enjoyable but like I tried the pencil last time I was like delayed this one's a little bit better so it's still delay I think it's shooting the videos Maps okay so first things first what was the product and how much they sell for so I have the product somewhere in that closet I've only been in my new house for just for a month now so I have a bunch of crap in that closet that I need to take out to honest with you not a super organized person and I'm kind of love what I do so I can't stop working to organize a closet so Jenna told it's somewhere in there I'm just not sure okay so the product was actually a projector I was one of the first people to sell it if you've seen it it's one of those yellow and white projectors what I will do is I'll actually put it right here okay how do you use this YouTube thing right here I'll put a picture right here so you see okay so that's the product now obviously I'm not just running a picture of the product I ran viral content with an amazing ad copy to the people that are actually interested in this product right so what was so crazy for this product why I was able to do forty thousand forty three thousand dollars a day and how was I able to make give or take between 40 and 45 percent in my margins on a daily basis that is a great question so I was actually selling the projector for a lofty a beautiful my favorite number three digits $100 the perception of value is definitely there there's a lot of value shown in the video and it's it's like a portal projector like it you can take it anywhere all that stuff right so it's like it definitely has a value to it okay so hundred dollars right my cost of goods sold for that we're just gonna use round number think it was like $36 but we're just gonna call it 35 right that's give or take I think it times I was paying 35 and that includes shipping cases shipped to the customer $35 okay so $35 so that equals a gross profit of $65 now that is quite attractive because really that's going oh my gosh I just need to cost to acquire customer right and that'll give you your net profit and then you are profitable right you're look at it's going wow wow wow if I can acquire a customer for 65 bucks and be profitable like I can make oh my gosh we'd skip like wow right if you consider the cost of ads you can see that that's unbelievably possible do was so attractive about it well the craziest part was not only was I charging $1 but I had upsells and downsizing crosses and bundles and all these things on the side selling projection screens it's like tripods selling another projector if they'd wanted my second one my average order value and I don't remember the exact I've adored about you for this and was one of the goats to do this and say the goats that's my my name go my Xbox Live usernames core scopes I was one of the goats to do it which means crazy of all time we're going to me as I was the og I was one back in the day who started this product no you still see it nowadays it's still this product still is successful actually I actually still sell it on one of my stores but okay guys listen crazy okay my average order value for this projector was not a hundred dollars my average order value for this projector was about a hundred and forty dollars okay so the average customer was coming to my store was paying a hundred and forty dollars right and so my average cost to get sold you could work out the exact of that it's gonna be about one and a half times what I was paying here so it's about fifty let's say fifty just for the sake of even numbers probably a little higher than what it actually was but let's say 50 dollars for the cost average cost of goods sold so the average customer when somebody came to my store on average I was making ninety five dollars in net freaking profit guys that is beautiful gold right because in sorry not that profit gross profit because if you factor in the cost you will acquire a customer right and let's say that's obnoxiously expensive let's say it's $50 on average we are still making $45 every single time we sell somebody which is unbelievable because if you're doing like you saw in that video we were doing hundreds of orders a day it's like 350 to like 400 a day right so four hours a day and with this profit margin you'd see that's pretty crazy right because you do the actual scale of that what is that that's yeah is that really what doing math my head that's yeah $16,000 a profit 17 yeah I was making about that's about Ryan's making about sixteen seventeen eighty two thousand dollars in profit a day especially when it came to this day that's about what I was making a day so Wow my handwriting is really bad but if you consider $15 we're gonna be a little messy here but fifteen dollars as your cost to acquire a customer write your CPP based on normal us averages right now you're gonna get a ten dollar cost per thousand impressions right your CPM right so based on the United States of America right now I could send this ad out to 5,000 people based on the average across all of Facebook's interests 5,000 people and you know how many people have to convert in order for me to be massively profitable one one person that shows how cheap Facebook Ads are and how unbelievably profitable they can really be now the biggest thing was that this is the cream of the crop traffic when it comes to the United States of America I was not running United's into America I was actually doing something that's massively scalable in comparison it's not quite the Kremlin crop traffic but it definitely gets people to decided cheaper cost which over time can be very very profitable I was targeting world wide and obviously I was excluding Africa and India and Pakistan and Bangladesh and Afghanistan this and some random countries there but I'm contents whatever may be but my cost per thousand impressions on average was about one dollar okay so truth be told what really what's happening yes this traffic is not as good you get people coming all the time that would never actually had the intention of buying anything or couldn't afford one hundred one hundred forty dollars to buy any projector but for one dollar and a fifty dollar cost per purchase I can send an ad out briefs yourself I can send it out out to fifty thousand people and when I say that I mean we're talking impressions fifty thousand people will impressed me out which means scrolling through yes stop $30 stop you're gonna get something like I don't know fifteen seventeen let's say 10,000 them stop right 10000 M stop and I don't know 10 percent of those people click through the website a thousand people click through the website so you got warm leads click it through the website and potentially buy something out of these original 50,000 do you know how many has to buy in order to be massively profitable with this CPM I'll give you a head the same number over here one one freaking person got the opportunity the opportunities are endless with this business ok and so what I did was I sent a viral piece of content with amazing copy and something that people could not resist out to an audience that was interested in in that specific product and provided them with massive amounts of value and showed them exactly how they could purchase something and I left a lot of margin there and obviously the perceived value was at least at that $100 for the product okay and that's really it okay and I just ran the ads and you know I had some US audiences I had some UK's Canada some australia's but the majority of when I scaled high up and went into manual bidding and got into the massive amounts of volume of scaling it was worldwide audiences okay so that's just one example of how I made forty three thousand dollars in one single day I've had plenty of winning products where I've done thousands of dollars a day in sales this is just one example I want to show you and a massive scale how things work and how the basics really break down if you guys want let me know in the comments below if you want me to do a more in-depth case study the the full case study of this product is actually with all the ads showing all the interests I ran the ads specifically is in my program drop shipping perfection 2.0 if you want to access to that message my Instagram I Ryan down Melnick I'm not gonna try to sell you here on that really whatever if you want to get a process from somebody cares you know message me but besides the fact guys if you want to hear a case study you want to see a case study more in-depth on something like this on this product maybe for instance let me know in the comments below guys make sure you're subscribed to the channel make sure you turn your notes genell's on make sure you like this video because i literally just gave you a product that i did over forty thousand dollars in a day within 4 to 24 hours people are still running it to this day like literally I just gave that to you okay all those values here make sure each other's notification bells on because when I'm doing these giveaways that way you will see when a new video comes up and you can comment and do all that stuff so that being said appreciate all you guys coming in and yeah that's pretty much it so yeah love you guys see you in the next video

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