How I do titles and tags in Etsy- Updated August 2018. Etsy SEO tips

How I do titles and tags in Etsy- Updated August 2018. Etsy SEO tips

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This is how I do Etsy titles and tags to be found in Etsy search, updated for August 2018 and how the search engine is working now.

This listing was hanging around from when I first started selling on Etsy, and I hadn’t learned how Etsy’s search works. I was following the practices of repeating things too much, and only had one photo on the listing!

In this video I redo the title and tags to have more variety in the keywords I’m using, and this will let Etsy find the listing for more longtail keyword searches.

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hey guys I'm here today to redo a couple of videos well I'm gonna do one now but I have a couple of videos that I was looking at that are just outdated because it's these algorithm changes and that kind of thing so I wanted to go back and change them so that they're accurate so you're working off correct information so first I'm broadcasting this live into my facebook group I've had people ask how do I join your Facebook group the only way to get into my group is to buy a shock review from me because the only purpose of my group really is to keep people updated on changes on Etsy because I think if you pay me for a shop review I should have the responsibility of updating you if Etsy changes things and that your way you're not working off of old information so the link to that is in the description of the video and I only put up one listing at a time and that's just to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed because I spent a lot of time on the reviews so but what I'm gonna do today is go over how I do titles and tags for a listing I've found a listing which I will show you now oops there we go all right so I found this listing that I'm going to go over this is an old listing that I had and it's something that I put up when I was first on Etsy let me flip you guys over to marmalade I went into marmalade and looked up Christmas tree mold okay now marmalade goes back 30 days so this is the search and engagement for the last 30 days for this exact keyword on Etsy what I'm looking at here is this engagement over time because since this is a Christmas item what I want to see is do people search for this at some point during the year and my guess would be it's gonna be closer to Christmas and sure enough here we go so in November of last year it got interesting apparently in June and July people search for Christmas tree molds I don't know why maybe it's the Christmas in July thing that people do but I'm seeing that probably engagement is going to be going up for this term so I am going to use this but then I'm also looking for over here for similar shopper searches to see what else people are searching for so we've got Christmas tree ornaments decorations and that's really things to put on the Christmas tree so that wouldn't apply to this and you don't want to get tricky with your keywords you want to just use things that they described your item don't try to put things in just because it looks like it's a good keyword just to get the traffic because that's not going to get you good traffic that'll get you traffic but then people don't click on it they don't favor it and that's not what they're looking for and that's not good for you in the long run what if I put in Christmas tree silicone and mold and to me the word Christmas tree I kind of consider that one word it's two words but it's more of a short tail keyword as like because it's a unit like you're describing a Christmas tree that's a single thing that's the thing's name so it's like it's a single name so this to me would be like a three word keyword really so you might not get as much search and engagement yeah see that but there's not much competition for it and this just isn't something that's specifically searched for alright so what I'm gonna do because you know search engines do prefer exact word matches exact word order match it's difficult to describe this because I might use the wrong terminology but because they do like the exact word order matches I'm gonna take silicon out and put Christmas tree mold in at the front of my title let's go back here and I'm gonna do Christmas tree mold I'm just going to get rid of this whole thing Christmas tree mold silicone mold because I know that silicone mold is a general search term it's kind of a high level for molds and I do use that in all of my listings every single listing that I have has silicone mold in the title and matched in the tags that's its he still says that that's a good way that they want you to match your most important keywords in your title and tags to send them a signal that that's a good keyword for this item so silicone mold is going to be in the title but I don't want to put it in between Christmas tree and mold here because that there's more search and engagement over the course of the year for just the word Christmas tree mold okay so silicone mold you know what I'm going to do 2.5 inch since I don't have a picture with the ruler silicone mold for fondant now you know I'm just gonna do cake decorating cake decorating polymer clay resin cuz we had resin soap embeds I know that a lot of people search for soap molds and come to my shop I don't know why but you know soap soap in bed so I want to have the word soap in there so we've got Christmas tree mold 2.5 inch silicone mold for cake decorating polymer clay resin soap and beds or jewelry baking period okay now I still have 28 characters so I might go back and put something else but at this point I'm just gonna leave that because that's pretty much that describes this item so that's what it is what I'm gonna do is copy let the dip to dead copy this and then I'm gonna get on here and the tags let's just get rid of everything these tags are really repetitive I'm going to paste that in there and then I'm going to hit add and I don't need to put polymer clay or resin in an to silicone mold , okay I already have all of these in there I don't think I want for cake decorating in there cuz it's in the title already alright so I have Christmas tree mold and silicone mold and I think those are the only two words that I want to repeat between the title and the tag because this is such a specific item and if we go back to marmalade there's only like 650 Christmas tree silicone molds to compete with so that's not that much competition so I'm just gonna leave it there that way if you have an item that has a lot of competition you want to match more between the title and the tags now I'm not researching the tags once I get past doing that because I've already researched these keywords I know that silicone mold is highly searched I have that in all my titles and tags like I said and that's just what I do for every single item with my mold listings so I'm just gonna leave those too and now we need to fill in other things about this mold now one thing I will say if there is something that is really important in the categories or in your attributes let's look at the attributes choose primary color it is yellow alright some people actually do search for silicone molds by their color it's an interesting thing I did a supplier to oh I want to make sure that's right and the attributes are going to look different depending on what listing you're doing so if you're doing a clothing listing you're gonna have completely different attributes than I do choose occasion now I'm not going to put an occasion here because it doesn't have anything to do with a specific occasion alright even if it could be for a birthday cake it could be for something else I'm not gonna do that I am gonna put Christmas because it's a Christmas tree if this was a mold of like a frog I wouldn't put a holiday and I would not put an occasion because those are a frog is not specifically meant for this thing okay if this was just a tree mold I would not put Christmas tree I wouldn't put Christmas in the holiday but because it's a Christmas tree I will put Christmas I'm not going to fill in the secondary color because there isn't so you don't have to fill out all this stuff it's just there for filtering in the future when they start using attributes for filters which they've said they're going to do all right so we've got Christmas tree mold silicone mold and what do I have up in the title cake decorating okay so now I'm going to say what could this be used for what with with molds and stuff like that it's difficult because you have a limited number of uses for things so I really just kind of fill in the materials that you can use in it and I've already forgotten what I put up here so I've got cake decorating polymer clay rez and soap embeds of jewelry making all right so I've used polymer clay resonant soap and beds so now what I'm gonna do is fill in all of the things that will fit on one tag I'm going to fill in all the things that you can use in this mold that will work that's different types of silicone work for different types of things and people want to know what they can use in the molds all right so we've got fondant gum paste isomalt and chocolate can be used in there what else as far as edible things go that's that's pretty much it I could put candy clay and PMC those will all fit on one tag okay candy clay PMC is not a not a phrase and it's not a word it's just there so that Etsy can find it if someone searches for christmas-tree mold for candy clay that's all so now we're going to do other types of things so we've got it's ultra thin embossing in them or ultra thick and about singing amal not ultra thin you don't want an ultra thin what else air dry clay or dry clay what else it's difficult writing title I mean titles and tags for things like this that are so specific and it's got one use it's to make something right so sometimes you just have to try to think every single thing that you can make with this you know put it in there so I'm going to use wax you can use it for candles handle taking well that's it thanks candle-making okay so we had jewelry making is in the title what about cupcake toppers okay and we've got I'm gonna do clay craft supplying its oh I know what I was going to say for the if there's anything that's really important that's in your attributes or your categories put it in the tags or the title don't rely on Etsy to find this because just recently there was something going on where they were not using the categories as tags and they were not being found with attributes so depending on what's going on depending on what changes they make if something is really relevant to your title or to your listing and you need to put it in the title and text to make sure that they're finding it so you know at this point I can kind of take a quick look at this to see if there's anything here decorating supplies I want to put that in there I have craft supplies in there I just put that in so I put decorating supplies degrading supplies I have Christmas tree mold so someone searches for Christmas craft supplies they're going to find it because it's here and it's here but you know what I'm gonna put that in Oh Pete's a craft that's gonna be too long I'm just gonna put my BB supply will fit nope okay so I'll just do Christmas crafts alright and then I'm gonna put in my shop name because if you're completely lost and you can't think of anything else put it in your shop name and it's good to have your shop name in a couple of tags at least because that will help Etsy to find your listings if someone types your shop in using that so one to go what else can you use this for and I know that there's something that I'm probably missing let's see I'm gonna put flexible push mold because that's a pretty common tag that I use a lot and that's it okay so now if someone searches for Christmas craft supplies for polymer clay I'm going to be found for that search if someone searches for Christmas tree mold for cupcake toppers I'm going to be found for that search because there's the cupcake topper so that's how I would do the title and tags for this one but remember that there's more to it than just that it you know it depends a lot now is based on the customers browsing history you know there's there's more going on though than just your titles and tags alright but leave me any questions I'll answer them when I get a chance and I hope that was helpful

