How NOT To Test Products On Shopify for Dropshipping in 2018

How NOT To Test Products On Shopify for Dropshipping in 2018

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Generating over $3.2 Million strictly from dropshipping using Shopify, Clickfunnels and Facebook Ads I’ve learnt quite a few tips and tricks.

Everyone talks about “How to test products on Shopify” but they’re missing a crucial point I’d like to discuss today.

More importantly than knowing how to test products on Shopify for dropshipping in 2018, you should know HOW NOT TO TEST PRODUCTS on Shopify.

Avoid wasting time, money and effort by following this simple but efficient strategy that has helped me generate Millions of dollars without losing my pants!

Leave some comments, let me know what my next video should address!

what's up what's up came to drop back here again with another value-packed video we're gonna talk today about what are like the biggest secrets to success when it comes to launching like a successful product finding a winning product on Shopify which is all you really need in order to get like started in this game again I did over seven figures from just one product so the whole goal here is to just find a winning product now the biggest problem when it comes to that for Shopify beginners for people who are not you know they're not scaling are they're just getting started whatever it is the biggest issue I see with them is what I like to call like they get emotional about their products they get attached to their products that's the biggest mistake you could do in terms of product research product selection product testing and so on you don't want to get attached to a product what I mean by getting attached to our product is if you you found a product you think it's good it looks good you ask your girlfriend about it she says it's great now what happens is you start testing it so you're running some ads and the worst thing that could happen to when you're testing a product is when you get that like first sale within a few hours of launching your ad campaign and then it just stops now experts what they do is they ditch the product when that happens to me I ditch the product for me that's a losing product I'm not gonna waste time trying to make it work I'm not I don't get emotionally attached to products I don't care about them that's why I'm not I don't like pick a niche that I'm passionate about because if I'm passionate about something I'm gonna take the money that I earn from dropshipping and I'm gonna go spend that money on it but it doesn't mean I want to be in that business like I'm passionate about food does that mean I'm going to start cooking for a living but a lot of people who are launching on Shopify they're launching stores they're launching products they pick products that they like which is fine if you like a product go for it but do not get emotionally attached to it so I see people who they launch a campaign they start getting you know they get a couple sales but they're losing money I'm not saying always ditch the product you could try to fix it you know you could write better copy on your product page you could find a better product name you could work on your targeting in Facebook Ads a little you can there's a few things that you could do to try to turn it into a winning product but that's only possible once you see consistent sales once you see if you're let's say you're duplicating an ad set and that new apps that also brings in sales and you're around breakeven or you're making a bit of profit but there is potential you could scale it then you could you should be working on like your product title work on your ad copy work on the product copy so the text the in description try different pricing try more expensive price try a lower price there's all these little tricks that you could do to convert a little better so to make a little more sales for the money that you're spending but if your product is not a winner and you don't see sales coming in consistently from like the 1st 2nd 3rd day it's a loser it's guaranteed you will not be able to change that around unless you start investing tons of money until like branding it and putting a specific site for it I'm paying influencers to promote it stuff like that but we're not talking about that now because you're not building a brand we're just trying to find a winning product so in your testing process when you're testing products let's say you're testing one two three a day which is what you should be doing of course do not get emotionally attached to them if one product brought in a few sales and then it stops don't break your head too much don't like don't start spending more money on it to hopefully maybe it'll convert or don't don't like focus on tell yourself that you're gonna make the money on the retargeting or by sending emails or stuff like that if a product isn't working it's not gonna work don't waste your time on and don't get emotionally attached to it don't keep spending money on it don't keep wasting money on it all you're gonna do is waste money and eventually it'll take you two weeks three weeks and a couple thousand dollars loss to figure out that it's not a winning product the easiest way to tell if a product is not a winning product is you'll know that's it it's that simple when you put up a campaign or an ad set with a winning product the sales will just come rolling in I've had products that sales word on their dollar I was paying under a dollar per sale that's when I know I have product once I know that I'm focusing on two things I'm focusing on increasing my conversion rate and scaling it but before I see this result I could test 50 products and for the 50 of them if I get one dankey sale here and there or if you know I spent 50 bucks and I got one sale or I spent a hundred bucks so I got two three sales that I'm losing money a lot of beginners are gonna focus just on that one product and they're gonna try to make it work forever there's for thousands of dollars on ads trying to make that one product work why because of this fake like illusion of that one or two sales that they got that trickled in anything you put on Facebook it's like there's there's La Coste there's just randomness so anything you put on Facebook chances are you'll get a sale but it does not mean it's a winning product it doesn't mean it's a product that can scale and that's that's where a lot of people fail is they focus on the wrong product they get emotionally attached to a product it's either something they like something that they saw you know what are the biggest mistakes is they see something in their newsfeed getting lots of engagement and in their head automatically like oh it's a winning product it's it's getting ton of engagement I'm gonna sell this it has to sell no nothing has to stop first of all you engagement doesn't mean sales it's that's like the biggest I don't know what you want to call it the biggest lawyer whatever it is engagement does not mean sales engagement means oh that's cool it doesn't mean oh let me pull out my credit card and buy this there's a big difference between the two so don't let engagement fool you that's number one number two if you see an ad and you could tell that people are buying it from the comments let's say you also find a lot of comments of like Oh where's mine Adam received mine I order it to have and receive mine or you'll find stuff like I got mine