How to list items in your Etsy store

How to list items in your Etsy store

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A video for the beginner who is just learning how to download items in his Etsy store to sell. This is a video follow-up to an earlier one on how to open an Etsy store.

21 thoughts on “How to list items in your Etsy store

  1. whoops, i misread what you had posted. what this means is that when you purchase more than one item at a time, the shipping will be combined. not when they are shipped independently of one another.

  2. When you see something you want to purchase on Etsy, make sure you are on the page that lists the item individually. In the upper right corner is a green button that says Add to Cart. Click on that.
    Next, you will be shown several choices on how to pay for something. PayPal, Visa, Discover and Other. Depending upon which method you choose from that list, another green box will appear just below that and you can proceed to checkout and pay for your item(s). Does this help you?

  3. I did some price comparisons on my artwork prior to listing them in my Etsy shop.

    Check online for UPS or Fed Ex or USPS shipping rates. I had a scale here at home to weigh things prior to shipping. UPS is the most expensive in almost all instances.

  4. According to my accountant, if my art sales are over $400 per year….yes, I have to report them on my tax return. As far as sales taxes go, that varies from state to state and you would need to check with your accountant on this. Or your tax prep person.
    Glad the video helped!!

  5. Does the shopping have to do with the amount of shipping when you send the item out in the Post Office, or does the shipping have to do with the tax…which, in Philadelphia is 8%? I have an etsy account that I would like to start sellin but this video is helping out alot, so after favoroting the videos, I will begin make items to sell on my etsy shop.

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