How to make money with a handmade business - craft, Etsy, maker, mompreneur

How to make money with a handmade business – craft, Etsy, maker, mompreneur

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hi besties hope you're having a fabulous Thursday wanted to invite you to a live webinar tomorrow with me as you know I make small silly videos and big serious webinars where I give all the big substance but to keep the weird creeps or so away and all of that and just people who really don't belong in our loving group I have to have you actually register for the webinar that way I can send you things like special free gifts after the webinar like cheat sheets and all of that as well so it's gonna be a lot of fun it really is so the new webinar that I just made and it's brand new so if you're like oh I've seen that one you haven't cuz I've never given it it's it's it's the first time that I've actually made a webinar on like how to actually make the money with a handmade business so this webinar is nine steps to build a profitable handmade business and it's built from my 9 step proven formula and sign inside my handmade Titan University it's the first time Megan you feel like you're live with a celebrity now that's silly anyway we have so much fun Joey so what I want what you're gonna learn in a sweater Oh Roy you registered awesome love my Rene I love you ruia so what you're gonna actually learn in this webinar this is about you guys you not me renee is a celebrity no she's not okay this is what you're gonna learn you this is about you besties focus on you yes there's a brand new webinar nine steps to build a profitable Hanley business and you will learn the proven nine step process that I teach inside my handmade Titan University that people actually pay for so you will learn that in the one-hour webinar hey kosaki Chen I hope you're having a good day but Tara's registered to that's awesome you're also going to learn how to save time tracking your supplies finances and inventory with the besties favorite software for that so you're gonna learn what that is and then you're also gonna learn to consumer behavior psychology techniques that I personally use for my hem a business that made me over four hundred thousand dollars during the lifespan of my business love you too Ruth and then you're gonna learn the 11 rookie mistakes that I find a lot of newbies make that end up costing them thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours we love your videos thank you for all your help and giving me a new direction to take in life oh you're awesome cat my ATD can't handle this much fun oh wait for tomorrow Nicole I'm your guru you you're my bestie alright so okay I'm cute six month old I love six months old okay so you're also gonna learn last thing we can do this three books that you must read to thrive in business like you cannot live without these three books I couldn't have survived in my business without these three books and I did not write them so I'm not like touting my own books or anything although my own books are pretty awesome just saying and a new ones coming out soon but that's not what this is about so this webinar I've put it about three hours worth of info into a one-hour webinar so you guys are gonna love this love you too you guys are going to love it so where do you go you go to to get on the webinar you have to go to cupcake slash happy okay and there is an S on the end of cupcake trainings calm so cupcake trainings calm slash happy and you can register for the webinar the webinar is live and it's tomorrow sometimes I can't always do my webinars live so I'll offer like a pre-recorded version because like I was just telling the besties in my facebook live I would die if I just did webinars as awkward as the besties walk because they would be like back to back kind of like lost did you guys ever watch that show lost and there's that recording on the mountain think it just is 24 hours a day for 30 years or whatever that would be me with my webinars that I would ended up dying so this is so but tomorrow's is totally live and the very first time I'm giving this webinar so it's pretty exciting brand new you guys are going to love it make sure you guys thumbs up to the video while you're here give me a hand that way so the other besties know to come to the webinar a cupcake training Starcom /b I hope you guys are having a oh why Shana so exciting it is so exciting Collette is that Walmart sorry hug save me oh hey lady you rock hey you rock – Meghan 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning for me yeah I apologize about that everybody has a different schedule so it's physically impossible for me to try to schedule over a hundred thousand besties into a webinar don't miss it htu is beyond amazing and she is sharing info from me to you Wow Christy you're awesome already signed up I need all of this right now you are going to love it I can't wait and I just finished the slides today and now I need to run through it a couple times so that I don't embarrass myself tomorrow love that you're on East Coast time now I know I know I like being on East Coast time to something very different in business in the business world between the East Coast and the west coast I always felt like waking up in Las Vegas like I was three hours behind business like business for everybody else was already three hours ahead so I would wake up to massive amounts of emails and all that but over here I feel like I'm waking up with everybody else so I'm like I'm right on time but on the west coast I always felt like I was behind I'm sure some of you West Coasters feel the same way in fact I'm pretty positive of it because I feel that felt that way since I was in business since like 2006 so I always felt like I was just behind behind behind even if I went all day long until bedtime by the time I woke up I was behind no answer buts about it the end oh also if you've missed I've added a couple new interesting technically you were behind well I don't know yes and then your day gets cut yes mm-hmm totally I forgot what I was about to say sorry guys I know I started saying something it wasn't very important though you just added technical you added something oh thank you thank you it wasn't the best I just added some new videos to my channel that were just live feeds like this giving you guys some advice that you guys constantly asked about and some people have said oh you should just interview people you know I've had this channel since 2012 so let's just be honest I've done this for a very long time I kind of know what you guys like and don't like and one thing that I've learned that you don't really like but you kind of like it you like hearing from the hand-made all-stars and what they do but you don't like it as much because it's not as condensed as in like bullet point just tell me what you did to succeed instead of like an hour long conversation podcast style while you're working right I know you guys like that a lot more you told me so sometimes you like it when you're like I can listen to it while I work in the background but when I started doing it every week you didn't like it so much you liked the three-minute quick just give me exact instructions in three minutes or less and be done with it right so because of that and also we had audio problems just because people with handmade businesses don't have a professional tech setup surprise surprise right so on my channel I've been adding some new videos with that as well so you guys can watch just advice from me answering your questions they aren't huge high-production just so that i can make more of them for you but Tom today gave me the suggestion that I should actually grab more questions from the YouTube videos like this one like if someone were to type in a question just grab that question and that would be the next video that I would answer there will be quite a few questions in each video and I'll only be able to do one each video but then I'll be able to do them a lot more often and it would be filled with substance and it would just be like get to the substance okay bye got it I know you guys will like that a lot I do think it's great you've tried all sorts of different things yes I I tried a lot of different things to get to know you best use and what you like the most and I just learned just give it to me straight right now right that's learned Megan's already asked a question which actually is answered in the webinar tomorrow so if you go sign up at cupcake trainings on / happy that is answered in there that someone is sick oh okay anyway sickies are coming on now so I'm gonna go love you besties I'll see you tomorrow at cupcake trainings calm / happy and then I'll see you after that as well and if you're on my email list my VIP email list you get all the best stuff that is high production that's not on YouTube by the way those are not available to the public ever and they are like they should be paid for but they're free but because I love you guys I love to spoil my VIP email baskets so that's that all right you know what someone is sick can't buy that these