in I love it it's sick I bought two of them I bought three of them you'll see those kind of comments you know there's action you know people are buying but if they're buying from them it doesn't mean that they're gonna buy from you it is very possible that they have a hot pixel it's very possible that they're just retargeting buyers that they already have it's there's many different link possibilities for why it's working for them and not working for you so if you're if both of you are launching the same product they're launching it but they've been advertising it already for a few months and their pixels red-hot and now you come on Facebook's not gonna send in that traffic Facebook's gonna send that traffic to where it deserves to be the pixel that's hot that's already had thousands of sales of that product so you're gonna be competing with someone who's pixel is just much better so you're you're gonna lose that's it's a fact now does it mean you can't try products that are having engagement on Facebook of course you can you should try them that's it's one of my ways to do product research is to just look at my newsfeed so you should try them but do not get emotionally attached the fact that it's working for someone doesn't mean that it's gonna work for you so you got to make your own decisions you got to see your own the results put up an ad see what's going on if you don't get a sale within the first few hours it's a lot a winning product doesn't matter what you try to do to it it's not gonna be a winning product so don't get attached to it what you should be attached to is testing as many products as fast as possible that's it that's the secret to this whole game is to test as many products as possible and as fast as possible so again if you find yourself you you know you found a product on Aliexpress you're putting up the ad you design your page everything looks great you launch your ad and then what happens then it's the waiting game you launched a few ad sets and now you're waiting very simple if you're getting no sales pitch the product if you're getting one random sale at the very beginning within the first like hour and then nothing for the rest of the day you could give it another day if there's nothing it is not a winning product get over it don't be emotionally attached to it a lot of people are just gonna stick with that one product and try to make it work you're not gonna win at that game you're you're you won't because a winning product you'll know when you find it you'll see that you launch an ad and right away boom the sales just start coming in and they just keep coming in so when you launch your ad if you think it's a really good product you could let it run for another day or two you could test some stuff change and stuff lower a price whatever it is but do not find yourself spending thousands of dollars testing one product that's it's a most ridiculous thing you could do and it's the worst thing you can do for this business because you want that money to be spread out on testing many many products in order to find a winner when you find a winner you won't be second-guessing it so if you find yourself that you're you have an ad out and you're like oh is this a winner or is it not a winner guaranteed it's not a winner because when it's a winner you'll know it will be crystal clear it will be obvious you'll be getting sales every few minutes every 10 minutes every 15 minutes when I'm on fire I'm doing a sale a minute it's like crazy some hours during the day so that's what you should be looking for not a product that's doing okay or sales are trickling in now there's another way to look at it if the product is doing okay and its profitable but you can't scale it which which happens it's me I won't waste my time with that kind of product but for someone who's beginning you should still focus on it if it's making you money that's fine because let's say you find one product that's making you 100 bucks a day guess what happens if you find 10 products that do that for you that's how you grow so it's a different kind of strategy that's not looking for like the main winner it's your you just have multiple products that are doing okay you can't scale them very hard but if each product is doing consistently 40 bucks a day 50 bucks a day 80 bucks a day 100 bucks a day then that's amazing technically it's enough money to quit your job and start focusing on your online business and once you do that you find a second product that's doing okay now you find a third product that's doing okay and within a couple months you find yourself you have twenty twenty-five products that are running successfully on Facebook Ads making you everyday thirty bucks a product 20 bucks a product fifty bucks a product that's five hundred lawyers plus a day no problem so that's something that you could focus on but don't try to scale that product because every time you scale it won't work if it's not a winning product you won't be able to scale it so you're gonna have a few ad sets making you I don't know 20 bucks 30 bucks 50 bucks a day per product which is fine it's another strategy for a beginner it's also great and that's all so again that's there's two different things here that we're talking about is do not get emotionally attached to a product and if you find a product that you can scale it's fine to just keep it going at a certain level but don't waste all your time focusing on that one product leave it on autopilot let it do well watch your ads every day make sure you're making profit but keep launching more products it's as simple as it gets is launch more products don't get emotionally attached to the products that you're launching so I hope you enjoy this I hope it's providing you a little guidance in terms of how to do this stuff I'm happy people are leaving comments so that's amazing you have any questions leave some comments make sure to join our group I left some links in the post so make sure to join our group my group on Facebook it's absolutely free we talked in there I put some videos in there you can ask some questions in there you could also subscribe to my youtube so if you're not I'm not sure if the link is in the post or not but if it isn't you could just search on youtube for him the drop out I put up videos there too and that's it make sure to follow me also on Instagram because I share a lot of a lot of this business stuff in my stories that on my posts daily and that's all so I hope you enjoyed the video leave some comments let me know how it is give a like give a share tax and friends who are into this and I'll catch you later with some more videos take care thank you for tuning in

5 thoughts on “How NOT To Test Products On Shopify for Dropshipping in 2018

  1. Haim this video is great!

    PPE Ads with a lot of engagement does really mean nothing!

    Nice to hear it from you.

    my question to testing: I need to test as fast as I can. But I always need to create a product video (or a freelancer does and that´s not cheap)

    How can I be faster? Is a picture enough? I don´t think so.

    And: When do you stop testing? 3 days?
    What if you got a great product and a great Ad but the Copy is shit so you don´t get sales and skip to the next product.

    Maybe it would be a winner if one of these 3 things would match. What if you miss a winner because of a bad ad or sth like this?

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