How To Contact Instagram Influencers In 2018 – Shopify Tutorial

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Today I show you guys How To Contact Instagram Influencers In 2018, which works great if your into shopify.

Back when I was running my main shopify store I was using Instagram influencer posts pretty much everyday and more than once on some day.

I was doing this because they were really cheap, really quick and easy to set up and they had a great return and I can easily say that most of my sales came from the Instagram influencer posts that I was putting up.

With that said there is still a fair number of people who don’t know how to get in contact with these influencers and think that it’s harder than it really is.

There is no need to over complicate this, just go to their page/profile, look to see if they have some way to contact them in their bio or profile anywhere and if they do.

Go ahead and send them a message or an email or whatever their preferred method is and just say your interested in buying a shoutout post and you wanna know their rates.

Then just wait for them to reply and try to work out a deal and your all set and good to go.

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what is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I'm gonna be talking to you about how to contact Instagram influencers the guys I made a few videos back where I actually talked about how to actually contact and pay for instant influencer posts you guys had some more questions about that since then so I listen me making an entire video I had I actually mesh these in-stream influencers that way you can actually pay them like 50 20 bucks whatever it is whatever their rate is for an instant Influenza post for a shout-out post whatever it is you guys want to call it for your brand for your personal brand or maybe just trying to fill a product to offer you wanna promote you guys can do those are pretty much anything I used to do these a lot for my Shopify store a lot of you guys probably gonna do it for the same reason so with that being said I'm gonna dive into my computer in just a minute sure you guys had to do that but before we get started guys if you're brand new to the channel this is the first time you're watching one of my videos I encourage you right now to go down below and please subscribe for brand new videos just like this one every single day and with that being said guys we're gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys how to do this alright guys we were now my computer as you can see we're of course gonna be on Instagram now I was thinking about doing this on my phone but the video was recording really really weird so I forgot to do it on the computer to you guys the best video possible with that said though guys I'm actually to show you a few different inch am pages I pulled up up here and guys the reason I'm gonna show you these instagrams is because you guys in their bio strand their bio they pretty much tell you exactly how to contact them no guys right here and this one called pups 2.8 million followers if you want to actually buy an Instagram post on this person's page it probably cost you like 100 200 maybe even 300 dollars but it's just because guys of course I have 2.8 million followers that's a ton of people their videos get about what 35 that was in likes this one has got 122,000 likes 150,000 likes of course guys your pre me she's gonna be paying that much money to get in front of a lot a lot of people so of course it might be worth it depending on what nation depending on whatever it is that you're in but guys my point if actually showing you these again is that right here guys they actually have a kick in their bio which is gonna be insta thrill or yeah and the guys always have an email address so guys that's two different ways you can actually get to contact them but all you have to send them a quick message send them an email and it's asking what their price is asking how much they actually cost and how long and stuff like that I'm actually show you guys pretty much a basic message that I wrote up for you guys you guys could pretty much just take copy paste and then send these in cm influencers if you want you can edit it a little bit I'm gonna share that message in just a minute guys I used to do in statement fluence or post a lot back when I was doing all my Shopify stores all you guys know I went shop for storage for like eight or nine months back when I was doing those I was pretty much running in-stream influencer posts almost every single day just because I didn't really understand pace but guys that well at the time and because they were also very cheap they're very easy to set up and because they offered a lot of return on the back end that's just to waste actually in contact with in shâm influencer she's gonna be through kick and then email people also have you DM them if they want I'm gonna show you guys another page this one is gonna be called JDM gram of course this one guy's gonna be a little bit more about it's in the carny show it's gonna be more of a little bit of a different eesh I wanted to show you guys a bunch of examples from very different niches that Wagga actually guys this actually works and then these in cm influencers are pretty much any niche you could imagine with that so I'm gonna scroll back up alright so right here guys they actually have a kick and an email as well for contact kick and the JDM gram or email there's an emo right there they also have a youtube channel equine eat masters them on youtube if you wanted to but again guys this is another Instagram they have 1.3 million followers so of course their reach is gonna be massive your PI pay $100 $200 to get in front of over a million people which was of course guys I began a pretty good deal overall and it's very easy to get in