How to find keywords for Etsy without using SEO research tools. Etsy SEO tips

How to find keywords for Etsy without using SEO research tools. Etsy SEO tips

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How to find keywords for Etsy with your listing stats and without using outside keyword tools like Marmalead. If you were totally desperate and had to only use keyword-gathering tools instead of being able to actually research them, this is what I would do. But I would cheat and use google adwords data even though it’s not perfect for Etsy. Because guessing isn’t good.

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hey guys I have been asked by a couple different people to to kind of show what the decision-making process would be if you're trying to edit your listings without using any kind of SEO research tool which I would never recommend but I'm just doing it for the purposes of this video you really need to do some kind of research and guessing is not good it's it's never good to guess because in general people are not searching for what you think they're searching for they're not using the same terms that you are there's a lot that goes into it and it's it's just hard to start guessing and throw things up there and just hope that it's fixed but if you have to go into your own listings it hit the listings the shop manager it's the listings tab if you click on the little gear it'll open a menu and you can view the stats for that individual listing so you're not looking at your entire shop you're just looking at this one listing I put all time there and scroll down because if you put a shorter period sometimes not a whole lot of information comes up now if the entire time this has been listed on Etsy I can't believe that there's only seven pages of results in 23 I you know what I think that there's something wrong with these stats because for four years I'm gonna have more than seven pages but let's just let's just assume that this is correct and there's not something weird going on with your stats and you can see in here that the words that Etsy is telling you that you were found for are only going to be words that are already in your listing so it's it's one thing to say well a lot of people search for that so maybe I will match this in the title and in the tags make sure it's both there and into both places in the same order or you could say maybe I'll make some more of these I'll make a different type you know I'll design some different molds but the self-fulfilling prophecy of Etsy stats is that you can look at this and not really make a whole lot of changes because it's already telling you that all the words there in your listing are being used to find it the one thing you could do is look to see if there are words that are in your listing that are not showing up in your stats because that means that no using them and then you can replace those with something else but you know in the case of this I don't think this is the complete stats anyway because for seven pages for four years it doesn't make any sense however the better way to do this is either to go and look at listings that are similar to this it might have different words and see if you can poach some from there all right so let's look for something else this could kind of be used for the same type of cake decoration kind of these fancy little cakes all time so this is six years and let's see how many pages of data it's giving me it's only giving me two pages I think there's something going on with Etsy right now but this is not a complete picture but just for argument's sake maybe I could put lace in there because that kind of the first mole that we were looking at people kind of use that on cakes that have a lot of lace on there or fancy things flour I might want to try some of these words in there I you know this is not two pages is incorrect so you know you can kind of poach words from your own listings a better way to do it if you're only using it see and I'm not saying this is a good way to do it this is just a better way to do it is let's put in lace mold let's put in lace and see what comes up in the search box okay these are not necessarily good keywords that a lot of people are searching for it's just things that have been searched for recently and they told us in 1qa that they try to replace these about every 48 hours they try to keep these current but it doesn't mean that a lot of people are searching for this so you can take some of these if they do apply and put it into your listings so that's one way to get ideas okay I would never say to just take these and assume that that's a really highly search term but on the other hand if Etsy is presenting it to people maybe they'll click on it but let's let's look at lace trim because that might be something theoretically that that little mold would go with okay so now we're looking at all this stuff so this is another place to get ideas and you can see if any of these keywords have anything to do with you're looking for you can put that in there I might use the word applique because people do refer to that for cake decorating as an applique mold and this is just another way to get ideas is here okay from Etsy a third way let's look at ATandT this leaf mold I'm just gonna go straight to the source I'm gonna search for this and see what comes up okay so here's mine is the first one I have a few of these yeah a lot of these are mine but we can see guy here's like a little fancy scrollwork kind of mold so we could go here and try to see what keywords they're using see if we get any ideas from that so your competition competition on Etsy you can go to Amazon and look to see what keywords they're using there but you can go to any place that sells what you're selling and see what keywords they're using so that's one way to get ideas again it's not going to tell you that it's a good keyword but it tells you that it's a possibility okay and that's that's one option okay so look at the competition look at the other things that are up there now what I would really suggest that you do is go to Google so I am straying off of Etsy I'm not just staying on Etsy if you go to Google and search for this okay then you can see silicone mold fondant maybe I don't have the word fondant in my listing okay but just choose one of these and see what comes up for Etsy and look here's Etsy pays for the Google search results so there's my molds they're so acanthus leaf mold on etsy look for the Etsy market pages which is the results that they give to Google and outside search engines and then see what word they're using so click through here and see if they are using this word yes they are okay sometimes this term is different so you'll put something in and it turns out to be something else that Etsy is using and that can give you ideas another place you can look is in Pinterest Pinterest is a search engine and lay here we go so someone has saved my molds from there so there you go and this is why I put my logo on my face because you can find my logo everywhere okay when you put that in Pinterest being a search engine sometimes it'll give you words across the top I think this is too specific but this will give you a lot of other ideas that you can go in and look at these other listings and not listings with pins but just see what kind of things come up but if you want to stay on Etsy and not use outside research tools I would never tell you to do that say but you need to look around find things for different places and then I would go to Google and do get the keywords everywhere tool which is on this which is on the Chrome browser it's this little tool right here keywords everywhere go to keywords everywhere Chrome extension it's an extension for Chrome and Firefox and I've talked about this before it will give you the basic Google AdWords data it's free you can install it on your browser it's not Etsy specific but it'll give you a better idea than just guessing okay so basically while I would never tell you to go and do Etsy SEO research without using normally it's you have to use something and Google AdWords is better than nothing marmalade is the best cuz it says he's specific if you want to go on Etsy and look that's fine but they might not be giving you suggestions that are really good they might just be giving you suggestions that are recent you can go into your own stats to see words that are being used make sure those are in your title and tags but also look to see the words that are not being used that you have in your title and tags and get rid of those and then put something else in so Pinterest Google Amazon anywhere you can get ideas is good and then just go ahead and put those into your title and tags if you don't have marmalade because you can try something to see if it does start showing up in your stats but you have to give it time give it you know a two or three months before you get a really good amount of data you can't make a decision based on two days worth of searches basically alright so leave me questions give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I have some documents you can go to download in my website that are free a little Etsy guides and cheat sheets I'm adding some more because I think it's kind of fun to put those together so anyway I'll talk to you guys later and I hope that was helpful

3 thoughts on “How to find keywords for Etsy without using SEO research tools. Etsy SEO tips

  1. You are a complete superstar Kara – thanks so much for taking note of my request (and other peoples'!) and doing this video – you have transformed my sales on Etsy and I cannot thank you enough! Thanks loads from the UK! 🙂

  2. I was looking at the stats for some of my listings yesterday and it would show months of empty data when I click "all time". No visits, no views (not possible for all the listings). Didn't think that maybe the search data was messed up too. The number of favorites was on point 😉

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