How To Do Etsy Market Research Using Your Own Stats - Vintage Etsy Sellers

How To Do Etsy Market Research Using Your Own Stats – Vintage Etsy Sellers

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As a vintage Etsy seller, I certainly know a few of the things that I am super good at selling. Watch as I walk through how I figure out my Etsy market research based on my own own stats. Includes views in stats, pricing and keyword research.


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terr Jacobson marketing art fleet today I want to talk to my vintage Etsy sellers about making your life easier by sourcing and selling things that you are already good at sourcing and selling the reason this came up for me today was I am shipping out this little pair of asparagus tongs and I am surprisingly good at selling asparagus tongs I just looked up my back borders of them this is a pair of baby tongs but I have sold three pairs January 31st March 13th March 15th and I can source these relatively easily at estate sales now I'm not swimming in them but I find them pretty easily and now I have gotten really good at SEO mmm first off let me tell you I did a search just so we don't have to sit here and wait and there's only 29 pairs of asparagus songs listed on the etsy so I'm not competing with a million people but I thought this was super interesting and can help make you feel better about the fact that our stats as vintage sellers are not amazing if you're trying to do keyword research for asparagus tongs and see how many people a month are searching for that there's probably not a whole lot but this is what's interesting and this is where you can really start to generate your own keyword research is if you go into the stats of that listing I only had six visits in the last 16 days so I am not set in the world on fire with my visits but my item sold so it doesn't matter that I haven't had a million visits there's visits an order so somebody saw one person saw my asparagus tongs did not want it three people saw my asparagus tongs did not want them two people saw my asparagus tongs and one person wanted it I it's not the same as selling handmade jewelry stackable ring skinny necklace you know things that people are me having super super amounts for but there's a couple things that are amazing number one the competition is much slower number two we can really SEO these and then sell more of them so for me I self-serving tongs and that's funny because that is what so that is serving tongs one visit I don't know which one it it was that was serving tongs but it's a serving tongs asparagus song somebody came from Google maybe that was the lady that bought it but when the numbers are this low you can really see what you know what items that what keywords they're searching for so let's go back to my my other ones I haven't looked at this so this is gonna be super exciting for all of us and see if we can see what kind of keywords this one got searched for I know can you hardly even stand it I can't stand it so the easiest way to find this because it was ages ago I think it was last March that I sold these I'm just gonna say all-time right and it's gonna show me a lot of information about things that you know it's gonna show a really long time that nothing sold because it sold right here but let's go look so serving Tom silver tongue serving salad tongs silver serving tongs and asparagus tongs you don't have to try to guess so much you can get a solid base starting with the things that you have sold over time and then the nice thing about it is once Etsy knows people ask me all the time why does somebody with no SEO rank for keywords well one of the things that Etsy knows is that I am very good at selling silver asparagus tongs and so I may be weighted higher in search than somebody who is just listing one or they have a you know a hand and body shop and their aunt gives them a pair of serving homes so they saw all those things get weighted into the etsy algorithm these ones sold for $26.99 only 22 people looked at him so I could have gotten in the entire lifetime of the listing I could have gotten really freaked out but I don't need to because somebody that did see them wanted them so hopefully that helps Tara Jacobsen marketing art flea if you would like more videos like this about Etsy or marketing make sure to hit the subscribe button below

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