contact with these people guys all you have to do is make a kick message them email them right here whatever it is guys I'm gonna show you one more example and I'm gonna show you guys the message it's gonna be a mess I kinda used to send it's not gonna be the same exact word for a message but it's gonna be very similar and it's gonna be like a very basic general overview overview message with that southern guys I'm gonna show you more page there's gonna be a little bit more of a smaller page but again guys isn't gonna be cold pure dunks of course it's more of a basketball page of course sending the basketball niche so I'm gonna watch the clips highlights whatever it is what guys they also have a way to contact them and they say right there DM or kik and they give their click right there so as even smaller in shâm pages can still be used as Instagram influencers and you can still pay them to put up in same influencer post and to do shoutout posts for you of course guys what the following 100k it's gonna be a lot a lot cheaper than these other pages that have a million and 2.8 million pages we'll only 100k are gonna be significantly cheaper of course you're going getting in front of a lot less people but guys it'll still be more like maybe 10 $20 maybe $50 at most for a page this small you guys can of course go and see what their rates are and now guys I'm actually sure the message that you should send out to Instagram influencers but I actually want one of their posts alright so guys this is just a general outline message I used to send you guys can pretty much take this copy paste it send it to the enchantment volunteers to DM email kik message where everybody's guys you can pretty much use this on any platform I'm gonna be the message out to you guys really fast and again you guys can take this you guys I can edit it a little bit if you want but guys this is like a general outline that's for you should be sending these in cm influencers if you want to post on their page with that said though guys the message reads hey my name is X of course you're gonna enter your own name my Instagram is at X again insert your own Instagram I'm looking to buy a shout-out post can you give me some info on what your prices are and for how long and if you offer a link and buy or not Thanks and guys it's really that simple you don't need to make this super complex you don't need some long super elaborate message you just need to say hey I'm interested in buying an influenza pose from you what are your rates how long will the post be up for and do you offer a link and buy or not so guys if you want to actually put a link in their bio that's pretty much what it is they're gonna put your on a failing or your own link to your own landing page in that person's bio it'll probably cost you a few extra bucks maybe like 10 15 extra dollars but not all pages actually offer that so it's important to ask in the beginning because you can even add some other stuff down there if you want this isn't actually a part of the message just more a little more of an add-on if you actually know what you want and you double you can be a little bit more specific and a little bit more direct about what you want from us influencer so you're gonna say hey I'm looking to do a 24 hour post with a link in bio how much would that be and they give you a price now depending on how many followers they have what kneestr in and how big the page actually is that will determine how much it'll actually cost you but guys the prices are gonna be pretty standard so one page has 100k the next page also has 100k will offer you roughly the same price I'm not sure how much the NCM implements are posts all right now again guys I used to as months ago and it does vary a lot a quick tip guys is personal brand pages are gonna be a significantly more money to actually go ahead and purchase then other normal pages like these ones that I showed you where as this one's just about puppies and dogs these pages are gonna be very cheap to actually purchase whereas if you would actually go on somebody's personal brand page and try to buy an Instagram influencer clothes from them it will be significantly more money just because personal brands are cared about a little more their little bit more tailored and just because of that they're gonna cost thing to feeling more money to advertise on so I recommend to you guys unless you really want to advertise on a specific instant influencer there's personal brand page you guys just stick to these these general kind of niche pages no basketball cars dogs whatever it is guys they're in statement fluent ears and pretty much any single niche audience here might now you guys can go ahead and search through yours you see I had you guys oh yeah she was messaged a bunch inch scan people I usually message like what 10 15 20 a day and then once they gave me their rate back how much was gonna be in for how long I put it into this huge Excel spreadsheet robbers compare costs compare how long would that post to be about everything that way I get the best post to get and get the most value for my money you guys can do something similar if you want to but you don't necessarily have to with that being simple guys this prima drops out the video I know this was gonna be a quick one I just wanted to show you guys real fast how to get in contact with these instant influencers for those who are interested in actually purchasing some Instagram influence or posts with that being said there guys if you enjoyed the video definitely drop a like on it right now and if you guys really enjoyed definitely make sure to subscribe to the channel for brand new videos just like this one every single day with that being said guys my name is anthony villa i will see you in the next one I am out peace

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