How to Make Reusable Fabric Out of Plastic Bags | How To | Etsy

How to Make Reusable Fabric Out of Plastic Bags | How To | Etsy

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Learn how to fuse together plastic bags to make fabric in this eco-friendly and sustainable DIY project. Using plastic bags you get at the grocery store, you can create your own reusable shopping bag!

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How to Make Reusable Fabric Out of Plastic Bags | How To | Etsy

33 thoughts on “How to Make Reusable Fabric Out of Plastic Bags | How To | Etsy

  1. how would i do that with trash bags to make a bigger piece of of plastic i want to cut 1 side out then add another piece of bag next to it of a another color of trash bag [__][__] do u think over lapping it a tiny bit then do what u just did like over lap it by 1 inch or half inch

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  3. Would be nice if people commented on the video, don't vent your personal thing.
    She stated ventilation; plastics do give off fumes-must be bad?! How hot the iron, i'm guessing a polyester+ /-. If U made a wallet-great! Does it hold up to the bending and flexing? Good vid- THNX

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