How To Get 100% FREE Traffic To Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

How To Get 100% FREE Traffic To Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

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In this video, I show you how to make money online on social media and shopify dropshipping. Using Instagram influencers, Facebook, or even ppc! If you enjoy this kind of content please be hit the like button and be sure to Subscribe ►

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alright guys so I wanted to talk to you guys about SEO and paid advertising okay so you know a lot of people rely on paid advertising and the bad thing about this is you know once you shut it off you're literally done you don't have no sales you have no traffic to your site right so you don't want to rely on paid advertising okay if you have SEO if you optimize your site for SEO you know you have customers while you're sleeping you don't even have to rely on paid advertising okay and also you know establishes authority in your niche okay so once I type in let's say I type in cat you know cat leashes or dog leashes right I want to see your site pop up on Google okay and that's what and then if it pops up on the first page you literally establish your authority you established a place in your niche okay if you rely on paid advertising you rely on Instagram you rely on Facebook you know YouTube snapchat right you don't have that authority you don't have establishment or a place but you know it's not bad to you know do paid advertising but you don't want to rely on paid advertising okay you want to reduce the ad cost as much as possible right so you can get the you know the return your investment so I'm gonna make this you know short sweet video for you guys on the benefits of why you should do SEO okay SEO is so important and you know I do that with all my businesses I try to optimize my pages you know my blogs you know my personal brand everything with SEO because I want to be searched up on YouTube I want to be searched up on Google you know the different things that you know helps benefit you if you optimize your site for SEO and that's you know that's free sales okay you didn't spend no advertising on free a free customer okay so that's the best thing about SEO and you know we're gonna hop on my computer I'm gonna teach you guys the benefits you know the top reasons why you should start SEO in 2018 tell you guys about four things that are so important you know and the factor of SEO okay and you guys need you know take SEO serious because you know it helps you with your potential okay if you just rely on paid advertising you're just limiting your potential and what your business can do because what SEO your but your business can grow you know with new heights new limits and you just can be able to be found in you know the in Google search or Yahoo or Yahoo or you know YouTube so there's so many different factors that SEO can improve your business okay so what the first thing the SEO improves is it actually makes your site more visible and increases your organic ranking organically okay so you know all the results that you know people type in let's say they type in a regular toy or a cat toy right you know the people that are gonna most likely click are on the first page so you want to get on that first page as quick as possible and you know it just helps you get more traffic okay it helps you get more visible and seen okay if you're just in the you just rely on paid traffic you know you're not really optimizing your site you're just trying to get customers and you're not you're always relying on paid advertising and you're not able to grow okay so once you shut off your ads you know you're literally done okay so you want to get on that first page so you can get more visible and more people can actually reach your site another factor that SEO actually helps is build trust and credibility okay so if your site is actually ranked on Google people are actually gonna most likely trust your site okay it's that simple if you're ranked on the sixth page if you're ranked on the seventh page you know people aren't gonna take you serious okay especially when you know people want to just look you up on on the internet or they want to look you up on Amazon or they want to look you up on YouTube there's so many different things that people you know Trust is so important especially in the e-commerce field okay they're gonna put their putting in their information they're putting in their email they're putting in you know every type of you know information they need from that customer so if you can establish your credibility and establish your space on the internet that's gonna help you a ton a lot another factor about SEO it is actually cost effective okay so let's say you were running ads right you always have that you know that dollar you have that you know budget you you can't spend more than this because you know you have you know to sell this much right well SEO you get free traffic okay you don't have to rely on a budget you don't have to rely on you know certain factors to be able to you know do I do I need to spend you know this much on cost-per-click do I need to spend this much on you know Instagram influencer right with cost-effective SEO you're getting free traffic okay all you all it is is you just rank for keywords okay you rank for keywords you rank for your products you rank for your pages and let's say you get a hot product right now you rank for that you know keyword right you rank for that trending keyword and you literally have free traffic and literally you're gonna get sites you know people are gonna be coming in to your site every single day okay in your sleep as well because they you know SEO is not limited to just United States like let's say you want to target an ad with just sort towards the United States no SEO is throughout the whole world so if somebody is looking for that product you know that's free traffic and that's 100 percent you know profit margins okay so you always want to get the best in your return investment and to me SEO is one of the best return of investment that you can do to actually you know make your site be more successful okay lastly SEO brings high quality traffic and high conversion potential okay so what is me what does this mean right it brings high quality traffic you know when you if you're running a Facebook ad if you're running an Instagram influencer ad right let's say you're running a free plus shipping offer right so now you're gonna have people that are in the mindset of hey I want this you know product for free so and then they end up going to your shipping page you know they're not really that interested anymore because they saw the price so that's unwanted traffic okay so you know if you just have SEO on your page you have high quality traffic because number one they actually searched for that keyword okay and then they landed on your site so now they're more interested in the topic the bounce rate is a lot lower and it just helps you get that conversion potential okay because if you if you if they're actually looking for that word right if they're actually looking for that product or that keyword or the article right and then you have you know that link to your product or you actually have you know your product page set up that conversion is gonna be a lot higher because that's what they were looking for okay that's why you know Google so important in SEO ranking and you want to rank for SEO and the site that I like to look at that's a perfect example is called okay smart passive income is actually one of the best I always look at the income report I always look at you know always model my you know way of business of running things just like this guy this guy is a perfect example he does affiliate marketing but what he does is he actually lists out all his income sources and he doesn't rely on paid traffic his site is actually ran on SEO okay he barely runs advertising and people are coming in buying left and right from his site so you know that's the power of SEO if you just go to this site you can actually see how much this guy's making he's making over like fifty five figures a month so it's ridiculous what he's doing with SEO so just imagine you know you took your products when you took your ecommerce store and you took it to that SEO level you know you just took that time to actually build up your story you built up through back-end and then you just ranked for your keyword you know you don't have to rely on paid traffic and have unwanted people actually you know not having conversions okay so you know we're doing the seven day challenge a couple weeks ago you saw that I had you know search results I had some organic traffic because I actually ranked for those keywords okay so you know SEO is important don't sleep on it if you want to learn more about SEO you can actually get my guide it's the Malik Mufasa calm slash winning products okay so if you want to know more about you know how to find winning products so that you can be in the position in the best position to actually sell because if you can find that winning product right you know you have you have a successful e-commerce store now you just got to get traffic okay and that's what SEO is gonna do for you and your paid advertising so if you want if you want to learn more just go to WWE Malik Mufasa comm slash winning products okay and it's gonna be down below and I hope you guys found this helpful go ahead and smash that like button go ahead and subscribe if you're new drop in daily videos every single day so at the end of the day your boy still here peace out

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  1. I started first using SEO for marketing and probably is the most “advanced” level of online marketing. Pros & Cons… Traffic can be free for life if you can manage to rank certain keywords. But SEO can take 3-6 months to rank any page and is not that easy to stay consistent as immediate sales. SEO is not for quickies, its pro level of using Google backend.

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