How To Get 30 Sales PER DAY On Shopify (Easy Dropshipping Strategy - Increase Sales)

How To Get 30 Sales PER DAY On Shopify (Easy Dropshipping Strategy – Increase Sales)

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There is a big difference between having 3 sales total and making 30 sales PER DAY. In this video I explain an easy strategy to grow your Shopify store’s sales even if you have no experience running ads!

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3 Sales Total VS. 30 PER DAY (Increase Shopify Store Orders). For more shopify dropshipping, entrepreneur and business content, be sure to subscribe to the channel!

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41 thoughts on “How To Get 30 Sales PER DAY On Shopify (Easy Dropshipping Strategy – Increase Sales)

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing this. I've never thought I can negotiate with suppliers 🙂

    I want to ask, how much do you usually spend (or how much visitors you get) to understand if the

    product has potential or not? Are there any free ways to get traffic to Shopify store? Perhaps any apps recommendations? SEO?

  2. Hey Hayden! Thanks for the video. I am currently testing a new product and getting about 3-6 sales a day on it. However, something unexpected happened out of no where. For some reason, my Facebook pixel is not picking up any conversions or sales. I don't think it is firing in general. This is odd because I have tested dozens of products before and this has never happened. I am just discouraged because just when I have a winning product, I cannot even see where the sales are coming from in my ad sets I have running. I have to figure this out ASAP so I can scale. I have checked everything on my end and see that the Facebook Pixel Helper is not running also. Thanks man!

  3. Thank you bro for it, by the way, I would like to see a video where you could explain to beginners about the conversation rate, because when I started I thought this would be like, 12 visitor and I would get 80% of those visitors to buy my stuff but it's not exactly what droppshipping is, the normal conversation rate to a beginner always round 2-3% , thanks man

  4. I really love that you have the right mindset to create wealth and i have been studying your beliefs for a while now and I can easily see where the results come from and what's the reason that universe put you in that situation in Miami so you could be here today, really happy for you bro and you really inspire people❤

  5. The main issue I have is which of my products are winning or not. In my head I assume I'll just "know" when I have a winning product… getting like 20-30 sales from just an influencer. But then I think whether I have already found a winning product, getting maybe 10 orders in a few days to a week? I'm not really sure what a "winning product" entails

  6. This doesn't need an entire video, just a comment response would be nice. What do you exactly mean by "the product is bad"? I mean obviously if something is literally useless and expensive it's bad, but can there be products that seem to be good yet for don't sell for reasons that have to do with it being a "bad" product (not bad marketing, not useless, not too expensive, etc?)

  7. yesssir! ive been scaling horizontaly alot morre than vertically when testing new products. Seems to be alot more consistent and profitable road to 1 mil in sales by august 2019.

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