29 thoughts on “How to make money with a handmade business – craft, Etsy, maker, mompreneur

  1. This was very informative. Thank you.
    I've been a seller for four years on Etsy.
    Its been a very tough ride, especially as is my only income. But i get pleasure in making my glass art and that is a true benefit. I must admit i only spend 10% of my time making and 90% of my time at the computer either editing, or promoting on social media.
    Id be very happy for you to check out my store and id love to hear your thoughts ?

  2. It looks like I subscribed to the webinar – however, I don't know if I missed it or what. Can you advise? I couldn't figure out how to find it. HELP – Is this for today (3/3/17)

  3. Renae, I hit the thumbs down button by accident because I was holding my tablet a certain angle. I tried to erase it. I swear I wasn't being a b-. Love you. Can't wait for the webinar

  4. Hi Renae!
    Is there a chance that it will be on YouTube (at least for a couple of hours) to rewatch?
    I would love to watch it, I even registered right away, but as I used the time zone converter from the mail, (I'm from Europe)… of course, that exactly at the same time, as the webinar begins, I have an appointment, so no chance to watch ;(((((.

  5. I am less than two minutes into this video and guess what ladies and gents!!!??? I got my first order on my new Handmade at Amazon account!! what the what!! I am so pumped I have worked so hard on my SEO on there and my pieces are on the first page and most of them are on the first few slots of the front page and I am dying!!!! I put 30 listings up in two days and worked my booty off taking new pictures editing them and creating listings on a platform I have never used. I have watched every video you post and all of the free webinars and and newsletters.

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