8 thoughts on “How I do titles and tags in Etsy- Updated August 2018. Etsy SEO tips

  1. Thanks Kara for another helpful video. Like the last comment I also struggle with being found on most of my 120ish listings within the saturated market of art prints. Just a handful sell well, the others get very little love! Was looking for your shop critique but I see its sold out – Ill check back again soon. Cheers

  2. Hi, Kara! My question is in regard to saturated markets. I understand your Etsy SEO strategy that you have shared and explained and the reasoning behind it. For those in saturated markets, would it be better to repeat long tail keywords in exact word order in title and tags because we want to send the signal that this listing is GREAT for these particular phrases? I understand this might pigeon hole the listing somewhat, but I do use synonyms and descriptors. At the end of the day, I know that it is a lot of trial and error to see what works best for me and within my shop. Currently, I have 200 listings and only have 5 to 10 that consistently sell and sell well. I am thankful for them! I feel like they gain traction because they are somehow being found and then clicked on and then purchased. Otherwise, many of my other listings will have zero views in the last 30 days. I have yet to figure out why. Is it the item? Is it not being found? I switched product lines summer of 2017 from a somewhat niche market to a saturated one, and I am still trying to figure it all out. Thanks for any insights.

  3. Great video! Thank you once again for your very informative videos! I am a bit confused though because I thought you said not to repeat ourselves in the tags and titles because there was no need and Etsy would catch in in the search, so I have been redoing my titles not to be so repetitive and say the same thing in different combinations/groupings. In this example you repeated mold in the title and supplies in the tags. You also mentioned that search likes exact phrase matching…so now I am at a loss on how to do it. So for example, before I might have had the following in the title – Pacifier Clip for Baby Boy, Pacifier Clip for Boy, Personalized Pacifier Clip (along with other descriptions too) and I changed this on some of my listings after that last video. So…what is the best way to do this? When should we use repetition?

  4. Quick question-I thought I understood from one of your previous videos that it wasn't necessary to repeat terms, like you used "decorating supplies" and "craft supplies" and can't you just use the word "supplies" once to cover both of these?

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