How to find AMAZING Etsy Tags that sell with the Trend Buzz

How to find AMAZING Etsy Tags that sell with the Trend Buzz

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What are buyers actually searching for, to find the keywords, the Etsy tags that sell it can be useful to see what are the very top keyword phrases that Etsy buyers are searching for. If we think like a buyer then the tags that we use are more likely to be discovered
Not only that but we can find those seasonal keywords that are just about to take off or might be worth looking into next year. This can really help your Etsy SEO by targeting your Keyword research onto the tags that buyers are really searching for in 2019 and 2020

Retail is seasonal. It's never static What does well at one time in the year might not do well at the other time of year? So is there a way to find these keywords these Etsy tags that sell at different times of the year? And find a way to catch on to the trends the up-and-coming keywords But just before they begin to take off there might be eRank of just this week Updated their trend report – the trend buzz and this new feature Might well be a game changer for you to get it from your eRank dashboard. You want to go to To get it from your eRank dashboard you want to go to reports? Trending on Etsy and be aware This is a pro members feature and this overview page this first page you come to has the top ten Searches the actual shoppers that actual buyers are searching for and it defaults to last month You can sort columns by clicking on them or if you type in the filter box You can just bring up the results for things that you might be interested in even with just using part of the words it'll bring up results the trend graph shows you the Estimated number of searches for the past 15 months and the blue bar highlights what month you're looking at you can choose other months in the drop-down to see Historic data and that blue bar moves to let you visually see what month you're in at the bottom in bright orange You'll see this trademark warning This is just to remind you that although these are terms that Shoppers are searching for it doesn't mean that you have The right to sell them certain trade back terms will be illegal for you to sell Stay to the end of my video to get the card to take you to the video That I created giving you an idea of some of the things you can and can't sell on Etsy The results are sorted into categories down the left hand side with each individual category with its top 100 Results now categories aren't perfect. They're based on what the seller is Categorizing their item under so you might find some Duplicates in different categories or you might find some that don't seem to fit at all sellers are human Sometimes they put things into the wrong category. You might also notice that the bottom B category is missing This is just because this was pulling some questionable results that might have offended some people So for now that's missing until eRank can find a way to be a little less offensive with the results So let's have a closer. Look all is the top 100 search terms But how can we use this? Well, you can see the trends for example Father's Day was number one in the last month now Of course, obviously it was it just was Father's Day in America but now Father's Day has passed so we can anticipate that the search for Father's Day is Probably not going to be that high this month and if we look historically back in the data The graph is telling us there's a little peak before Father's Day and then not many people are searching So perhaps it's best not to use Father's Day as a new tag just now However, we look at turquoise. That seems to have been on an upward trend There's some peaks at Christmas time which most things seem to be and also turquoise Bracelet seems to have just become a new search term So perhaps if you're into making jewelry, it might be an idea to take a gamble on turquoise That might be something big just now And when you've got an idea you can click on that keyword and that takes you directly to the keyword explorer Where we can see that? Okay, perhaps this terms a little bit too competitive for us to rank for but blue green turquoise bracelet for a woman Could this be a potential keyword at least worth worth investigating? And it breaks down into a load of really cool tags. So it gives us a chance not only to rank for that But if we rank for that, we may rank for a turquoise bracelet. We may rank for a turquoise bracelet for a woman So it gives us an idea Now, let's have a quick look at that vintage category to be able to categorize this what he rank has done is taken all searches that contain the word vintage Because that way we know that the searcher was literally looking for vintage items, so it may not be perfect But it certainly gives vintage sellers an idea of what is hot when people are searching for vintage I know something you'll be saying but Pam the keywords is telling us here. They're much too Competitive for me to even try and rank for or it's not even the kind of things I make how can this be in any? Way helpful to me. I Understand it's the same for me. I make needle felted sculptures. So this would be in art and collectibles Mainly, but when I look in there there's nothing really relevant for me or is there When I search way down I see bunny rabbit figurine and squirrel figurine So this does give me an idea of some animals that might be popular but not only that because the search is using the word Figurine it tells me that possibly figurine Ornament or sculpture might be a term that shoppers are using more at the minute and time But also I can check out pet supplies now Obviously the first the top results here are not relevant to me dog collar I couldn't rank for and I don't want to because that's not what I make But if we scroll down some of the first named animals are chinchilla. I've never made a chinchilla sculpture maybe now's the time to Try Greyhound is the first named breed of dog and Chihuahua the second and ferrets and bearded dragons are showing up quite a bit in the search as well in terms like Personalized and custom seem to be searched for as well So this gives me an idea of things to attempt at least when I'm doing named custom breeds of dog sculpture Perhaps I want to be looking at some items geared to greyhound owners and Chihuahua owners Perhaps I want to have what we shot at making a bearded dragon. That sounds really tempting So, okay the very top terms might not be useful to me but searching down this list gives me some ideas of how searchers are searching what things buyers are saying when they're looking for something and What kind of things are popular that I can maybe jump on the band where okay, I'm not gonna build a rank for Greyhound But I might be able to rank for a personalized Greyhound sculpture But another thing we can do is look back to last year and see what terms were starting to take off just now Well, what's terms started to take off in a month or two so we can get an idea of the up and coming? Seasonal terms and get our listings up and hopefully rank for them before they start to get too competitive They remember like any tools. This is just one tool to help you out. Don't use it as a standalone It's just a help for ideas You want to use your keyword explorer to find out if these terms are any good for you? You want to be checking in the rank checker to see if you're ranking for these terms and most importantly you want to be checking what your customers how the Customers are responding to the terms that you've used because what might be popular for other shops Just might not work for your shop. I'd like to remind you all that although I also work for I rank my opinions in these videos are my own and are not in any way affiliated with the rank I hope that'll help. Don't forget check out the other videos and subscribe to me and come back often. Thank you so much

11 thoughts on “How to find AMAZING Etsy Tags that sell with the Trend Buzz

  1. Morning Pam
    I remember (vaguely) a video you did 're Buying postage through Etsy.
    As you are also in Scotland (yay) do you after buying the label post you parcel in a Post Office via a human cashier, or can you put them straight in the letterbox if they fit!
    Thanks Pam
    Have a great day
    Bridget x

  2. Looking forward to the video. Just about to do my first vendors stall. 54 spots and it was free. Etsy is still a bit scary for me. Hoping to get it together by the holiday season.

  3. Oh, my! There ya go, Pam. The Bearded Dragon is a good one for ya. Maybe a few steps up from a frog. Cute little things. Had one escaped from a pet owner & ended up in my back yard! Australia is quite a distance from here so, I was suspicious. Our local policeman was so curious that he came with the animal control guy & they found him a good home.

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