How to Add Multiple Printful Products to an Etsy Listing

How to Add Multiple Printful Products to an Etsy Listing

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This video shows your how to add multiple products to a single Printful product listing on Etsy, for example if you want to offer both adult and kid sizes of matching family shirts on the same product listing. Can also be used for couple shirt listings.

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there might be times in your XE store where you want to offer multiple print 'full products in one listing for example both an adult and kid size t-shirts you can do this by adding a variation within your Etsy listing now you can start in printful like we did with our different design variations but for multiple products I recommend starting and Etsy creating the listing and Etsy and then syncing it in Princeville to do this log in to your Etsy store go to your shop manager click listings in the sidebar and then click add a listing in the upper right complete all the necessary Etsy listing information such as photos title description price and other information for the photos I like to use the size guides for each of the products that I will be offering you can get these size guides either by screenshotting the size guide on the printful product page or by downloading the photo from an existing listing on etsy that has that product you don't need to worry about your mock-up photos yet as those will be synched when we push the products from printful continue filling out the rest of the information for your listing when you get to the size option in your listing do not use Etsy's size option as we will be adding our own custom scale below in variations when you get to the variation sections click add variations under choose variation type go to the bottom and select create a new variation enter the variation name such as size and hit enter this is where you're going to add an option for each of the sizes you will be offering make sure to make it clear whether it's an adult size or a youth size after you complete the size variation you can also add a color variation click choose variation type and select primary color you can either select a variation from the pre-made ones in Etsy which is suggested if it matches your variation color or you can scroll down to the bottom and click create a new option for example for Heather colors once you have all your sizes and colors entered click Save and continue and continue filling out all the required information for your listing once you have completed all of the required information click Save As draft once you save your listing as a draft the information will sync over to printful and it will ask you to sync your products to that listing because it takes some time for your Etsy listings to sync back to printful you may not immediately see it on your print fill store you can either wait for the sync to happen or click refresh data in the upper right to force a sync with your Etsy store once your product appears in your product listing on printful click Edit next to the product you'll now need to tell printful which product and design should be printed depending on what the customer orders for example this first one will need to be an adult size large in the blue to add the product click choose product at the product and design as you would any other product listing do this for each of your products listed on this page once you've added a product for each of your variations you'll want to push the mock up image to your Etsy store to do this select the box next to a variation click Change print file proceed to mock-ups and select the mock-up image you would like to push to Etsy and click Submit if you would like multiple types of mock-up images select another variation of the same product type for example another blue shirt repeat that same process but select a different mock-up do this for each of your variations for example for each color of your adult sizes and each color of your youth sizes then head back over to Etsy to complete your listing in your listings under drafts reopen your listing you will now see the size guides you added before and the mock-up images that you have added edit or add any additional information that you need and then click publish to make your listing live on Etsy your customer will then be able to purchase either an adult size or a youth size shirt from the same listing thanks for watching and let me know in the comments what else you need to know to be successful on your printful Etsy journey

20 thoughts on “How to Add Multiple Printful Products to an Etsy Listing

  1. Hi, Is there a way to have multiple designs with the same t-shirt color on one listing? If I have a couple of artwork that only change the text color but I want them to be on the same listing and use the same t-shirt color.

  2. Hey Caitlyn,
    you mentioned in the beginning that it is possible to start from printful. I already have some listings up and I would like to add women's shirts. Is this possible?

    Thank you

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for the video! What do you do when you have kids t-shirts and adult t-shirts? Adults have different color options, kids only black and white. When the listing is life you can choose any color for kids, even if they are non existent. Any ideas?

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